Home Office 2022: 9 Best and Fancy Ideas For Your Interior

Home Office 2022: 9 Best and Fancy Ideas For Your Interior 1 BEDROOM

Working from home is no longer unusual. Let’s talk about home office 2022. In these times of confinement, we rethink its interior by creating a teleworking space as functional as it is cocooning.

It wasn’t that long ago that you were talking about open spaces, meeting rooms and other coffee machines. But that was before. For the past few months, your professional activity has been synonymous with one word: teleworking.

home office design 2022

From now on, it is at home that you must manage your files and future presentations. This therefore supposes making some adjustments in your interior. Priority at the office

While not everyone has one, or some prefer to work on a sofa or bed, the desk seems like a must-have for a real telecommuting space. This essential piece of furniture must be functional. We therefore avoid the accumulation of trinkets by favoring sobriety.

Have a look on interior lighting trends 2022.

To be organized in your work, you must also be organized with your interior. So we do not hesitate to multiply the storage and wall shelves in order to store the files. Do you live in a small space and don’t necessarily have a room to isolate yourself?

Opt for a partition that will allow you to separate – at least visually – personal and professional life.

Home Office 2022: 9 Best and Fancy Ideas For Your Interior

Light, an essential element of Home office ideas 2022

To make your days at home as pleasant as possible, consider setting up your professional space near a light source, such as a window. Even if you are confined, nothing prevents you from letting your gaze go beyond your windows.

If you miss nature and have a green thumb, spruce up your desk with a plant. With a few tips, your telecommuting days will quickly become fun times.

home office design 2022
Home office ideas 2022. Think of setting up your office in an angle

Use your ingenuity and arrange your desk in a corner to save space.

We forget the messy desk and favor a tidy and neat space.
The office will be your centerpiece

An office is an investment … which will quickly pay off in these times of teleworking!

Telecommuting, yes. Damage his lower back, no. So we think of the cushion to install on your office chair. Your back will thank you!

Not everyone is lucky enough to live in a villa. So, those who live in a small space have found the solution with the partition which allows to have the illusion of an extra room.

Home Office 2022: 9 Best and Fancy Ideas For Your Interior

The plants will be there to enlighten your everyday in Home office 2022

sCrafts and pottery will always be popular, but care will be taken not to fall into a glut of DIY (do it yourself). It would be better to show your decorative highlights along carefully and have eco-friendly choices.

Visually delimine a space of home office 2022

Those who do not have a room serving as an office will have to find the ideal corner: a bedroom nook, a landing or, why not, an office space under the stairs. It will then be important to easily identify your office in order to feel in a personalized space.

Start by visually marking the space with a colorful paint or trendy wallpaper.

Small spaces are not left out because there are folding desks to save square meters: shelf to be fixed to the wall, wall-mounted folding desk, retractable desk or original models such as ladder desks.

Home Office 2022: 9 Best and Fancy Ideas For Your Interior

While we often think of the practical side of the office, we sometimes forget the aesthetic side of it, an important factor in feeling good in your workspace.

Nothing could be simpler: invest in a designer lamp that gives character to your desk, a plant for the “green” touch and a chair that is as stylish as it is comfortable.

Key after key build your cocoon of work at home. And for good vibes, nothing better than a decoration with a message on the wall.

Home office 2022. Cloffice as ingenious interior decoration choice

Compact, aesthetic, ingenious, the “cloffice” invites itself into our interiors to facilitate teleworking which is developing more and more. Before succumbing to it, explanations and instructions for use to understand everything about this trend.

Who says new year, he learns tendencies in interior decoration. And since according to the pandemic obliges home  to become  the place where we pass the most of our time – it is viral to organize your living space in order to be in comfort there

Here are some fancy ideas for your interior to go well in 2022!

home office ideas

What do homeowners want for their interiors this year? How has the pandemic influenced current and future design and decoration trends?

To answer these questions, we analyzed the behavior of  Internet  users using the most saved photos in idea books since the start of the year and the most searched terms

We also called on the expertise of seven home professionals, interior designers, decorators and project managers, to define the trends observed in the demands of their clients.

