Exterior Paint Colors 2022: The 5 Best Ways To Give a Completely New Life To The Ordinary Facade

Exterior paint Colors 2022 INTERIOR DESIGN

Exterior paint colors 2022 will give you the exquisite opportunity to give fully new life to the ordinary facades you had by decades!

Most people opt for timeless and exquisite hues as well as a paint that will stay for several years because they don’t change the color of the facade too often. The classic exterior paint colors 2022 include white, beige, pale yellows, grays, and reds.

Exterior paint Colors 2022

If you want a sophisticated look, pay attention to exterior paint colors 2022 being in harmony with harmony of the roof, walls, and facade cladding.

Small suggestions on exterior trends 2022: windows that are lighter in color than the walls create a welcome and open feeling. If you want to create a relaxing atmosphere, make the sashes a shade darker than the walls.

Exterior design 2022: Pick yours from the  pallette

Even if everything is forbidden (it’s not a matter of taste, but of municipal planning regulations), we have some leeway and can experiment with various combinations among the top ones of exterior paint colors 2022.

Colors like red, green, blue, yellow, brown, and even orange may make a statement in your home. However, avoid colors that are too bright or flashy, since they will clash with our climate.

Natural colors, with darker-toned doors and windows, have been popular in recent years. If you want to go for a modern look, paint your facade and all outside woodwork the same color, experimenting with different tones.

Exterior paint Colors 2022

Exterior woodwork and joinery are affected by the sun, rain, and wind. As a result, selecting items that can withstand the harsh Belgian climate is critical.

If you want to keep the natural look of the wood, you can apply a colorless stain or a varnish. You can also choose from a variety of exterior paint colors 2022 if you want to make it more customized.

There are oils that will keep the hardwood tables and chairs in your backyard or terrace from chipping.

In terms of your home’s beauty, every element matters. The front entrance, windows, outside lighting, and cornices are all features that contribute to the overall appearance.

In terms of your home’s beauty, every element matters

Sandtex professional exterior paint colors 2022 pallette, the market leader in England, provide you with a complete range of options for preparing and decorating the architectural elements of your facade, whether they are brick, stone, concrete, PVC, aluminum, iron, or wood.

The colors of your garden shed or fence can revitalize your entire home and garden. Browns, whites, grays, and beiges are the most popular colors for garden shedsas well as the most used ones of exterior paint colors 2022 .

Exterior paint Colors 2022

The lighter tones will revitalize and freshen them, while the deeper tones will give the landscape a sense of seriousness. exterior paint colors 2022 that blend in with nature (greens, browns, and beiges) or colors that dazzle (yellow or white) can be used for the fences.

Exterior lighting, cornices, and entrance stairs are all included in the package that will add value to your home. The key to successful decorating is to pay close attention to the smallest details. Instead of black, try beige or gray for the floor lamps, or a light blue or even yellow.

Dare to use bright exterior paint colors 2022! The use of light and fresh hues, such as pastel tones, is encouraged for garden or terrace furniture. Paint your chairs in a variety of colors to offer joy and good humor.

Exterior paint colors 2022: Each style of house has its facade color

From the Provencal building with pink walls to the designer residence with white walls, the facade of a house immediately sets the tone. And the first impression is always the right one. Here are some basic principles for choosing the right color for your facade.

Exterior paint Colors 2022

Colors for the facade of a contemporary house

Minimalist design and clean lines: these are the characteristics of a contemporary home. Side colors, we gladly put on a white, gray or beige facade.

Some designer houses, however, adopt more original colors, combining red and cream for example. A duo of gray is also popular with trendy color lovers.

Traditional house and it’s exterior paint colors 2022

If you are lucky enough to live in an old farmhouse, it may have a pretty stone or millstone facade. But the walls of our country houses are often covered with plaster, the colors of which vary depending on the region. Each geographic region has its own color chart.

In terms of warm colors, pink, orange or yellow facades are common. Toulouse is also called “the pink city”.

Exterior paint Colors 2022

The ocher facades are more readily found in Burgundy or Berry, say the designers about exterior paint colors 2022

In the Alpine mountains, gray walls predominate.

The traditional Picardy houses are made up of red brick walls.

In Alsace, the village of Eguishein is characterized by half-timbered houses with multicolored facades and brightly painted shutters. It is also one of the most beautiful villages in France.

Colors for the facade of a house by the sea

For the beach house, the most suitable exterior paint colors 2022 are those reminiscent of the sea and the ocean. Thus, the facades of the houses often combine a clever mix of whites and blues.

Rule # 1: Light colors like beige, cream and sand enhance the brightness of an exterior facade. Dark shades such as brown or gray can nevertheless be useful, for example to emphasize the character of a modern home.

