Dining Room Trends 2022: The Best 8 Tips To Create The Story Of Us

dining room trends 2022 DINING ROOM

Dining Room Trends 2022 are ready to help you the make the craziest story of you and your bright personality. Make maximum  use of space and function of your home centerpiece.

In an interior where we spend more and more time, the decoration is worked with care to create living spaces where we feel good. The furniture is designed to meet a need while always providing more comfort.

Accessories, textiles and objects reinforce a feeling of well-being. Do you know about dining room trends 2022? Here we go!

dining room trends 2022

Wall decoration also has a major role in creating a Zen spirit and personalizing your home. Colors and materials help to imagine this cocoon. In this area, every piece of decoration are known for their soft atmosphere

Dining room trends 2022 have their  own rights, the dining room is a real cozy cocoon for better times with the or friends, so it deserves all your attention in terms of design items . You have to arrange the dining room in your image and according to your needs to feel perfectly well. What do you like? Which style is right fit for you?

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Do you want to have a corner sofa, synonymous with a cocooning afternoon? Or a nicest bench with armchairs to adjust the room as you dream of ? Project yourself with this selection of modern, cozy or vintage lounges and be inspired by those aesthetic moods to have a unique space paying attention to our dining room trends 2022

When you revamp a room, you would like to see the result before embarking on purchases, just to be sure of your own and avoid all disappointments. Here,  the gathered dining room trends 2022 are  revealed in a multitude of original moods which offer a nice overview.

Take a look at this post about dining room trends 2022  and discover what could be the result of the  bright  sofa that will make you dream so much or a glass coffee table that has been eyeing you for a few weeks. Is it a good idea to have an oversized bookcase in your dining room?

And why not color the walls or cover them with a pretty wallpaper?

Contemporary atmosphere, nature, classic chic, urban, vintage  will be possible to make with our dining room trends 2022  picked up especially for you!

dining room trends 2022

Nothing like pretty colors in the house to boost morale and have a dynamic decor! Quickly discover our dining room trends 2022 for adopting them at home.

What colors to boost your morale at home? Morale at half mast since the sky is gray? If the dark thoughts do not leave you and the life in pink seems to have taken the scampering, you must act! Why not try to boost your morale by adopting new colors in your interior?

Living Room Trends 2022

Some studies tend to show that color can have a positive influence on your state of mind. It would be a shame not to try and if it doesn’t work you will at least have the walls of your home refurbished.

According to chromotherapy (a method of using the energy of colors), our mood can be affected when our vision is subjected to certain colors.

The effects associated with this exposure would be multiple: if certain colors would have the power to lower your blood pressure, others on the contrary could accelerate your heart rate.

dining room trends 2022

In addition to causing physical reactions, colors would also be able to influence our state of mind. Feng-shui, a Chinese discipline that seeks environmental harmony, is convinced that the use of a particular color will have an impact on your well-being.

Do you dream of a dining room with rustic décor but lacking inspiration? You are in the right place ! We make you discover the best  country lounges completely differently furnished to help you adopt the bucolic style in your dining room …

dining room trends 2022

The Art Deco style is always a sensation in classically inspired interiors. It does honor to the Haussmannian apartments and is an exception in the old interiors adorned with moldings and old parquet floors. Here, we find it through its golden decorative details such as on the pendant lights, the base of the coffee table or the side tables.

Not to mention the graphic shapes found on the furniture!

Unlike the classic style, would you like to revisit the Art Deco spirit by modernizing it? Take inspiration from this modern and elegant dining room.

Here, it is the materials that give an Art Deco atmosphere with the use of velvet on the seats and ottomans as well as brass on some accessories such as plant pots or the dining  table.

dining room trends 2022

For a dining room with an Art Deco spirit subtly associated with a vintage atmosphere, fall for period furniture such as an  armchair with delicious curves and this tripod-style floor lamp. Choose intense colors like this deep blue for a decor that will not lack personality!

The Art Deco style is a die-hard fan of geometric shapes.

Why not take the opportunity to choose furniture with graphic lines while varying the shapes to offer an unparalleled game of perspective.

We fell in love with this round table with a cone-shaped base that emphasizes the volume of the room.

dining room trends 2022

Do you like the elegance of the Art Deco style but dream of a cozy dining room? Mix the Art Deco spirit with an exotic atmosphere like this dining room.

