Living Room Trends 2024: Top 10 Trends of Transformation to Create An Unforgettable Experience

living room trends 2022 INTERIOR DESIGN

Living room trends 2024 have the intention to find beauty in the unexpected, believing that its exceptional design is about transformation and creating an unforgettable experience. Taking inspiration from art, architecture, fiction in natural world we infuse the eternal beauty in every detail.

Living Room Trends 2024: Top 10 Trends of Transformation to Create An Unforgettable Experience

Each new year is accompanied by new decoration trends that it is more or less easy to apply to the living room.

Considered the nerve center of many homes, the living room lends itself readily to experimentation and takes on very different faces from one home to another.

Living room 2024 marks the advent of the multipurpose show, suitable for cocooning evenings as well as teleworking days.

The year 2021has forced us all to spend more time at home, more than we did any other time before. We all have had to realize the consequence of living in a comfortable space, but also the importance of having an aesthetically pleasing decoration inside.

As interior design evolves, chances are you want to stay on top of the most used interior design tendencies more than ever. We are therefore going to share with you various aesthetic inspirations of  living room trends 2024

Another important feature of living room trends 2024  will be the emphasis on sustainability. Buying second hand, while paying attention to the sourcing of materials in the design, will be essential aspects of interior design in the coming year.

living room 2024

While flea markets and other garage sales had to be put on hold during 2021, many sites continued to offer second-hand items such as the popular  It is then easy to prolong the life of these objects bringing character and their history into our interiors.

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Living room 2024: Natural look

Materials and natural appearance, as opposed to harsh decor, will be a top of living room trends 2024. The choice of materials such as leather, organic fibers, cane and jute will be at the heart of living room 2024 tendencies for the upcoming year.

There is numerous artisanal-looking pottery, but also artisanal tiles such as zelliges or terracotta. Plants will also be invited in large numbers to bring nature to life in our interiors.

living room 2024

The main emphasis this year will be on comfort and functional space. The different confinements showed us how enjoyable we needed to be at the household and how much we wanted to be reassured in our living space.

Living room trends 2024 therefore include the launch of use of furnishings with smooth curves, cozy sofas and upholstered furniture for unprecedented levels of relief. Simple decorative shapes and rough wood top will be the focus of next year’s interior design tendencies.

living room 2024

Living room design ideas 2024: Round shapes

coziness and functionality will be at the top of our minds, as will the shape of the furnishings, sober and simple. The use of curved or rounded shapes will be given priority for a softer and more delicate finish.

Bold wall colors

The bold paints will be part of the most daring interiors. By applying radiant colors to your interior enhancement, you will have more personality and give your space more character.

Thus, we will observe the use of natural shades for an authentic rendering but in shades more distinct than before. We will find khaki or olive green for a vintage and natural impression, browns, terracotta or even burgundy.

Blue remains the new black

Ousted the accents of black of recent years! The very dark navy blue will replace it.

Painting on the walls or the frames of doors and windows, furniture, accessories, navy blue will be used to give an elegant and contemporary touch.

living room 2024

Living room 2024: Bye Bye Geo !

Linear and geometric prints will be replaced by floral patterns. Warning! Who says floral no longer necessarily means your old aunt’s kitsch tapestry. The tapestry designs have evolved and what is available on the market is beautiful!

You don’t have to cover every wall in a room, just one wall, or even a half wall will do. Try on the ceiling

Cover that handle I couldn’t see! A new trend in minimalism is taking hold in furniture hardware. The handles are integrated into the doors so that the front of the cabinets or furniture remains smooth. Perfect for those who like sleek styles.

Living room decor 2024: Organic shapes like pebbles

Good news for those nostalgic for a summer spent by the water. According to Elizabeth Leriche, director of the eponymous style office, the decor favors rounded curves this fall.

Thus, in the new collections, we will see “sofas with organic shapes inspired by pebbles, or even enveloping armchairs covered with terry wool, THE material of the season, details the trend hunter.

living room 2024

Comforting style and comfort. ” In this furniture imagined for the living room or the bedroom, designed in natural textiles, we will observe a range of colors connected to nature, “which highlights neutral tones, such as ecru, beige or gray”, adds she does.

