Exterior Design Trends 2024: Best 7 Captivating Ideas To Create Exquisite Gradation

Exterior design trends 2022 INTERIOR DESIGN

Exterior design trends 2024 are here as the beautiful days are returning and, with them, all of us have the desire to take care of the exterior.

Whether for pleasure or a vegetable garden, filled with flowers or shrubs, the garden is an extension of the house and deserves a decoration in its own right. Discover all our most beautiful exterior design trends 2024 for landscaping your exterior!

Exterior design trends 2024

An area for each activity… even in the garden!

The secret to a successful garden design is to be well organized. Even if you only have a small area, feel free to create spaces like:

  • a dining area on the terrace with a garden table and chairs;
  • a relaxation area with comfortable garden furniture or sun loungers;
  • a leisure area, especially if you have children, where you will find a sandbox, a swing, the swimming pool …;
  • if necessary, a vegetable garden to grow fruits and vegetables, possibly with a greenhouse and a garden shed.

Each area is connected to the others thanks to gravel or slab pathways, but you can also prefer free access by just leaving the lawn.

However, these Exterior design trends 2024 do not mean that you have to partition the different spaces. The armchairs, ottomans and small coffee tables are designed to be mobile and to be moved.

The decorative idea for the layout of your garden is to harmonize the different furniture so that they can easily be combined with each other.

Exterior design trends 2024

The main one among the exterior design trends 2024  is towards dry gardens: plants are planted under a geotextile sheet covered with pebbles, pebbles, slate mulch or bark.

To awaken this fairly mineral atmosphere, you can add warmer materials such as wood, wicker, cotton and linen. It also goes perfectly with very colorful garden furniture.

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Good to know: sublimate your exterior decoration by playing with perspectives

To successfully decorate your garden and enhance the space with exterior design trends 2024, do not hesitate to structure the whole like a painting. Play with perspectives by varying shapes, heights and materials, whether it’s plants, furniture or objects.

Exterior design trends 2024

For example, you can place the tallest and most bulky items in the background: a hedge, tree, or arbor.

Then gradually reduce the size with a bench, a slender shrub or cut into a ball, before finishing with flowers or lights on the ground, declare the leadin designers on exterior design trends 2024

Today, we decorate our telike our house. Color can be brought in different ways. You can choose colorful garden furniture: resin and metal are available in various colors, from the most neutral to the most vivid.

If you prefer natural materials such as wood or wicker for garden chairs and benches, the color will be found on textiles: garden cushions, tablecloths, chair covers, but also parasol canvases or sails. ‘shady.

XXL poufs or mattresses are also an excellent idea exterior design trends 2024.

Thanks to a specific treatment, they are perfectly resistant to rain and sunlight. At the edge of the swimming pool or on the terrace, they will be very trendy and will multiply the comfortable seats.

Exterior design trends 2024

Garden decorations are another way to add color to your outdoor decor. For example, you can choose ceramic statuettes, metal lamps or wind mobiles. On your patio, do not hesitate to vary the colors and materials of the pots and flower boxes.

Play with the contrasts and associations of colors to sublimate your plants: if the flowers are pink, dare the yellow, mint green or petrol blue pot!

With our exterior design trends 2024, your terrasse will have nothing to envy your interior. It’s your turn !

To decorate your garden, balcony or terrace, there’s nothing like decorating the exterior walls. Walls of the house or fence, use the height of the walls will allow you many arrangements. Discover our ideas to imagine the best of  exterior design trends 2024.

A green wall for your exterior

For a large garden, a terrace or a balcony, plants and flowers are always the allies of choice for the decoration of your exterior wall.

Don’t hesitate to use the height to place your plants against the wall. You can hang shelves directly on the wall if the material is strong enough (concrete, wood, stone…) to support the weight. A flowerpot filled with potting soil is heavy!

Exterior design trends 2024

Otherwise, we advise you to install a free-standing shelf, library style, on which you will place your pots. The advantage of the latter solution is that it allows you to change the layout or the plantations according to your desires and needs, putting attention to the exterior design trends 2024.

On the railing of your balcony you can hang specially designed planters and pots. Place them indoors to avoid the risk of falling!

