House Interior 2019: Trendy Interior And Exterior Design Ideas For House 2

House Interior 2019: Trendy Interior And Exterior Design Ideas For House

Your dream is coming true, and today you put your effort to construct a comfortable country house? Congratulations, we offer you to find out what kind of house interior 2019 will be actual, trendy and fashionable, according to famous native and foreign design studios.


House design 2019: Exterior design ideas

Do you want to build your dream house? Then choose style, that you like the most. Long time has passed when whole streets were built with the same house interiors. Individuality is in fashion nowdays, so exterior house design 2019 should reflect your taste and preferences as much as possible.

House interior 2019: Trendy exterior design ideas

Do you like Slavonian style? Don’t listen to those who say that Slavonian style interiors are not trendy. Build house that resembles a tower, and live in interiors that your great-great-grandmothers and great-great-grandfathers preferred. Do you want to tell to the world that you are looking forward to get in near future? Then choose high-tech style for 2019.

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Trendy exterior design of house in 2019 involves maximum use of glass. Options with nearly total glass facade in 2019 will suit people who are ready to show off their lives.


If you are not ready to live in aquarium, then pay attention to house design in 2019. House, made of dark wood with a simple geometric shape will be trendy in 2019.

House design 2019: Illumination

When you create exterior design of your house in 2019, pay special attention to lighting. It plays vital role, and also considered to be main element of interior design in 2019.

Multicolored lights are one of basic trends of house interior 2019. With help of multicolored lights in house interior, even the simplest facade will look richly decorated in the evenings.

House interior 2019: Exterior design ideas

One of interesting solutions in interior trends 2019 is usage of spotlights that provide structure with light stream. They should be combined with lamps that create bright color accents, drawing attention to the most unnoticeable details of your house facade.

House interior 2019: Exterior design: Illumination: Facade light effects

House interior 2019: Basic features

Interior trends 2019 comes up with unique and attractive interior design solutions. In 2019 will be actual and trendy to choose same style for exterior and interior design.

Although no one can forbid you to choose this or that design, on our photos you can find the most trending options of interior trends 2019.


Interior design trends 2019: High-tech

The popularity of high-tech interior style is due to fact that the most famous and eminent architectural, design agencies prefer to create High-tech interiors in 2019. Every year design agencies offer new solutions, using in their works the innovations of High-tech industry. High-tech house interior 2019 involves usage of transparent furniture. In this case, we are not talking about only glass coffee tables. Racks, made of absolutely transparent plastic, are in interior trends 2019. The same refers to «invisible» chairs, which are complemented by bright cushions.


Neoclassical style in house design 2019

Neoclassical style of house interior will highlight the high position that you have in society. To create neoclassical interior design in 2019, designers recommend to use modern materials, which design imitates expensive fabrics, stone and wood. According to interior trends 2019 you should use luxurious crystal chandeliers and sconces.

Tableware trends 2019 offers to get antique, neoclassical style tableware, which will provide classic interior design of your house. Neoclassical bathroom with retro effects will also look unusual in 2019. Another interior design trend is usage of velvet for upholstery and sewing curtains.


Eco style in house interior 2019

Modern eco-design of house interior 2019 is created with a focus on the usage of various types of plants and flowers. Green wall is the main decoration of house design in 2019. Fireplace is an essential element, trimmed with a wild stone have a place in house interior trends 2019.


Loft style in house interior 2019

Loft interior design is preferable for those who don’t avoid to have furniture made from wood, combined with Minimalism. Loft style interior design gives you an opportunity to create unique furniture in Loft style. Furniture design trends 2019 offers to have furniture, where metal and wood «speak» with each other.


Minimalism as house design 2019

In case of minimalist house interior in 2019, main and important step is choosing walls color. Mainly, for 2019, designers offer different shades of white, such as ivory, seashell, white smoke, ghost white, cornsilk, egg shell, chiffon, pearl and so on. What refers to furniture, then try not to use whole space of your house.

Main feature of Minimalism, that you don’t have to fill your space with unnecessary details. Tableware trends 2019 offers you to apply abstract tableware for your house interior.


Scandinavian style design 2019

Important details of Scandinavian interior design style are wooden objects from pale unpainted pine. It can be table, shelves, chest of drawers, etc.

Decorative drawers, baskets and boxes will help you easily arrange your household items. According to interior design trends 2019, main color palette of Scandinavian style offers snow white and dark brown shades. Grey, pale pink, turquoise and shades of green will apply elegant and unique interior design to your house in 2019.


Several tips for house interior 2019

Generally speaking about house interior 2019, you should pay special attention to each detail before entering your rooms. Your goal should be to create a space that will be comfortable and everyone would like to spend time in there.

If you are fond of several colors, you can apply them in house interior 2019. What refers to blue and green colors, then you can use furniture or interior design details in green and blue colors. For example, armchair and sofas can be in green, whereas tableware in several hues of blue.


Furniture in house design 2019

Choice of furniture style also depends on interior design. That means, that if you choose Neoclassical style as interior design, then you should choose furniture in the same style, as well.

Curtains house interior 2019

The choice of curtains in 2019 is the next point, which have paramount importance. Choose curtains in color shades that will best match with interior design of your house. According to house interior trends 2019, try to choose light shades for living-room and kitchen, darker hues for bedrooms.

Photos in frames will also help you to create cozy atmosphere in your house. Presence of flowers and plants will create a comfortable and friendly area.

House interior 2019 photos