The vintage forever on top of living room trends 2024

Retro souls will rejoice in the perpetual craze for vintage in general, and the work of designer Charlotte Perriand in particular, notes the decoration specialist.

For your information, Mondrian style wall bookcases are her. Note that the Swedish giant Ikea presents, in its 2024 catalog, a slew of retro objects and furniture.

And logically, joinery is multiplying on the walls to meet these new functions without breaking the decor harmony. The space is tinted with soft shades such as beige, greige, pink, which reassure us in a period synonymous with uncertainty.

living room 2024

A brass pendant lamp or a sofa in a saffron dress are enough to spice up the atmosphere. Above all, the living room is enveloping by focusing on materials as warm as velvet. It then takes on the false air of a personalized refuge that we would never want to leave.

Living room design ideas 2024: The return of slow

For Elisabeth Leriche, the Covid-19 crisis has clearly left its mark on the house and allowed the slow trend to make a comeback. “There is a confirmation of the awareness to consume differently (less but better), to take more time, to buy local with more ethical and responsible products.”

living room 2024

In the decoration, one can imagine that this state of mind will result, from the first frost, by a wish to develop a neo cocoon spirit (stoneware vase, two-tone Berber carpet, small woven bench, cane chest of drawers).

Living room decor 2024:Vintage crates

As amazing as it may sound, crates are making their comeback in 2024 and will be still actual in living room trends 2024 , but they won’t be made of wood. No no. The crates that will make the buzz in 2021 are vintage and colorful models.

living room 2024

We think in particular of the pink Evian boxes that we see everywhere on the Web. Whether it is to store books, throws or just to decorate your interior, they will be the new “must-have” of interior design.

Downside: you will have to be patient to find it on second-hand and e-commerce sites.

living room design ideas 2024: Wood, but not just any!

In 2024, exit the ultra modern, refined interiors and contemporary furniture, we are betting on wood. And more precisely, light wood. It is already very famous in Scandinavian interiors but is making a comeback in 2021.

It is also perfectly associated with more raw materials such as stone, concrete or even marble.

living room trends 2024

Nature to spare in living room decor 2024

Indoor plants, furniture in raw and natural materials, this year, the watchword of living room trends 2024 is: NATURE. Clearly, do not hesitate to add a lot of plants to your home and to associate it with pieces of wood, concrete, marble.

We also put on furniture in natural fibers such as rattan or linens in linen or cotton gauze.

Living room decor 2024: Minimalist art

To decorate your interior, we will focus on the Face Line Art trend. The concept ? Highlight drawings of faces and silhouettes limited to a few very simple and minimalist lines.

We also find this trend on decorative vases, tableware or even textiles. And we must admit that it is absolutely stunning!

living room trends 2024

To dress an entire wall and radically change the atmosphere, we do not hesitate to opt for the so-called panoramic or XXL wallpaper trend. These large frescoes with natural, animal or graphic motifs have taken over all interiors for a few months.

They come in all sizes, styles or even for all budgets! All you have to do is dedicate a complete wall to it to highlight this XXL poster and harmonize with the rest of the decoration.

Panoramic wallpaper as one of living room trends 2024

The colors of the year 2024 are …

Each year, Pantone reveals the color of the year that inspires interior design brands.

living room trends 2024

In 202, gray and yellow will be in the spotlight, these are the references PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray and PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating.

According to what we see on the fashion catwalks, the shade that should also be all the rage in a few months should be blue or olive green / khaki.

We also find this trend on decorative vases, tableware or even textiles. And we must admit that it is absolutely stunning!

If you have visited an official establishment in the past 50 years, it is quite probable that you have stepped on Terrazzo! Very favored from the 1930s to 1970s, it was used extensively and, probably due to overdose, was succeeded by linoleum, engineered wood floors, marble and granite in the 1990s.

living room trends 2024

It does now a return! The aesthetics of Terrazzo are the evidence that you can “oversee” its creations: the sizes of the glitter, their color, their quantity. We even use its motif as wallpaper, or we pair it with ceramic to discover unique shapes and repetitions.

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