Small essential accessories for fitting out the exterior wall

Don’t hesitate to vary the shapes, colors and sizes of your outdoor pots, planters and planters. You can opt for a monochrome decoration by playing on different formats or choose pots of the same shape, but by multiplying the colors.

Both pretty and practical, resin planters imitate wicker, cement or stone, but lighter.

Your exterior walls are the ideal place to install nesting boxes or bird feeders, but also insect hotels.

Exterior design trends 2024

Thus, you participate in the protection of the little guests in your garden. Do not hesitate to plant near shrubs popular with birds such as hawthorn, black elderberry or blackthorn. Lavender, oleander and bougainvillea are highly coveted by butterflies and bees.

Transpose the interior to the exterior design trends 2024

Who said decoration should only be applied inside the house? You can decorate your exterior walls with empty frames and paint the same color, like a wall of frames. Vary the shapes and sizes to get a very trendy decorative effect.

Another idea to pick among  exterior design trends 2024 for a house: use offcuts (parquet, terrace boards, etc.) to create a giant painting. It can be used to hang small flower pots, but you can also leave it as is. Whatever your choice, favor durable and natural materials, avoiding paints containing chemicals.

Garden rugs add a cozy touch to your patio according the  2024 home exterior trends . Rot-proof and nicely decorated, they dress the floor in the blink of an eye. Choose them with graphic and colorful patterns if your garden furniture is made of wood or metal or, on the contrary, rather plain if your furniture is brightly colored.

At nightfall, if you want to continue to enjoy the garden or the balcony, light is essential. Use your walls to hang outdoor lights. Garlands with hanging bulbs will give a very guinguette atmosphere to your terrace.

You can also install designer metal sconces or floor lamps in the garden and at the corners of the terrace or balcony. To illuminate the dining area, we opt for a beautiful pendant light if you have a pergola.

If you don’t have one, hang your light from your parasol! Another solution is to illuminate the guests with a pretty lantern or a candle holder placed on the table.

Exterior design trends 2024

To protect the environment, choose low-consumption LED-type bulbs or solar-powered lights. Their small size is perfect for scattering them along the paths of the garden.

Minimalist or abundant, your garden or your terrace can also use the surface of the exterior walls to enhance your decor. The options of exterior design trends 2024 are endless, so use your imagination!

If you think your garden is too small, there are plenty of ways to make it look bigger. You only need to be cunning to give the impression that an area is larger and forget its real dimensions: discover all our landscaping ideas for a small garden!

Play with the levels to highlight the exterior house trends 2024 The first idea of ​​setting up a small garden is to create levels which will give dynmism by playing with the perspectives. You can use boxes or planters of different heights to raise some beds.

The height of the plants can also be stepped: plants low at ground level, medium-sized shrubs behind, then taller trees at the very rear. It will also give your garden depth if it is lacking.

Exterior design trends 2024

You can also act on the symmetry of the space which will balance the overall vision: same plant species on each side of an alley, parallel walls, bins of the same shape or the same color …

The idea is to guide the user. look at very specific points so that we do not dwell on the size.

Contrary to popular belief, it is best to divide the space of your small garden to make it appear larger. This will give the impression that it consists of a multitude of nooks with different colors and moods.

You can organize a dining area near the house, with a small table and garden chairs, possibly folding if the space is very small.

Exterior design trends 2024

In a sunny area, set up a relaxation area with garden cushions placed on the ground or a modular garden sofa. Its elements can be separated as needed and can be moved easily.

Do not hesitate to keep a certain homogeneity in the materials, so as not to overload the decoration of your small garden. This harmony will serve as a common thread for the arrangement of the different areas of the garden.

At the back of the garden, do not hesitate to hide the fence with a hedge or evergreen trees. To give the illusion of limitless space, bamboos are very practical plants, but you can also choose fruit trees such as raspberries or currants.

If you don’t have the space or don’t want to plant anything, consider artificial screens or canisses. They will add a vegetal touch without requiring any maintenance.

Another idea through exterior design trends 2024 is to use the fence as a decorative element in its own right: either by painting the covering with a strong color, or by hanging pots or planters on it. Your fence is thus transformed into a real green wall where you can grow all kinds of plants.

Exterior design trends 2024

At the foot of the fence, favor climbing species and fairly tall and graphic plants. At the top, you can instead choose species with a drop or multiply the small pots with dwarf subjects or aromatics.

