Kitchen Design 2022: Best 17 Ideas To Mix Them Up Or Simply Match Up

kitchen design 2022 INTERIOR DESIGN

Kitchen design 2022 ideas, the best modern experiences  of successful kitchens, indluding renovation, DIY, decoration and construction is one of the most awaited post we have prepared for all interior gurus!

And if the kitchen is one of your favorite pieces, you are to the right place to improve it.

Kitchen design 2022

The designer kitchen design 2022  often goes hand in hand with a contemporary interior and furniture with clean lines. How to adopt it at home? We give you some tips for creating a modern kitchen.

Whether cooking, enjoying a cocktail or chatting over coffee, the kitchen design 2022 is the place where you meet with friends, family or companion. Since you spend a good part of your day there, it’s high time to give it a boost.

Kitchen design 2022: 5 tips for creating a modern space

Kitchen ideas 2022: Create an island

To make your kitchen design 2022 more convivial, choose a central island. In mini or XXL version, with or without dining area, the islands provide additional storage space and multiply the worktops.

In addition to being practical, they also bring a contemporary and designer look to your kitchen.

Kitchen design 2022

If your room is open and your kitchen area is large, add a dining area. Ideal for chatting with friends or watching your children’s homework while preparing the meal, the dining area brings a warm and friendly feel.

Choose modern to revamp  the kitchen design 2022

Brushed stainless steel, raw wood, white marble, what are the preferred materials for a modern and contemporary kitchen?

In recent years, wood has returned to the forefront of the decoration scene thanks to the Scandinavian trend.

Combined with black elements for an industrial and elegant touch, with Carrara marble for a Scandinavian look or with brushed stainless steel for an ultra contemporary touch, wood remains the favorite.

Kitchen design 2022

For a modern kitchen, it is essential to think through the smallest detail: favor clean lines, opt for doors with invisible handles and remember to hide your appliances and bins.

Combine the modern with retro accessories in kitchen design 2022

Appliances, stove or glasses, retro or handmade accessories, combine brilliantly with a modern and designer kitchen. In ecru colors or colored shades, in natural materials or in cast iron, these elements bring a delicate touch and a touch of vintage.

To keep a certain harmony, choose pans and saucepans with clean lines, although colorful, and small appliances with simple and rounded lines such as the SMEG toaster and juicer.

Choose them in pastel colors or in ecru colors if you want to keep a harmony of colors. You choose.

Opt for extraordinary lighting

Essential above your island or your dining table, the lamp can be, on its own, the element that will make your kitchen resolutely design and contemporary.

A bouquet of dried flowers hanging above your table, dozens of bulbs surrounded around a black metal element, a Gubi or Artemide pendant light above your island or a standing spot next to your plan of work, the choices are vast.

Kitchen design 2022

With clean lines, neutral colors and a timeless design, your lamp will highlight your kitchen design 2022 while not going unnoticed.

Add your personal touch  with best kitchen decor 2022

To make your kitchen a warm and friendly living space, it is essential to add a personal touch

Large black and white photos hanging on a wall, colorful cushions on your chairs, pink plants, small vintage decorative elements or even small Polaroid photos behind your hobs, it’s up to you to find the little touch that will make your kitchen design 2022 a unique and distinguished .

Kitchen design 2022

Ktchen design 2022: Slow Deco and vegetal trend

Green Kitchen one of kitchen design trends 2022?

Generally associated with hope, green is the symbol of nature. Present from lawns with lush green foliage to vegetables and houseplants, it is the plant color par excellence. Soothing and stimulating, it comes in multiple tones evoking both dynamism and calm and rest.

Restful for the eye and soothing, the color green is part of the current slow movement. It also rhymes with positive and vigor, so it’s not surprising that it is coming back in force in our interiors to bring them its unique energy.

Kitchen design 2022

Originality and freshness

Green is ideal for decorating your kitchen design 2022.

Sparkling and refreshing, it helps create a setting conducive to sharing meals and culinary excitement from which your best dishes will emerge. For an original and charming kitchen, you can adopt the total green look on your kitchen furniture and your walls.

If you want to create a fresh counterpoint to a dull kitchen design 2022, you can also swarm it with more discreet touches. How? ‘Or’ What ? With, for example, a green splashback, wall shelves, green designer appliances …

Whatever your choice, green goes well with neutral tones, whether they are white, gray or black, or even with gold elements.

Kitchen design 2022

How to create an industrial style kitchen design 2022?

Red brick walls, stainless steel worktops and hanging light bulbs, the industrial kitchen has not finished surprising us. How to sublimate it? The experts reveal their best inspirations to you.

Generally open to the living room, the industrial kitchen design 2022 gives off a sublime mix of raw materials and furniture intended for workers.

Functional, spacious and elegant, this style of kitchen can be found in the most beautiful homes and in the most prestigious decoration magazines. Walls, floors, colors, work plan and small decoration, we give you some tips to create an industrial kitchen.

What materials for an industrial kitchen?

To create an industrial-style kitchen, bet everything on wood, steel and stainless steel. On a poured concrete floor, place a wooden kitchen design 2022 with a stainless steel worktop or on the contrary, on an oak parquet floor, place a concrete kitchen with a brushed stainless steel worktop.

It is essential to combine raw materials such as concrete and stainless steel with wood, in order to soften the room and make it warmer and less sanitized.

