Kids Room 2022: Brightest 8 Trends To Create The Little Paradise


Kids room 2022  ideas to make up the room of the dreams will inspire you to write your own fairytale!

What if we set up a little paradise in the kids room 2022? To create a perfect decoration in a girls room 2022  or boy’s bedroom, we opt for modular tips and evolving children’s furniture. Cot, baby wardrobe, baby accessories are as cute as they are stylish… enough to give baby ideas for a cozy space!

Kids Room 2022

Choosing a theme for the kids room 2022

Arranging the baby’s room is a moment of pleasure for future parents, but also a stress factor for some. How to choose the theme of the bedroom? Should we follow trends or rather listen to our desires? If you are in the process of furnishing your first child’s bedroom, this article is for you!

It’s not easy to decorate the kids room 2022 nicely! On the childish decoration market, a thousand things, each prettier than the next, are offered to you and in the end, you feel slightly lost …

And decoration brands do not hesitate to regularly release new collections. Be aware about the latest trends to adopt in kids room 2022 !

Kids Room 2022

Here are some tips and ideas to help you choose the perfect theme for your baby’s room. In addition to the influence of the sex of your baby on the choice of themes and colors used, the decoration of his room can be approached from different angles. It’s up to you to find the one that suits you best!

A key figure of kids room 2022

Choose a theme that features one or more small characters (known or not!). Animals are of course the friends of our little ones, and you will therefore be spoiled for choice concerning the key character in his room: cow, giraffe, little bear, rabbit, sheep, jungle or farm animals …

You can then decline this little character on the bed bumper, the mobile, the lights and in stickers on the walls.

Kids Room 2022

There are obviously timeless characters, like Disney characters – especially for  girls room 2022 who adore all princesses!. You can also decorate your kids room 2022 by taking inspiration from a license such as Paw Patrol, Hello Kitty or even Cars.

However, be careful if you make this choice: on the one hand, you are likely to get bored with these loaded patterns and on the other hand, the result can be very kitsch.

Kids room 2022: Pattern games

Choose a theme that plays above all on the patterns. For example, games of small polka dots or retro stripes are back in fashion. Patterns linked to nature (flowers, leaves and butterflies …) or to the stars (stars, moon, clouds …) are very popular to create a soft and poetic atmosphere.

These patterns will suit perfectly on all the textiles in the kids bedroom ideas 2022 as well as on the walls (curtains, cushions, bed bumper, decorative garlands, stickers).

If you have a creative mind and are good at painting, there is nothing to stop you from creating patterns on the walls or friezes. You can also find furniture and give it a makeover to associate it with this type of atmosphere.

Harmonies of colors for a stylish kids room 2022

Favor color combinations to create a particular style for the best kids room 2022. Ultra playful atmosphere with the association, on the walls, of very bright colors (apple green, pop orange and lemon yellow for example), classic atmosphere with harmonies of pastel colors (beige or taupe with blue or light pink for example)

Kids Room 2022

The black & white combination, which for a long time was too sober for a baby’s room, has become trendy in recent years. This allows you to create a designer bedroom, far from the clichés of colorful children’s rooms.

Get inspired by chic New York decor or Scandinavian decor for this type of atmosphere.

Kids room 2022: Non-gendered rooms

In recent years, we have not hesitated to decorate the nursery in a neutral way, whether it is a little boy or a little girl. We forget the pink and the blue, colors very connoted to opt instead for trendy colors such as khaki, midnight blue, shades of cream-beige, mineral colors, etc.

Nothing also prevents you from breaking codes and using gendered colors.

So a few touches of pink in a little boys bedroom 2022 can soften khaki or wood. In a little girls room 2022, baby blue can bring softness, just like pastel colors like pink and purple.

Playful and colorful accessories for the kids room 2022

All you have to do is wait a few months before the baby arrives, and it’s time to look at the decoration of his room. We have selected accessories for you to decorate your very first bedroom in a fun way. Follow the guide to adopt the kids bedroom ideas 2022 picked up by us.

First, you should know that in the first months, the baby’s field of vision is limited. He first begins by visualizing the color contrasts, and it will take a while for him to become interested in the movement of objects.

Also, do not hesitate to change his decoration to awaken him according to his age.

Kids Room 2022

To brighten up the kids room 2022, especially on the side of the changing table where you can afford brighter colors than in the sleeping area, bet on very colorful and playful accessories.

Do not hesitate to choose original shapes that will awaken baby’s senses. Opt for funny mobiles to amuse him, for example. On the walls, bet on stickers or patterned wallpaper in very cheerful colors.

You will also find many very decorative frames or objects to hang to give volume to the wall. And so that the bedroom remains very decorative after dark, we have a pretty light garland that will accompany baby’s sleep.

A colorful baby room

Because there are more than just blue and pink in life, why not opt ​​for shades of several colors?

Taupe (gray, brown, beige) or purple (purple, mauve, lavender …) palette, yellow (from orange to chick yellow) and green (from mint to water to turquoise), many ideas exist to have fun without falling into the cliché.

A neutral baby room

If you prefer to avoid colors that are too sharp or bright (which may displease the child when they are older) opt for neutrality. Very light yellow, pure or off-white, beige …

Leaving the walls neutral and bare is a daring idea if you want to move towards a design, refined or Zen decoration for your child. In addition, you can quite after birth hang picture frames or themed decoration.

Kids Room 2022

Kids room 2022 with mixed decoration

Note that some decorative objects can work just as well with a girl as with a boy. This is particularly the case with many night lights, children’s mobiles or even rugs available in an infinite variety of colors.

