Interior color trends 2022: Top 9 Ideas To Let You Entertain The Most Trendy Shades With Ease

Interior color trends 2022 BEDROOM

Interior color trends 2022 will bring an interest in a mix of design of any room, as an extraordinary combination of materials, finishes having the intention to add an alluring detail , an element of distinction, elevating style and functionality.

Collected popular paint colors 2022  will tell you a story of infusion of a space and a personality touch!

Interior color trends 2022

Just keep the balance of organic forms with natural materials for a sophisticated expericence that feels  intimate and intentional. Let’s see what colors are in trend this year

Navy blue is no longer reserved for seaside style. Deep, very elegant and intimate, it has established itself in our interiors by rising to the rank of fashionable color, crowding out black and dark colors in general. The best color pick for home office!

We love it with small touches in all the rooms of the house, through a living room rug, a vase, a plaid or even crockery. And for a real decorative bias that pays off, it works wonderfully in total look.

Interior color trends 2022

Navy blue still lends itself perfectly to the mix of shades: midnight, navy, cobalt blue, turquoise one, ice blue, sky blue, all its deviations can flirt with each other without risk of collision.

And for winning alliances of interior color trends 2022, dare to see the mix of blue and orange (2 opposite colors, 2 warm and the other cold), blue and purple (two very elegant cold colors) or blue and green (two colors also cold but with exotic and natural notes).

Color of the year 2022: Its meaning

Like purple or white, blue is one of the so-called “zen” colors.

And for good reason, this color that we are used to seeing almost everywhere in nature (yes, the sky and the sea are blue in case you have escaped!) the first interior color trends 2022, blue promotes meditation and relaxation. In short, you will understand: blue is an ally for relaxation!

Interior color trends 2022

If in the past it was the emblematic color of the monarchy, over time it has become a true symbol of wisdom in Western culture, inspiring calm and reflection.

Despite all its qualities, blue is difficult to use in decoration. A so-called “cold” color, it is difficult to integrate into certain rooms, especially those that lack light.

Generally, it is used in small touches and in variations with other shades of blue. Note that it is naturally the emblematic color of the houses that have chosen a seaside decor.

Interior color trends 2022Interior color trends 2022

If blue is very popular in the bathroom, where it can be used as a total look, it can also be used in rooms that require a certain concentration, such as the office.

Blue as the Color of the year 2022: Pairing shades

The different blues (sky blue, navy blue, duck blue, turquoise …)

Gray, pink, off-white, sea green …

Are you about to dive into the deep blue? Wait, we have some inspiration for you.

Who better than a pro to orchestrate color ranges? One of the best interior color trends 2022, between sky and sea, the blue has not left us during the summer and as if that were not enough for it, now it will invite itself into our interiors for the seasons to come!

Interior color trends 2022

We are delighted by the news, since this color (like its multiple variations) has the power to make an interior chic, in addition to giving it a confidential atmosphere. Its two great virtues?

Its soothing effect and ease of adaptation since it blends with almost all colors. Flagship trend of this fall and the months to come, succumb to its charm for an interior in tune with

Exotic and vegetal, the color green is endlessly available for interiors where nature could almost take back its rights! Discover all our ideas and decorating tips to showcase green in the house.

Green at home is no longer a trend, but rather a basic, a bit like gray. It must be said that the heyday of plants (discover our selection of over vegetated salons) and the plant print made the task rather easy.

If the green in its darkest variations is emulated, it seems that the light green is topical.

bedroom design trends 2022

Zoom on the green living room, living room par excellence in search of softness and a freshness effect.

Water green, pigeon green, almond green, pistachio green, verdigris for its light shades, but also for green, reseda green, mint green or khaki green for its darkest variations, green is found in popular paint colors 2022 of interior color trends 2022 in our homes and particularly our living rooms to meet the expectations of our interiors in perpetual quest for chlorophyll.

And if green has conquered our interiors, it’s because it is fresh, soothing and above all super trendy.

Interior color trends 2022: Top 9 Ideas To Let You Entertain The Most Trendy Shades With Ease

And green, we like it regardless of its medium: in the living room, a green wallpaper will have its effect just like a carefully chosen paint.

On the furniture side, a velvet or green linen sofa is a winner, not to mention a pretty piece of repainted wood furniture. Household linen is certainly not to be excluded: cushion covers, plaids, rugs, all will find their place in the living room.

Interior color trends 2022

While green has imposed itself in our homes for many years, a little one of the family is talking about him …

Halfway between pale green and pastel blue, water green is a color in trendy, fresh and relaxing, which can be found in every room of the house.

Perfect for the bedroom thanks to its zen aura, water green is found in bathrooms for relaxing spaces. In the kitchen, it brings a touch of freshness and, in the living room, a very mild climate.

While it pairs well with all other shades of green, sea green goes particularly well with blues, grays, beiges and even yellows. In terms of materials, it matches wonderfully with wood, light or dark, and marble.

