Bathroom trends 2022: Top Tricks To Create The Bathroom Of Your Dreams

bathroom trends 2022 BATHROOM

Bathroom trends 2022 with a natural, exotic, industrial or marine style? For years, decoration and interior design brands have been exploring these four styles with unique and trendy ranges of furniture and accessories. It is very trendy to opt for wood for your bathroom.

So relax, close your eyes and imagine which bathroom would look like you the most. Rather aged wood for a marine style, bamboo for the zen side or solid wood for an industrial spirit  will be in vogue in bathroom trends 2022? We will explain everything to you.

bathroom trends 2022

There’s nothing like a bathroom worthy of a haven of peace to start your day off right. A bathroom in light, soothing colors, often inspired by the Scandinavian style.

If your heart leans for the raw and the natural, prefer wooden furniture, with straight and simple lines, which will match with other natural materials such as stone or glass.

The first thing you must know about bathroom trends 2022.

bathroom trends 2022

Choose a range of oak furniture, the ideal material to create a relaxing and natural atmosphere.go for objects in natural and clear shades, based on ceramic or earthenware, to complete the zen and soothing atmosphere of your bathroom.

If you like minimalist rooms, you will love the futuristic bathroom! We have gathered for you  top bizarre  ideas for furnishing your bathroom inspired by futuristic lines … Ready for a trip back in time?

Refined, sober and modern, these are the qualifiers of a design and futuristic bathroom. The models offered by avant-garde designers often contain dark colors, such as black or gray, and sometimes very bright and flashy colors such as red or purple.

The shapes are pure and smooth, often graphic. As for the materials, they are often cold such as concrete or tiling.

bathroom trends 2022

But the bathroom of the future must also be equipped with high-tech objects such as light spots to be fixed in the bathtub or in the shower for colored water, television screens inlaid in the walls or mirrors, or even a device allowing water to run directly at the selected temperature.

These innovations are often expensive but some can be found at reasonable prices. So to create your designer and futuristic bathroom without breaking the bank, here are 10 ideas of  bathroom design 2022 that can inspire you!

Touches of black bathroom ideas 2022

bathroom trends 2022

To give relief to your designer bathroom, choose some black furniture or accessories. It can be a sink, a bathroom cabinet or even a few bands of black paint on the walls.

This will give a graphic and very modern effect to the room. Also think of the shower tray, which immediately gives a futuristic touch if you opt for a matt black.

Use of electronics in the bathroom ideas 2022

The bathroom of the future will be full of electronic gadgets of all kinds, declared the experts on  bathroom trends 2022. Some brands already offer mirrors in which plasma screens are embedded, but the prices are still high.

If that does not fit in your budget, you can always have a small flat screen television which will give a very futuristic side to the room in addition to entertaining you …

The small digital screen radio also works …

bathroom trends 2022

In a designer bathroom, the designer bathtub is essential! You have two options. Either you choose a rectangular and graphic bathtub, or you opt for an oval bathtub with pure curves. It’s a matter of taste! The important thing is that you can relax there.

For the furniture, opt for a minimalist design. Furniture should be graphic and blend in with the bathroom. As for the colors, think of white, black or wood, three shades that are regularly found in designer bathrooms.

Timeless shades that you can’t get enough of.
The taps must also match the ambience of the bathroom.

Choose a tap with straight and straight shapes, preferably chrome or matt black.

Bathroom ideas 2022: Asymmetrical furniture

bathroom trends 2022
To give a modern and designer look, arrange the bathroom furniture asymmetrically if you can, or buy furniture designed on two different levels directly. You can also embark on DIY if you are a handyman!

Choose chromed metal for your bathroom accessories. The pure and hygienic side of this material is perfect for a designer and futuristic bathroom trends 2022

While the possibilities of tiling to cover the walls are very diverse, it is not the same for those intended for floors. They must indeed respect certain characteristics, in particular in a bathroom.

Thus, make sure that the tile you choose for your bathroom has non-slip properties and that it is also resistant enough to withstand frequent passages without cracking or even breaking.

The walls are not subject to the same uses and stresses as the floors, which must therefore be covered with solid and safe tiling.

bathroom trends 2022

While black, blue or even green are on the rise in the field of interior decoration, be sure to adapt the chosen shade if you want the walls and floor of your bathroom trends 2022  to display the same tiling.