To reproduce the same atmosphere, simply adopt Art Deco-inspired furniture (velvet sofa, side tables and brass lighting, vintage sideboard, etc.) and combine them with an intense green wall to recall nature and some tropical accessories!

If you are more of a modern style, nothing prevents you from adopting the country spirit in your diningroom by revisiting it in a more contemporary way.

Take inspiration from this dining room where artisanal creations (pottery, sculpture) combine wonderfully with more contemporary works of art such as posters with graphic and unstructured patterns.

dining room trends 2022

A country dining  room furnished in a loft style? This is the successful bet of this inspiration where we find the elements of the countryside through the terracotta floor tiles, the exposed wooden beams and some vintage and recycled furniture.

As for the industrial style, it manifests itself through contemporary furniture: from leather benches to designer armchairs and XXL rugs.

The newest ways to add some new vibrance to your dining room design 2022

From walls to floors and ceilings, not forgetting the furnihsing and design aesthetic accessories, there are a thousand and one choices and ways to add new color to the interior. Discover our favorite inspirations to bring best humor to your dining  room by using color!

living room 2022

Do you want to have a different but trendy dining room? have a quick look on the retro and vintage !

Are you familiar with the vintage decoration of years 50s, 60s or 70s and you wish some faetures to be integrated in your new dining room?

When we say “vintage designed diningroom”, you just think about a sombre room , with not enough lighting and very dark wooden furnishing?

Think once again: a vintage dining room can be something else but which is bright! To do this, you just have to paint the walls white, opt for a light woodwork, and have big and massive mirrors!

The key for a aesthetic vintage dining room design 2022 that smells of elegnace? Favourite pastel shades such ass pale yellow, ice blue, pastel pink will bring elegance and light into the dining room , and opt for vintage firnishing with round and curvy shapes.

dining room trends 2022

To bring a nice intimate climate to your vintage-mooded dining room, you can just dare to use colors that mix up a bit … what di you think about a mix like the one of the pink and purple shades?

With the pretty use of deep purple, your room will automatically gain stature and character.

Who says vintagedining room it does not important to figure out the 50s or 60s! The criterion with this diningroom of vintage inspiration but chic countryside, with a golden and sculpted mirror,

Dining room design 2022 without a coffee table but full of style!

When space isn’t right, it’s better to skip the coffee table rather than clutter the room. Designing according our dining room trends 2022  is possible: with a few tips, you can replace this central point of the decor to free up space without feeling empty!

Why build  the dining room design 2022 without a coffee table?

If the coffee table remains at the center of an overwhelming majority of dining rooms, it is not necessarily essential. It’s all about space, but also needs.

Especially in a small room, it can obstruct circulation in all senses of the word, visually overloading the space and hindering movement.

dining room trends 2022

This is often the case in a long room, a studio or a small apartment: arranging a dining room without a coffee table makes it possible to facilitate circulation and to de-clutter the room for a more airy dining room design ideas 2022

Another scenario is the coffee table which is useless … It all depends on the way of life, but those who regularly find themselves pushing it to save space or are content to put their feet up from time to time it might be better to do without it. In this case, other options exist, more versatile and less bulky!

The coffee table is handy, but the space does not allow for a real one? We put on plan B by choosing replacement options that retain the function, but take up much less space.

An ottoman, an end of a safa or a stool are the ideal solution for combining the possibilities: compact and stylish, they serve both as a table and as a seat.

We put a plate or a book, the computer or a cup, the feet or the guests, as the case may be. They can even be moved from the bedroom to the kitchen depending on the occasion, or simply put them away in a cupboard to save space.

dining room trends 2022

A versatile robot for making good fresh fruit juices, soft cushions, natural beauty products, a Pols Potten vase with a pretty bouquet, a flowery bed set or a large round Hdiningmirror just placed … great ideas for a pleasant home.

A decoration designed to bring softness to the dining room trends 2022

Among the interior design trends 2022 , well-being is at the heart of concerns.

The furniture is defined in response to specific needs for a practical and fluid home on a daily basis.

All the decoration is a pretext to increase the feeling of happiness inside. Starting with the wall decoration which has an important role.

dining room trends 2022

The choice of a colorful painting, a frame with souvenirs, a designer wall clock or a hanging plaid is made as close as possible to the personality. The idea is to imagine a cocoon in which everyone feels good.

Trendy and warm, the rug is on the rise in these cocoon interiors. It is available in small and large format in order to adapt to all space constraints.