Interior color trends 2022: Top 9 Ideas To Let You Entertain The Most Trendy Shades With Ease

As a part of Interior color trends 2022, there are several solutions to welcome water green at home.

Wallpaper and fabric publishers have widely adopted this color which, associated with flowery patterns, becomes bucolic and even poetic. Painting remains a classic

color of the year 2022

A section of wall, a wall or several, you just have to choose. To avoid a too cold effect, we ban the total look. Linens are a good way to bring sea green into the house, as are small decorations that will allow small doses of freshness to be distilled.

Timeless elegance of Gray in Interior color trends 2022

Elegant and timeless, the gray bedroom is a perfect base for a flawless interior, a base which must nevertheless be awakened by a few sparkling touches: a design bedside lamp, a velvet or covered headboard.

A graphic fabric, a colorful watercolor on the wall, small metal boxes, welcoming baskets of plants, elegant bed linen and a unique little decoration.

Interior color trends 2022: Top 9 Ideas To Let You Entertain The Most Trendy Shades With Ease

The objective: to secure one’s back by betting on the gray palette, but to bring a real personality to this intimate room and in which to feel good is a pleonasm.

When it comes to color, anything goes. Green, blue, yellow and orange hues but also pinks and purples. 100% neutral color, gray will go perfectly with any wallpaper and matches particularly with wood, which gives it a little warmth.

And if you don’t want to repaint an entire wall, consider the horizontal or vertical frieze, or the repainted plinth that creates a cocoon feel.

Gray is also expressed through household linen: gray linen bed set, gray velvet cushion covers, gray flannel curtains, gray cashmere plaid, there’s no shortage of ideas. Favor warm fabrics to counter this cold color.

Interior color trends 2022

Light up the room: Red, the color of passion

You can’t ignore it: red is THE color of passion, naturally associated with energy and determination. It is no coincidence that it is a key color in places where it is good to have fun with passion (theater, cabaret, etc.)

In the collective imagination, red is also strongly linked to feelings of love but also to prohibition (red light, red card, etc.). A slightly risky color in decoration, which is far from unanimous …

Interior color trends 2022: Top 9 Ideas To Let You Entertain The Most Trendy Shades With Ease

For all these reasons, red is generally used in small doses or as a total look only in rooms where one needs to be stimulated … such as in the kitchen in particular! This strong shade should be avoided in rooms that call for calm, such as the bedroom or the bathroom.

Conversely, its warm character will warm up friendly rooms such as the living room, and it will be particularly pleasant to decline it with different shades.

Color of the year 2022  Complimentary colors of Red

Shades of red (terracotta, burgundy, vermilion, pink …)

Green and blue, cool colors that will soften its strong character

Sun is here: Yellow in the interior color trends 2022

Yellow is currently making a comeback in our interiors. Are we sorely lacking in good humor and friendliness? Because it is first and foremost what this radiant color inspires, conducive to discussion: a touch of cheerfulness.

Interior color trends 2022: Top 9 Ideas To Let You Entertain The Most Trendy Shades With Ease

When we think of yellow, we immediately associate it with sun and heat. If this bright color is not always well seen on the side of everyday language, since it evokes negative things (yellow laughter, cuckold yellow, having a yellow complexion …), in decoration it benefits from a beautiful aura.

Unlike bright yellow tones, light yellows like straw yellow have the ability to bring softness indoors. In the bedroom, straw yellow is a great ally for dressing bed linen like this sublime bed set with mandala patterns.

Yellow, color of the year 2022: Pairing shades

Yellow creeps into every part of our room! It is particularly appreciated in convivial rooms such as the living room and the dining room. If it gives the place an invigorating side, it will be very useful in rooms that lack light.

Interior color trends 2022: Top 9 Ideas To Let You Entertain The Most Trendy Shades With Ease

Finally, yellow is easily available on textiles or walls. Another quality of this trendy color? Its ability to blend in with both designer and retro, ethnic and contemporary decor. The main thing is to know how to distill it sparingly.

The seduction and romantism of Pink

Pink and all its shades are trendy interior color trends 2022, especially powder pink, synonymous with softness and harmony in modern or classic interiors. A tender color that will bring delicacy and subtlety to the heart of winter.

On a wall or on a carpet, to dress a sofa or bed linen, in small touches with accessories, powder pink can be installed in any room of the house without lack of taste.

And it can be combined with other colors to create warm and calming atmospheres.

Interior color trends 2022: Top 9 Ideas To Let You Entertain The Most Trendy Shades With Ease

Pink is no longer just for little girls’ bedrooms. Already interior color trends 2022 thanks to Pantone, which awarded a pink the color of the year title, pink is continuing its journey to invest all the rooms of the house.

Yes, but not just any rose! Be careful not to fall into the eggshell (a very colorful white that tends to yellow), temporarily out of fashion.