Thus, absolutely avoid opting for a color that is too dark. Instead of creating an atmosphere of relaxation expected in a bathroom, on the contrary, you will get a heavy atmosphere. In addition, dark colors will darken the room and make it lose brightness.

bathroom trends 2022

The space would seem small and dark. So prefer light shades which will bring light and enlarge the space, as mention bathroom trends 2022

And if you really want to go for a dark color, counterbalance it with white paint on the top of the walls and white or very light furniture for a very elegant and brighter two-tone finish.

If you want to cover your bathroom walls and floor with the same tile, avoid choosing a tile model with patterns as much as possible. Applied to all surfaces of the room, the patterns would reduce the space. In addition, the result may be too loaded.

bathroom trends 2022

Thus, the chosen motifs would no longer be highlighted but would merge into a confused whole. Incorporating patterns, however, can be a great idea in a bathroom with coordinated floors and walls.

For example, you can enhance your decoration by integrating a patterned frieze or a vertical strip at the level of the basin or the shower column for example.

Workshop inspiration isn’t just for the living room or the kitchen! Contrary to what one might think, it also finds its place in other rooms of the house. Treat yourself and play it in your bathroom too.

Choose furniture in dark wood such as acacia, embellished with metal bases or details.

bathroom trends 2022

The rawer the wood, the better! If you have the time, why not hunt around for some old barber furniture for your bathroom? Authentic effect guaranteed!

If you prefer to opt for DIY or furnishing stores to create your industrial bathroom, choose quality furniture with raw wood but worked for an ultra-modern effect that will find its place in all trendy bathrooms. loft.

Do you dream of a holiday and seaside atmosphere within easy reach? It’s possible in your bathroom! It is also one of the rooms in the house that lends itself best to this style of decoration!

But be careful not to fall for kitsch. Just avoid the total look “souvenir shop”.

bathroom trends 2022

Choose bathroom furniture in gray stained spruce or slightly damaged white wood, which brings a sea breeze into your interior. To think outside the box, you can also combine furniture with accessories or flashy linens for a successful color mix & match.

Indeed, nothing like mixing brightly colored accessories with a refined universe to energize the decor and draw attention to every detail of the room. So, have you made your choice?

How to organize everything in a bathroom

In a small bathroom,  according the bathroom trends 2022, every millimeter counts! Every corner is a real space saver, and can be a good support for corner shelves.

Especially if they are positioned at strategic places in the bathroom. Near the mirror and the sink? You can store toothbrushes, toothpaste, soaps or other beauty products.

On a corner shelf installed in the entrance of the room, you can  put the clean bath towels, nicely folded is one of bathroom trends 2022 recommended by us!

bathroom trends 2022

Bathroom ideas 2022: Shelves

And then, above all, we must not neglect our bath and shower areas! A stainless steel or plastic corner shelf can help you store all your toiletries.

Did you say practical bathroom trends 2022? Obviously!

Corner shelves can add a designer touch to your room. In wood, bamboo, with small storage compartments, there is a bathroom shelf for each style!

You can even make them yourself. For a wooden corner shelf, you will need shelves, dowels and wood glue, varnish, wall mounting rods and a few tools. Once everything is set up, all that’s left to do is install and enjoy bathroom trends 2022!

It is well known that we all have a multitude of small items that pile up in the back of our drawers and toiletry bags, or in cups that take up space. To finally give them a proper place and find them at first glance, hang an organizer on your wall.

Composed of several compartments of different sizes, it will allow you to store your barrettes and hairbrushes, tweezers, razors, cotton swabs or other blush brushes.

Bathroom trends 2022: Top Tricks To Create The Bathroom Of Your Dreams

If you prefer to make it yourself, it’s easy! Take a rack on which you can install clips and “S” shaped hooks to hang washcloths or hang small baskets and lockers.

The second method is to use a perforated hardboard panel. You can attach small shelves, hooks, glass jars with wire, metal brackets and handles to it.

No doubt: you can store your brushes, combs and eyeliner there, place your jars of creams, deodorants and shaving foam tubes, carefully store your cotton pad … An inexpensive and customizable solution: the panels in hardboard paint easily.