Since teleworking is now commonplace, the spaces called home office will remain still popular.
According to Pinterest,which annually updates its thoughts and ideas on upcoming trends based on research made by the Internautes we have to prioritize open spaced . “Users are now daring to be fancy and with separated rooms.

home office design 2022

Home office 2022 the notion of cloffice (which means an office in the place of a walk-in closet) will no longer hold any secret

“But failing to have an additional separate room to create a real place to work in, we can use furnishings that will mix with the ornaments and which will be delimited by decorative elements such as large rugs on the floor or even a few green plants!

Scandicraft and Japandi: the new style for home office 2022

From the stylistic point of view, the Scandinavian look will carry out to the scandicraft. We will find more natural materials such as rattan, wicker and cane, but also softer shapes and warmer color palettes.

We will think about cocoon styled homes in which comfort will be prioritized. Japandi, a happy marriage of Japanese innovation and Scandinavian artistic taste, will also remain to be a top-rated trend in interior design.

Home office 2022. Colors and decorations

In terms of colors, warm neutrals will be on top. Gray, very most loved in past 3 years, will lose its positions in favor of beige and its shades. The colors will be balancing and comfort.

Add touches of green mainly the olive one and khaki), touches of vintage rose or rust and why not many notes of indigo.

Although plants will always be present, flowers will also reach our homes, a sign that the plant world will extend to be a source of enthusiasm.

The way this trend fits into our space may change over the seasons. In particular, we will extend to see a lot of pampas, grasses and white and cream flowers.

home office 2022

<>In terms of wall decorations, line art and graphic animations will be both very present trends. Incidentally, the invassion of linear figures will turn out a must in all spheres of interior design.

As if to ensure a balance, curves will also be popular! So don’t Waver to round off the furnishings, add round-shped mirrors or prefer curvaceous lighting fixtures

2022 will also be marked by the association of materials, including metals, but also by the marriage of fabrics and patterns – too often put aside for fear of missteps. Botanical prints, tartan and other patterns will be there. It will only be necessary to select a palette of colors beforehand to make coherent arrangements!

Home office design 2022. Shelfie-new art of the table

Finally, the shelfie will become the new art of the table. According to Elle Decoration, shelves will become a staple in 2022. People will collect and buy eye-catching tableware, whether it’s colored glasses or handcrafted clay plates.

This shelving trend will also spread to every room in the house.

At a time when our living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms or even gardens are currently transforming into open spaces, it is not always possible to have a quiet corner for working “Zoom meetings” or why not, to work in silence.

home office design 2022

What if the “cloffice” was the beginning of a key? Imaginative, space-saving and fashionable, this layout is a innovative mixed way to the traditional desks or corners of a settled table during home-office period.
Bedroom with neon lights, mirror with LED lights, blue LED lights for the bedroom, room lit by LED lights, signs in LED light… Here is the popular searches of the moment on Pinterest.

A very clear indication of the emergence of neon and LED lighting as the dominant trend in this<

home office design 2022

Home office decor 2022. Inside Cocoon

In the continuity of the soft and warm hues observed, the interiors are transformed more and more into cocoons. “ People plan to spend a lot of time at home this winter and therefore want to feel good in their homes.

The slow life trend is coming back to homes with cocooning materials such as wool and velvet,” shares Alexandra Teboul, for example. This is even truer with the announcement of the new lockdown.

home office design 2022

Home office decor 2022. Designer’s observations

The same observation is made by interior designer Alix Delclaux, whose clients always seek the cocooning side with soft materials such as thick carpets in the bedrooms or sheepskins.

For Alexandra Gorla, on the other hand, creating a soft atmosphere involves the use of materials such as cane, light oak, beech, pine, ivory and cream tiles or the waxed concrete effect.

Several of the professionals with whom we spoke also noted a greater desire to respect the environment in their clients’ requests, whether by promoting the reuse of existing materials or by choosing more sustainable materials.

home office 2022

“Regardless of the decoration and the shapes, there is a general desire to make more eco-responsible choices. It is also thanks to a more developed offer because brands are increasingly offering more responsible products at affordable prices.

There are also a lot of requests for everything related to the second hand ”, shares Alexandra Teboul.

A trend confirmed by Verda Alexander: “For several years now, we have observed trends related to the environment: choice of materials and their origin. For example, “made in France” can be very important for some customers.

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