The trendy pink this winter is powder pink, close to nude. As its name suggests, it has its origins in the little round box that our grandmothers loved: rice powder.

A very light pink powder that gave a healthy glow and a perfectly mat complexion, even to the lightest skin types. Even if it is no longer the preserve of girls, (powdery) pink still has a very feminine connotation and a boudoir spirit …

Perfect for a very “Girl Power” inspired decor!

Interior color trends 2022: Top 9 Ideas To Let You Entertain The Most Trendy Shades With Ease

To be inspired by the color of the moment, we have spotted the most beautiful atmospheres for you on Pinterest where powdery pink, sugar plum, candy, marshmallow, fuchsia, tangy or blush will amaze you.

We tell you, pink persists and signs and especially because it can be associated with any shade. Did you think you saw life in pink? Actually, so have we ever since we took a look at these 100% pink interiors.

Gone are the days of little girls’ bedroom colors 2022, pink is one of the trendiest colors of the moment. The powder pink has notably taken its place in the living room, the bathroom and even the kitchen. From pastel to fuchsia, discover all our ideas and decorating advice to decline pink in your interior.

Pale pink is the new black! This powdery shade from the pastel family, tired of being loved only in little girls’ bedrooms, emancipates itself and takes up residence throughout the house.

Furniture, linens, walls, small decorations, the pale pink decoration exudes its subtle elegance mixed with a touch of poetry. Judge by yourself.

We talked about the return of pink in 2020, its rich palette and its positive aura. We lent it feminine or even childish looks, this ultra soft shade has come a long way since to settle in our interiors and mark a unique style.

In small touches or in total look, pink spices up a living room, illuminates a bathroom and even invites itself into , the dressing room, the hallway and the entrance without any problem.

The gradient harmony is very subtle. The principle consists in declining the same color in different tones (lighter or darker). The effect is very calming.

Harmony in monochrome or by analogy.

On the chromatic circle, your powder pink can be combined with similar colors in tones, having a color in common with it. The closest colors will then be ivory, orange … This harmony slightly invigorates the whole, but too much contrast.

Interior color trends 2022: Top 9 Ideas To Let You Entertain The Most Trendy Shades With Ease
Harmony by contrast. More dynamic, this kind of association is more theatrical because it brings together colors that are ultimately not very close.

To avoid making mistakes, the complementary color (therefore the diametrically opposite color on the chromatic wheel) is a low-risk choice.

Powder pink will therefore go perfectly with verdigris, which is its absolute counterpart. It also goes well with grays, blacks, English greens and amber yellows.

It must be said that it has many strengths that few shades can boast of. Warm, luminous and soothing, it invites itself to the house to bring to our interiors a so chic vegetal touch.

Thanks to its vast chromatic palette ranging from yellow to brown tones, the khaki color also shows impressive adaptability. How to invite him home? Discover everything in the color khaki in  interior color trends 2022, a color that no longer camouflages itself at all!

Mixture of black, blue, yellow and a touch of red, the khaki color frees itself from its military connotation to dress our interiors with great elegance.

Derived from the Hindustani adjective “khāki” whose translation could be “the color of earth” or “the color of dust”, the origin of this term dates back to the middle of the 19th century. In the campaign in India, the British army wear scarlet jackets and white pants, a uniform then very unsuitable.

Interior color trends 2022: Top 9 Ideas To Let You Entertain The Most Trendy Shades With Ease

In 1846 Lieutenant-General Sir Harry Lumsden dyed his uniform with a liquid made from mud and plants. The khaki color was born. In 1884, the British army made it its official color.

If it is not a color strictly speaking, khaki is part of a wide chromatic palette ranging from brownish greens to the most yellow greens through the grayest. If this color with a thousand and one shades remains generally dark, it is nonetheless luminous since it easily captures the light.

Warm, enveloping and soothing, its comforting power makes it a color highly appreciated in large rooms. In the smaller ones, khaki gives a more intimate atmosphere. In fashion, it is more casual, worn by the famous cargo pants with a relaxed style.

And if persimmon is coming in force in our interiors, it is also because it is a direct reference to the plant world. No wonder it easily finds its place at home, driven by our desires for nature and the general craze for houseplants for several seasons.

Color of the year 2022: Complimentary colors

Almost all the colors can be mixed with khaki in Interior color trends 2022  ! The khaki color has the advantage of combining very easily with other shades thanks to its vast chromatic palette.

Associated with charcoal gray or black, a dark khaki will deploy all its elegance and modernism. A perfect choice to pick from bedroom colors 2022

Interior color trends 2022

On the contrary, when it combines with softer tones such as sky blue, cognac beige or old rose, it is enveloping and more soothing. Also, warm tones such as mustard yellow, terracotta or wine red go very well to the complexion for a sophisticated, more chiadé look. Mineral colors are also recommended in Interior color trends 2022

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