Wallpaper Trends 2022: Top 12 Options to give your interior a unique soul

wallpaper trends 2022 BEDROOM

Wallpaper trends 2022 will give a new, fresh touch to every room you want to make better! In our article, you will discover all wallpaper trends 2022.

We all know it: wallpaper has been a great success in recent years because it will allow you to give your interior a unique soul.

wallpaper trends 2022

The brands take the opportunity to offer you increasingly original wallpapers that follow the decoration and fashion trends of the moment. So go in search of the trendy wallpaper that will make you fall in love!

Tropical wallpaper, art deco wallpaper or graphic wallpaper? You just have to choose the wallpaper that suits you the most

Palm leaves, monstera foliage, banana trees …

This year again, the tropical forest is among the trendy interiors. The jungle lines the walls with palm leaves, banana leaves and many other exotic plants. What could be better than lush foliage associated with exotic animals to decorate your homes and apartments?

With shades of green, duck blue and yellow as well as natural materials, tropical wallpaper remains the n ° 1 trend for the year 2022. You just have to give free rein to your imagination to find decorative objects, crockery or furniture in this exotic spirit!

Wallpaper trends 2022

With our wide choice of wallpapers at all shades, we are convinced that you will find the foliage wallpaper that suits you to create a green wall in your interior choosing best wallpaper 2022

Trees, birls, branches, trunks …

Nature would not be alive without animals: this is why animal wallpapers are ultra trendy in our interior decoration. All animal species are a unique way to bring a plant decoration to life.

Among our favorites wallpaper trends 2022, the birds wallpaper is a source of escape and freedom. Parrots, toucans, cockatoos and hummingbirds are dressed in incredible and colorful plumage for tropical atmospheres.

Wallpaper trends 2022

The animals of the savannah and the jungle become the kings of the trendy wallpaper with elephant wallpapers, monkey wallpapers or even leopard wallpapers!

Birds-patterned  wallpaper for the freedom

A wind of freedom will blow on your interior thanks to the birds wallpaper! The feathered animal is very popular for the poetic and soft side that it symbolizes when associated with flowers.

But the bird wallpaper can also be very tropical and colorful, especially if it features toucans, parrots, flamingos, cranes or even hummingbirds!

Wallpaper trends 2022

Invite the llama in the decoration of a child’s room.

And yes, the return of the South American Lama is not without surprise! Indispensable in the decoration of a child’s room or the playroom, the llama wallpaper with its original and trendy design will take your interior on a journey with its ethnic, quirky and exotic spirit.

Thanks to llama wallpaper, give new energy and a touch of fun to your child’s space.

For a sensual or wild decoration.

The choice of your leopard wallpaper will give your room a glamorous and refined side like a wild side to enhance your decor.

The leopard pattern is  the best one of wallpaper trends 2022, also  a real decorative element that allows nature to enter your interiors and thus give you a feeling of travel and escape.

Indeed, the leopard occupies an important place in the yard of animals and will also know how to give life and strength to your interiors.

Wallpaper trends 2022

Modern wallpaper 2022: Jungle – Forest


The forest is full of mysteries and secrets … This is why it is the source of inspiration for many creators and designers in the world of fashion as in that of decoration. Will you be tempted by a forest wallpaper trends 2022?

The forest reminds us of trees, branches, leaves, nature, wind … So many elements that make tree wallpaper: an excellent model for a Scandinavian decoration!

Wallpaper trends 2022

Birch wallpaper is a popular motif for its sobriety and elegance. The softness of the tree trunks makes this pattern an essential children’s wallpaper.

To go further, some parents hang birdhouses in the branches of trees to create an even more realistic and magical trompe l’oeil!

Discover a selection of bamboo wallpapers that will transport you to distant Asian countries. In light or dark tones, the bamboo pattern is updated for a relaxing and modern decoration.

Here you will find realistic and original representations of this Asian plant, synonymous with calm and appeasement.

Fall for one of these foliage wallpapers, and feel free to associate it with tropical wood or wicker furniture to make your interior envious accprding the wallpaper trends 2022

Glitter wallpaper 2022: Welcome cactus

The cactus: this tropical plant that has become a staple of our decorations, . Modern and trendy, cactus wallpaper is the decorative accessory with character that is sure to warm your interior

You can select decorative objects to accentuate your atmosphere: a wicker basket for an ethnic feel or a refined flower pot for a Scandinavian atmosphere.

Wallpaper trends 2022

Whether you set your sights on this potted plant or on a product declined as a wallpaper, the cactus will be synonymous with an exotic and natural atmosphere for your room. The departure for the sun, the desert and the heat seems imminent!

The art deco wallpaper ideas 2022 make the big return

Art deco wallpaper trends 2022  especially for decorative arts, ornaments

The Decorative Art movement had its heyday during the 1920s. With its modern and vintage notes at the same time, the Art Deco trend made a comeback 100 years later.

Art Deco wallpaper trends 2022 take up an essential element of this movement: ornaments! With elegant metallic effects and gilding, you will discover a wide choice among geometric wallpapers and palmette wallpapers.

Wallpaper trends 2022

The Art Deco trend has always found inspiration in nature. It is for this reason that you will find floral wallpapers with roses or wallpapers with palms. Floral motifs are often accompanied by arabesques and other spirals representative of the artistic movement.

Art deco wallpaper

The Art Deco or Decorative Arts trend is making a comeback. Symbol of the 20s, it is characterized by geometric patterns, strict and dynamic, moving shapes and ubiquitous colors such as black, red and gold.