Bathroom trends 2022: Top Tricks To Create The Bathroom Of Your Dreams

Dark wood for the best bathroom design 2022

Dark wood furniture will give your bathroom a decidedly authentic style with these shades of brown or red.

The ideal is then to opt for floors and walls covered in light colors which will bring light and will put more emphasis on dark wood furniture.

These woods as well as the design of the furniture they compose will leave you free to choose a traditional decoration or to prefer a more modern atmosphere.

Bathroom trends 2022: Top Tricks To Create The Bathroom Of Your Dreams

Light woods are very popular in the bathrooms. They are more reminiscent of modernity and also have the undeniable advantage of being easily combined with a wide range of colors and wall and floor coverings.

Thus, light wood bathroom furniture lends itself more to all styles and offers the possibility of daring combinations of colors or more daring materials.

Additional advantage: the clarity of their colors helps to bring brightness to the room, which is all the more pleasant if it is not very large.

For example, don’t hesitate to combine light wood such as pine or birch with a pastel wall paint to create a bright and soothing atmosphere.

Do you want to give your bathroom a natural atmosphere ?

There is nothing quite like choosing exotic wood furniture. Do not hesitate to mix them to take advantage of the diversity of their colors for even more originality. Thus, exotic woods with beige accents will be perfect for creating a Zen bathroom.

Likewise, bamboo or teak are essential woods for an atmosphere that invites you to relax and unwind.

Bathroom trends 2022: Top Tricks To Create The Bathroom Of Your Dreams

Wallpaper in a bathroom, is it possible?

Yes, but not just any. While it’s perfectly possible to hang wallpaper in a bathroom, there’s no question of recycling leftover wallpaper from the bedroom: the place is called a “wet room” for good reason.

Shower requires, heat and water vapor are omnipresent, generating a level of humidity that would blister the most valiant of classic papers

Choosing wallpaper for the bathroom is above all choosing a special bathroom wallpaper!

In addition, the room must have good ventilation. Otherwise, the humidity level could eventually loosen the paper or encourage the growth of mold. We do not ignore a good CMV, therefore.

Another pro bathroom trends 2022 , bathroom wallpaper must be placed on an already waterproof support. Before preparing the glue, we start by filling the holes and cracks, then we apply a special bonding undercoat for wet rooms.

It makes it possible to waterproof the wall, to optimize the adhesion and hold of the wallpaper, but also to remove it without damaging the wall when redoing the decoration.

Bathroom trends 2022: Top Tricks To Create The Bathroom Of Your Dreams

What wallpaper to choose in the bathroom?

The basic rule is to select a wallpaper with waterproof properties. If the use of the chosen paper is not already identified by type of part on the label, just look for the word “washable”, indicating that it is resistant to humidity. Is it accorded to bathroom designs 2022?

Vinyl wallpaper is the most common, and for good reason: it is covered with a thin layer of PVC so that it is not afraid of water. The thickest are also the most resistant, since in addition to being washable, they are brushable. Expanded vinyl is the champion of durability.

Non-woven wallpaper is also a favorite.

Composed of a mixture of vinyl, cellulose and polyester fibers, it is strong, washable and able to hide small imperfections in the wall. It is also considered to be more environmentally friendly than vinyl wallpaper. And again, the thicker it is, the better it resists.

Where to put wallpaper in a bathroom?

Note, however, that wallpaper cannot do everything in the bathroom. It is not 100% waterproof, especially at the joints, so it is better to avoid areas subject to splashing water. For example ? No way to put wallpaper in the shower instead of tiling.

Bathroom trends 2022: Top Tricks To Create The Bathroom Of Your Dreams

Above the sink, the option is possible with a good vinyl paper for adults, less recommended for a children’s bathroom. Either way, a tile splashback or other waterproof material behind the faucet will always provide better durability. As a bonus, the mix of styles is often a winner!

The fusion of spaces is a contemporary principle … after the kitchen open to the living room, the bathroom now opens onto the bedroom.

 Open Bathroom as a desire of luxurious elegance

An open bathroom … a desire for elegance . Who has never dreamed of a real master bedroom with an open bathroom? Hidden behind the bed, behind a partial partition or fully integrated into the heart of the room. T

here are many possibilities that royally integrate the bathroom to the bedroom with well thought-out separation systems .