Exterior paint Colors 2022

Rule # 2: Choose the right color to paint your house shutters. By the sea, we gladly put on stone-tone walls and blue shutters. On the countryside side, charcoal gray shutters enhance the brick red walls.

Rule # 3: Consider the style of neighboring houses, so that your house fits into the landscape. If you live in a Basque village, chances are good that your neighbors’ shutters are painted dark red. If you live on the Ile de Ré, your neighbors have probably painted their shutters green.

Exterior design 2022: How to paint an exterior facade?

Restoring an exterior wall or repainting the facade of a single-story house is relatively easy. You just need to equip yourself with a ladder. As soon as the height of the house exceeds 3 meters, it is preferable to call in a professional, who will install scaffolding.

Thinking of covering the walls of your house with a pretty stone paint? We explain how to do it.

  • Prepare the walls before painting them. Remove dirt with a wire brush.
  • Repair any cracks if necessary using a special filler for exterior walls. Small cracks can be filled with a suitable putty.
  • Optionally apply an anti-foaming product, according to the directions for use.
  • Apply a special fauçade undercoat, then adhere to a suitable drying time.
  • Paint your facade. Use a special facade paint and apply with a roller, taking care to cross the passes.

Exterior paint colors 2022 and Facade Renovation law

Before repainting your facade, you must submit a declaration of work to your town hall. This will make sure that the colors you choose match the local landscape. Without a response from your town hall within one month, your work request is deemed to have been accepted.

Consult the PLU of your municipality

Each municipality defines a local urban plan, or PLU. This describes in particular the materials that should be used when renovating a facade, or the colors that should be used to repaint the exterior walls of a house. Before starting to renovate your facade, go to the town hall to consult the PLU.

How to do with exterior paint colors 2022 if you live in a listed house

Special measures apply to houses listed as Historic Monuments as well as to those located near a listed building or listed in the inventory. Where applicable, the work request must be validated by the Architect of Buildings .

Just with a little color and decoration, you can create a new interior and make it look harmonious and impressive hyet with exterior paint colors 2022 you accomplish the full apperance of the house.

Exterior paint Colors 2022

This is why it is so important to think carefully before choosing a shade and painting your walls to showcase yourgarden  furniture as well as taking in consideration the  exterior paint trends 2022.

This gives your room an overall impressive and harmonious appearance. In our guides you will learn everything you need to know about successful wall decoration.

A concrete wall according the  exterior color trends 2022

It has been several years, it is on the floor that the concrete entered the decoration and for some time it is on the walls that the material is acclaimed. Waxed concrete or raw concrete, here are some ideas for integrating this material into your decor!

In decoration, we find waxed concrete, it is used on floors and walls and smooth concrete used on horizontal surfaces. The first interests us, since we will talk about wall decoration here. Waxed concrete is appreciated for its sober elegance and shine. By reflecting the light, the concrete on the wall gives the impression of space.

Exterior paint Colors 2022

Also, it easily dresses the walls of lofts, contemporary interiors but also, sometimes old buildings in search of modernity. From the living room to the bedroom, no room can resist the charm of the covering.

At the same time, the rough concrete walls create a sensation. Their minerality, their roughness, flaws also charm you. Also, you can leave your wall as it is, without coating or coating but still applying a protective juice.

Decorative accessories with exterior paint colors 2022

In addition to the fixed lights already mentioned, there are also decorative accessories for the home to emphasize the seasons and various holidays. Click through our articles and discover wonderful ideas for every occasion.

Exterior paint Colors 2022

Would you like to find more original winter decoration accessories, for example? So we have prepared for you different articles on decorative sledges, decoration of antlers used as a Christmas accessory. Get inspired and find creative ideas for stylish decorative accessories.

The color chart of your facade is like the welcoming committee of your house. What do you want it to communicate?

You only have one chance to make a first impression. Make sure it’s the right one! Our beautiful exterior paint color combinations have been carefully crafted to enhance your facade with charm and personality.

Choose the perfect one from exterior paint colors 2022

Start by selecting the color of the main coating. To do this, take inspiration from the hues found in fixed elements, such as roofing or brick or stone accents. Select a paint color that is a few shades darker or lighter than the selected shade.

Exterior paint Colors 2022

If you choose a light color for the main siding, consider using a darker shade as an accent. In contrast, a medium or dark facade will be highlighted with light accents.

As for the door, dare a bright and more intense exterior paint colors 2022.

will beautifully highlight the main entrance and provide a warm welcome to visitors. Consider painting shutters or any other decorative element using another shade of the same color, but except the garage door if you don’t want to emphasize its presence!

Painting the garage door the same color as the wall covering will help blur the presence of this more or less attractive element.

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