Either way, even if you don’t cover your entire fence, it’s important to keep some corners out of sight. This privacy helps to make your little garden a soothing and relaxing place.

Want brilliant ideas to enhance your exterior? Balcony, terrace, garden: the scenes are waiting for you! A multitude of outdoor lighting can highlight the decoration of your outdoor space and make it more welcoming.

Discover our tips and exterior design trends 2024 that will help you make the most of your lazy moments and evenings with friends. We will enlighten you with more and more lighting ideas for your patio!

Balcony lighting: the art of illuminating a small space

Do you have a balcony and want to enjoy it after dark? We understand you! The balcony is the ideal place to rest and have a good time. We can already see you there, sipping fruit juices and eating delicious salads.

So to fully enjoy it, you have to think of everything down to the smallest details. And that goes through the lighting. And yes: even small spaces deserve to be highlighted!

The choice of lighting will be different depending on the balcony configuration and your needs. 

Exterior design trends 2024

It is necessary to take into account the area and the shape of your balcony, in order to then find the right type of luminaire, without neglecting the size and the style. 

The wall light: If your balcony has an electrical outlet, you can install an outdoor wall light. It is a perfect solution that does not clutter up the space and provides direct light. It will therefore be more than enough if you have a small balcony. Then it’s all about style and exterior design trends 2024

Most often, the wall lamp is in metal, and brings a little touch of character. It generally consists of a fixed, tilting or swiveling base, and most of the time adapts to all weather conditions. The good trick ? Orient the wall lamp upwards to enlarge the space, or downwards for a more cozy and cozy atmosphere.

In case if the layout of your balcony allows it with the presence of a roof, then the suspension will provide sufficient light. It’s the perfect final decorative touch that highlights a table or a den.

Exterior design trends 2024

From  the exterior design trends 2024 side, the suspensions woven in vegetable fiber are popular and breathe a chic and bohemian atmosphere. But there are also a multitude of suspensions, with an industrial spirit, seaside or design.

You have something to have fun in your choice! Quick tip: depending on the size of your balcony, don’t hesitate to combine the pendant light with indirect lights, such as lanterns and candles.

You can also play the accumulation card to create a very modern atmosphere. We particularly like to combine suspensions of different sizes and styles by varying the heights. The result is ultra trendy.

Exterior design trends 2024

This luminaire is an excellent solution. Mobile, functional, as main or additional lighting: it has many advantages. Without forgetting that it is he who will give height to your decoration.

A designer or classic floor lamp will do the job perfectly, but if you are looking for originality, play it out by adopting a floor lamp in the shape of an animal or a cactus.

Don’t hesitate to jump into technology by finding a floor lamp that changes colors. Some of them are equipped with a small remote control, and allow you to change the color as you wish. This is enough to promise several atmospheres in one evening!

Exterior design trends 2024

Especially since it will be easy for you to move it to follow your desires and needs during the evening. Move it away from your garden table for a subdued atmosphere, and bring it closer to gain in light intensity, for example. It is truly a 2 in 1 solution.

Decorative, it complements your direct light. As if by magic, at the end of the day, this outdoor lighting will create a canopy of small lights on your balcony. Nothing like it to decorate the space and make you wow.

Go for the trend of the moment with the light garland in the guinguette spirit. With her, the atmosphere will be successful and friendly! Along the balustrade, in the plants, on the facade …

You are free to place it in the right place.

Exterior Design Trends 2024: Best 7 Captivating Ideas To Create Exquisite Gradation

Another idea for lighting your patio: it can even be used to delimit a place. This is the case, for example, if you use it to create a child corner. Choose a colorful garland with little characters or funny animals. Your children will appreciate this little corner dedicated to them.

The lantern, a trendy deco of exterior design trends 2024

it is perfect to illuminate your summer dinners and immerse you in a cozy atmosphere. A big trend in our exteriors, the lantern has become an essential decorative object! To find the chosen one who will join your balcony, you just need to know what atmosphere you want to instill.

A lantern reel will be a safe bet if you want a zen and bohemian balcony. If you like the contemporary style, let yourself be charmed by a slender chrome-plated metal lantern. Unless the seaside style appeals to you, with a white wood and glass lantern.

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