Know for example that animals will find their place in a little girls room 2022  as well as in a little boys bedroom.

A themed baby room

Many childhood themes are mixed. Whether you choose the jungle, marine or forest theme, various stickers or wall borders are available to adorn the room of your offspring.

Likewise, you can very well fall for a room on the theme of a comic book or a cartoon for boys bedroom 2022.

Kids Room 2022

Kidding: a trend of kids room 2022 that is passing the success of vintage

As with adults, children now have real tastes, and their real tastes in terms of decoration … and beware, these have absolutely nothing to do with those of even 10 years ago!

Far from all pink for the girls room ideas 2022 (who did not have much choice if they did not like girly atmospheres and princesses) and completely blue for the boys bedroom 2022 (who had better like trucks and superheroes!), decoration brands today offer the most up-to-date themes with style.

And we must admit that this little dusting in rule does not hurt!

Kids Room 2022

A big winner of this fall, the vintage atmosphere is essential in the kids’ room, with furniture with clean lines in retro colors such as duck blue, mustard yellow, but also taupe or white for a little touch more contemporary.

Special favorite for the small “Club” style armchairs, which can be found today in cheerful colors such as red, apple green or electric blue. Like in the 50s … an epic that our children haven’t even known, but which fits like a glove in their room!

A decoration that has style with Kidding

Good news for parents who want to fit out a new kids room 2022 for their child without embarking on major renovations: it is quite possible to revamp a classic bedroom without changing everything! All you need to do is find well-chosen accessories.

Kidding is therefore the art of offering a wide range of “grown-up” products specially adapted for the little ones’ bedroom.

Kids Room 2022

For a tidy and orderly bedroom as it should be, why not fall for multicolored coat hooks, a luminous “tube” floor lamp whose color and brightness can be adjusted to suit your mood, or even a “skateboard” shelf? Or decorative garlands adorned with animals, or even paper lampshade balls?

With Kidding, we bring to the kids room 2022 everything they need (storage, lighting, furniture, etc.), but in a fun and friendly version, it’s simple!

Do not hesitate to divert everyday objects to make decorative objects or useful furniture: if they blend harmoniously with a child’s decoration, then you have already mastered the Kidding trend.

Kids Room 2022

Cute linens for a bed in kidding mode

Please note: Kidding is not limited to furniture and decorative items, but also to fashion (more and more brands for adults are also offering children’s lines) and even beauty.

Now every detail counts. So also think about bed and household linen which will help give the final touch to a bedroom, or a little offbeat note to an interior that is a little too wise!

Kids Room 2022

Stars, polka dots or funny patterns, think of curtains that will give a cocoon touch to a room. As for the duvet cover, we will choose it in harmony with the theme of the room: Indian or animal motifs, all tastes are allowed!

Stickers: wall decorations for  kids room 2022

Discreet sticker ideas for kids room 2022

Your child’s room is his haven, and he’ll undoubtedly want to design it according to his preferences. Why don’t you direct it to wall decals? Stickers are ideal for infusing personality into your kids bedroom ideas 2022 decoration, and they’re also simple to apply and remove.

Yes, but… rather than XXL stickers depicting pirates, fairies, or his favorite literary figure of the moment (which he may not like in 2 months), why not go for pretty wall stickers that are more subtle but as attractive?

Kids Room 2022

If you are looking for cute and timeless wall stickers for your child’s room, why not turn to some cute, adorable and original “cloud” stickers. They are sure to make rain and shine in your little one’s room … especially if you place them above their play teepee or headboard!

If you have a kid who is a fan of astronomy, instead of putting their head in the clouds, put them in the stars! Place as many as you want on one (or more) walls in kids bedroom ideas 2022, and your little blond head will feel like they’re lying in the Milky Way every night. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

If you want colorful wall stickers but not too flashy, trust the “raindrops” stickers: sprinkle them vertically on a wall, just above a piece of furniture (if the furniture is white and the wall too is even better).

Thus, your child will have the impression that his room is the theater of a micro-climate and that it is raining little blue drops right on his furniture!

Kids Room 2022

What better way to encourage your child to go to dreamland than to stick pretty closed eyes on the wall of his room …? For a nice tone-on-tone effect and a beautiful visual harmony, choose a sticker color very close (or even identical if possible) to that of your child’s bed linen.

Appeasement assured!

To bring a timeless and elegant decoration with  a girls room ideas 2022, trust the wall stickers in the shape of small circles! They will allow you to decorate the walls with peas, for a discreet and aesthetic feminine touch.

Animal trophies for children, a trend to adopt for kids room 2022

When animal trophies adopt a childish look, that is to say, harmless, sympathetic and soft to the touch, one can only be moved! So if your cherub is passionate about animals, there is no need to hesitate. These accessories will allow you to create an extraordinary wall decor evocative of his interest in nature …

In kids room 2022, it is mostly found in the form of plush. Like the head of a big teddy bear, we attach it to the wall, above the bed or elsewhere in the kids room 2022.

Very soft and comforting, it will quickly become an essential element! For the older ones, we can opt for the DIY trophies.

Kids Room 2022

Composed of wood or plastic, they allow your children to assemble themselves the animal trophy, which will quickly find its place in the room. In the head of a deer, a wolf or even a fox, the animals of the forest are then put in the spotlight.

It is also the Scandinavian trend that has brought this type of trophy up to date. Impossible since to put them away in the cupboard: they have become essential!

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