Note that the artisan-style rugs also bring a unique spirit to the room. In a child’s room, the rugs dare some nods to the animal world or to imaginary spheres to bring a side of refuge.

Almost everywhere in the house, the lighting is neat in order to have a pleasant and soft atmosphere. If several light sources are recommended, some tips allow

Like candles to sprinkle here and there! The best  scented candles in a deliciously smelling entryway, candles scattered on a dining table to share a sweet moment or a Baobab Collection designer candle on the dining room coffee table.

The photophores are also multiplying in order to bring a delicate atmosphere at nightfall, as we can highligh from interior design trends 2022.

dining room trends 2022

In this quest for a lighting factor of well-being, connected light is a path to follow. In the Philips Hue range found at de Bijenkorf, many products offer a different experience of interior lighting.

Possibility to choose light scenarios according to your habits, to control several lights to the sound of the voice or to create hot or cold atmospheres according to the moments and the desires …

An innovative and daring alternative for a dining room design 2022 where you feel good !

dining room trends 2022

Any  other  dining room design ideas 2022 ? To work in a dining room without a coffee table, we think of end tables, these L-shaped consoles whose foot slides under the sofa to save space. You can even eat there, and their sleek design adds a decorative touch as a bonus

As for the most compact solution, it is the laptop support for sofa, cushion version with top or top on legs. It accommodates a computer or a plate and tucks away in a cupboard the rest of the time!

What lighting can we choose for the coziest dining room?

Lighting is very vital in a dining room, especially because you spend a lot of time there for various activities. It’s hard to imagine the  dining room trends 2022 in which there is insufficient light: that would be very unpleasant on a daily basis.

dining room trends 2022

Comfortably installed on your sofa, you are looking for the best way to enjoy this moment of relaxation while reading a book. A trendy floor lamp either corner reading light can help you savor this moment.

These lighting fixtures can, for instance , make your life and your reading hobby easier thanks to the appropriate lighting

The choice floor lamp: a safe bet in the dining room

Modern or aesthetic classy in decorating style , the basic floor lamps are especially comfortable for lighting in the dining room.

This type lighting fixture adapts to all universes and gives the opportunity to diffuse a light large enough to brighten all or a good part of the room, unlike auxiliary lamps or table decoration fixture.

dining room trends 2022

There are also swivel or airship models that allow you to focus the light however you want. Some models even have an e-reader, which allows you to have a suitable light for reading. You need to install it near your sofa or a reading corner.

Choose your light according to the style of the room

For a Contemporary and trendy style, buy a floor lamp in black or white tones.

For a refined style, do not hesitate to choose a Tiffany-style floor lamp with white and red bunches on a green and yellow background which will provide a subdued light.

dining room trends 2022

If you want to create a very natural universe, opt for a floor lamp whose base is made of bundles of branches, a tree trunk or a twist of driftwood.

For important lighting – especially if your dining room is large – you can also opt for a suspension in plant fibers (rattan, bamboo …). Very trendy, they bring a decorative touch to your dining room while providing you with cozy light every day.

Does your dining room decor look gray? Are you dying to start over on a new basis but don’t know how to go about it? For the start of the school year, here are 6 tips to revamp your dining room without breaking the bank!

Soft beige for cocooning decor in dining room trends 2022

Zoom on beige in interior design trends 2022

Between off-white and very light brown, beige is a natural color that can be found in particular on wool. There are a multitude of shades of beige ranging from almost white to almost brown. Timeless, this color provides a classic backdrop that will be easy to accessorize with retro, contemporary or even designer furniture.

living room 2022

Quite feminine, shades of beige can find grace in a powdery universe with romantic accents. In recent years, beige has been particularly talked about in the nude trend which reflects a natural decor where beige and its softness are in the spotlight!

The virtues of beige in dining room decor 2022 

This cocooning and soft color has many virtues when used correctly in its interior. Beige is warmer than white, which used in high doses can give the impression of living in a hospital.

Beige has an advantage that makes this color often used in show houses or in the sale of houses: it is a cocooning color, timeless, classic but which can be retro or modern depending on the decoration, as we told you. a bit higher.

dining room trends 2022

Beige is a color that can be used in many styles of decor. Of course the classic style, but also in a more modern interior by associating it with a beautiful chocolate brown.

Play with the different shades of beige (from yellow to rosé) to transform your room into a real cocooning space. Always in a cocooning spirit, you can also associate it with golden hues and brass accessories to make your space  a cocooning room at will with dining room trends 2022!

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