Bring an artistic spirit with Art Deco wallpapers. The shapes and design of the Art Deco wallpapers featuring the themes of the Roaring Twenties will seduce you with flowers and original colors.

Wallpaper trends 2022

Trompe l’oeil, materials, minerals …

The Terrazzo motif is in everyone’s mouth this year 2022! It is back in force for worktops, splashbacks, floors but also on walls with trendy and colorful wallpapers.

Terrazzo is a concrete in which we find fragments of minerals and other natural stones of different colors. It reminds us of design, modernity but also a touch of nostalgia.

You will discover terrazzo wallpapers of all kinds: with neutral colors, with original colors, with reliefs, completely smooth, with small chips or with large mineral chips …

Terrazzo  renoved as best wallpaper 2022

Terrazzo is making a comeback for floors, splashbacks, but also, and above all, for your walls! The terrazzo wallpaper will bring a mineral and colorful aspect to your decoration thanks to the mineral chips of different colors that compose it. This pattern with vintage accents will bring a minimalist and refined style to your room. It is the trendy and modern wallpaper par excellence!

The wallpaper trompe l’oeil in all its forms

For several years, trompe l’oeil wallpapers have been essential for interior decoration. Always more realistic, these wallpapers perfectly imitate all types of raw materials such as stone, wood, concrete or brick.

Wallpaper trends 2022

Trompe l’oeil wallpapers are therefore very popular for creating industrial-style decorations at a lower cost and in record time! You can easily opt for an industrial New York loft atmosphere by lining your walls with red brick wallpaper.

But you can also choose a stone wall wallpaper that you will associate with metal and wooden furniture to give an industrial and warm spirit to your decoration.

Finally, don’t miss out on all the imitation metal modern wallpaper 2022 that will give you an atmosphere worthy of old workshops or disused factories.

Brick patterned wallpaper ideas 2022

For a New York loft atmosphere or an industrial style.

Brick wallpaper is the ideal trompe l’oeil for an industrial style.

Wallpaper Trends 2022: Top 12 Options to give your interior a unique soul

Depending on your desire for wall decoration, you will find new, natural or painted bricks, but also old bricks with incredible realism. A real trompe l’oeil, brick wallpaper will give a living room, a teenager’s bedroom or a kitchen, character and a strong personality.

Classic moldings are back in the spotlight! This wallpaper showcases carved and worked ornaments in shades of brown. These patterns are arranged in large size tiles and dressed in a paint slightly damaged by time.

Ideal for creating a chic and modern atmosphere, this adhesive wallpaper will also seduce you with the ease and speed of its installation.

Marble  wallpaper design 2022

Marble wallpaper has the great advantage of being able to harmonize with other materials such as wood to give more warmth to your room. You can combine it without risk with colored walls: terracotta, old rose, sea green, sage green …

Wallpaper Trends 2022: Top 12 Options to give your interior a unique soul

The Scandinavian wallpaper trends 2022 brings a real craze for noble and minimalist materials. This is how marble is inviting itself more and more in our interiors and in particular in wall coverings!

Designers and creators offer you increasingly complex marble wallpapers, especially with metallic effects, glitter or geometric patterns.

Base wallpaper

Dare to rethink the decoration of your walls by adding relief and color! The plinth wallpaper gives an optical illusion and dresses the bottom of your walls. The sobriety of the moldings recalls the architecture of Haussmann apartments.

Opt for this trompe l’oeil wallpaper which brings cachet and timeless charm to your interior!

Wallpaper design 2022: urban mood in here

Discover our XXL urban wallpapers: they are photographs, graphics or designs printed on wallpaper representing urban landscapes. These very modern and trendy wallpaper posters are sure to seduce you.

Wallpaper trends 2022

Ethnic chic, travel, bohemian: choose your  best wallpaper 2022

The ethnic chic trend is constantly reviving! It is a delicate mix of graphic geometric patterns and natural materials that offers you thousands of possibilities.

For a bohemian and soft decoration, you can opt for a feather wallpaper to which you will be free to associate wicker baskets, rattan mirrors and rugs.

An ethnic atmosphere can be synonymous with colors: the Wax pattern is the perfect example! This ultra trendy African pattern used for traditional boubous is now diverted into wallpapers for our greatest happiness.

Wallpaper trends 2022

Ethnic wallpaper ideas 2022

How to combine elegance and nature in your interior decoration? It’s simple: opt for an ethnic chic wallpaper!

Inspired by travel, the ethnic trend is a clever mix of natural materials, geometric patterns and warm colors. This slightly bohemian trend will allow you to create a real cozy nest for your family!

You will be able to perfect your decoration with the help of rugs, cushions and other decorative accessories.

The escape continues with travel-themed wallpapers

Fashion and decoration designers are regularly inspired by travel for their collections. Ethnic wallpapers, oriental wallpapers and Japanese are the best ones among  wallpaper ideas 2022

Panoramic wallpapers are also a good way to travel around your interior with very realistic landscape photo murals or urban New York decors! You can also explore the world with a world map wallpaper to select your next vacation destination or introduce your child to geography.

Cherry blossom print wallpaper ideas 2022

Invitation to escape and romance, the cherry blossom wallpaper will become the centerpiece of your Japanese decor. Indeed, it is in Japan that we celebrate the beauty and delicacy of the cherry blossom (called Sakura) during Hanami.

Wallpaper trends 2022

In the decoration, the cherry blossom  modern wallpaper 2022 will be very appreciated to create a bedroom thanks to its cottony and poetic side. In soft and pastel shades, the cherry blossom wallpaper will find its place very well in a little girl’s room. To continue the journey in Asia, we invite you to discover our selection of Japanese wallpapers.

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