Bathroom trends 2022: Top Tricks To Create The Bathroom Of Your Dreams

Why would you want to have a bathroom in your bedroom? There are many reasons for this: these two spaces dedicated to well-being and rest merge to create a single whole.

An open bathroom offers an impression of unparalleled comfort and luxury, to find yourself at home, as in a hotel! A comfort that is illustrated by a feeling of large space: visually enlarged, the room is more luminous, harmonious and conducive to relaxation and well-being!

This still requires technical constraints such as having a sufficient volume in the chamber to create a fluid circulation! Before considering this arrangement, it is strongly recommended that you call in an interior designer who will study your project and advise you on the appropriate choices.

Bathroom trends 2022: Top Tricks To Create The Bathroom Of Your Dreams

The “technical” side of the room disappears in favor of a real room to decorate, in harmony with the bedroom. Between partitions, screens and curtains there is no shortage of ideas to coordinate it harmoniously.

And in terms of decorative trends, you are completely free: design, Campaign Chic, from exotic to retro, all interior styles can be associated with this new arrangement!

For the arrangement to be successful, you must always take into account the desired degree of privacy, the available surface area, the way of life and the needs of each individual!

Technically, two rules must be observed whatever the layout: perfect ventilation, and maintaining a good temperature on the bathroom side.

Here is a little point on the disadvantages / disadvantages to take into account:

Bathroom trends 2022: Top Tricks To Create The Bathroom Of Your Dreams

Humidity is the bane of the bathroom in a bedroom … it is therefore necessary to install effective ventilation to deal with ambient humidity problems that could damage the walls; paints and wallpapers would peel or peel over time.

Not to mention the inevitable splashing water on the floor and walls.

Floor that you don’t necessarily want to tile like in an ordinary bathroom … In bathroom trends 2022 taking into account each person’s needs is essential because, by creating one and the same space, we eliminate the intimate nature of the toilet … you must then pay attention to each person’s habits and put up with certain inconveniences such as the noise of the spouse ( if different times when getting up, like going to bed!) and without forgetting that the spouse will necessarily need the light to prepare.

In terms of cost, make no mistake … there will be no gain from the absence of doors and partitions.

This will be largely offset by the high cost of the technical aspects of the project such as water supply, drainage, ventilation … as well as the decoration which needs careful attention.

Bathroom trends 2022: Top Tricks To Create The Bathroom Of Your Dreams

You never imagine, when you decide to undertake this kind of work, that the choice of materials, the shower, the basins will be more complicated, and be affected by the fact that the bathroom is in the bedroom. Indeed, we will not necessarily choose the same equipment: open, the bathroom becomes a real living space and a new  one bathroom design trends 2022 .

We must therefore take into account the choice of a beautiful designer shower, a pretty freestanding bathtub because a shower stall will be much less aesthetic … The price of the elements is therefore higher.

For or against this one of  bathroom trends 2022 , opinions are divided … all the issues must be taken into account, both technical and the way in which we live there. And if the solution was a compromise: play with transparency, total or partial, via glass partitions or the installation of a glass roof.

The use of a simple glass partition visually conserves the space of the room as a whole, thus increasing volume and luminosity. It also protects the bedroom from humidity and temperature problems between the two spaces.

Bathroom trends 2022: Top Tricks To Create The Bathroom Of Your Dreams

The glass partition is ideal for a windowless bathroom. Open to a bedroom with a window, the glass wall allows the bathroom to enjoy the view and the daylight.

From the point of view of the couple’s intimacy, we gain in acoustic comfort because it reduces noise. And if you like large glass walls, but you want to preserve your visual privacy, a small decorative solution: install large curtains.

Closed they protect the gaze and open they bring light.

Bathroom trends 2022: Top Tricks To Create The Bathroom Of Your Dreams

To go from dream to reality and have a bathroom in your room according bathroom designs 2022, you therefore need a good understanding of the technical constraints, and a precise knowledge of the needs and habits of the lucky ones. All of these elements combined will determine the cost .

This is why it is necessary to call a professional. It brings you the technical solutions. He also advises and supports you in the change of habits linked to the creation of this new space.

Only a qualified professional will find the right technical and visual compromises, guaranteeing you visual comfort and luxury, of a real hotel room at home!

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