If your walls are red brick or your interior reveals sublime exposed beams, especially take advantage and use these already existing elements to enhance your kitchen. A raw wall in the center of the room gives it a crazy charm.

Kitchen design 2022

If you want to separate the kitchen space from the rest of the room or if your kitchen is closed, add a glass roof.

Typical of New York loft modern kitchen ideas 2022, the glass roofs offer a beautiful light and bring that industrial touch that can make all the difference.

Are you looking for inspiration to place your glass roof or to create an open kitchen?

What color for an industrial kitchen design 2022?

The industrial kitchen is characterized by white and black tones. These two nuances serve as the basis for creating a kitchen that reflects your personality.

The goal will first be to design a functional kitchen with raw and natural materials. And it is then that colors can be added, in small touches.

To avoid falling into an austere atmosphere, it is important to decorate the room with a few touches of color. If you decide to combine raw materials with wood or leather, you will already bring a more warm and friendly atmosphere.

If you want to stay in an industrial decoration, you can play with shades ranging from black to white through dark gray, greige and off-white, in order to create contrasts and volumes.

Kitchen design 2022

To create a more colorful atmosphere, you can add kitchen decor 2022  of pastel or saturated colors. In a dark room or with few windows, opt for light colors such as water green or light blue that go brilliantly with brushed metal and aluminum, and on the contrary, in a bright room, you can add strong colors like emerald green or burgundy.

In a wooden kitchen with a stainless steel worktop, you can add a sea green shelf or a red metal serving table. Your stools can also have touches of colors such as yellow or blue. All of these elements can be found in flea markets to add a quirky and vintage feel.

What decorative objects for an industrial kitchen?

To create an industrial atmosphere, bet everything on industrial lamps. Bare bulbs, suspended above the island, in sets of threes, or entwined on plumbing pipes or copper pipes.

Pair it with a minimalist clock and an industrial-style mirror. On the heights of the wall, place wooden and iron shelves and store the dishes, enamel and exposed. And for the seats, add steel workshop stools or wooden stools.

Kitchen design 2022

As for the taps, opt for copper, brass or black aluminum, materials linked to industrial aesthetics. Push the concept to the limit by choosing utensils in black metal and wood, or steel.

The marriage of wood and black in kitchen design 2022

This year again, wood remains THE material that appeals to everyone. Even lovers of modernity and design rely on it … and have found it excellent to invite it for a daring result.

One of the most pinned trends on Pinterest is indeed that of the marriage of wood with black. We think, for example, of an all black kitchen with wood elements: accessories, table, chair, shelves and raw wood.

Conversely, you can also use a kitchen with a coating that imitates the naturalness of wood to have a kitchen where the dominant color is light. We will then bring black decorative elements: vase, utensils, bar stools, jars and storage.

Kitchen design 2022
Of course, it is the contrast between the two colors and between the two effects (wood inspires naturalness while black inspires design) that appeals.

Since the kitchen is reborn and must now be taken care of in every nook and cranny, lighting is, in 2022, an element that should not be neglected. Exit the simple chandeliers recessed in the ceiling, as in the dining room, the suspensions fall from the ceiling to reveal their most beautiful shapes.

We think of the sublime golden or rose gold suspensions which give character to a kitchen decorated in black or anthracite gray. In a wooden kitchen design 2022, bohemian pendant lights are welcome to accentuate the chic and cozy country side of the room.

Finally, industrial-style pendant lights are also a must-have for a kitchen that’s right on trend.

Extreme kitchen design 2022: Goodbye to furniture handles

Design lovers know it: uniformity and homogeneity are the key words to decorate a house while respecting the codes of design. The trend is therefore for the kitchen, the new queen room, to be in total harmony with the rest of the house.

Thus, when all our interior is decorated in the design style, we ensure that the kitchen is also in its most beautiful form. Exit natural materials, and light colors. Smooth surfaces, black, charcoal gray and brown are welcome.

Kitchen design 2022

On Pinterest, there are indeed a number of impressive images of pinned designer kitchens. But not just any ! Kitchen design 2022, where design is taken to the extreme are on the rise.

The central island is king

When American cuisine arrived in France, we were happy to see it put emphasis on workspaces. But today, the facts are clear: our kitchens are sorely lacking space to chop up vegetables, put down a cookbook while dealing with other foods on the other side.

That’s why, for convenience, the Work Island is one of the most sought-after trends on most of the websites . If your kitchen design 2022 is spacious enough and if it’s square, the central island is for you!

Kitchen design 2022

More and more kitchens have a sink placed on this central island for the worktops glued to the wall can be used for cooking. The best idea modern kitchen ideas 2022, isn’t it?

Conversely, when the sink remains against the wall, the central island is dedicated to cooking or any other activity that requires a sufficiently large flat surface …

Do you want to refresh your kitchen design 2022 without having to start heavy work?

A little imagination and taste are enough to modernize your kitchen decor without breaking the bank.

Kitchen design 2022

To sum up take notes from kitchen ideas 2022

  • With a few brushstrokes (or spray) you will give your kitchen new colors.
  • Remove your old handles or replace them with others to suit the atmosphere you want to create.
  • Change the look of the worktop with a tinted oil (for a wooden base) or an adhesive.
  • On the same principle you will find something to change the style of the credenza.
  • Bring a little relief and / or depth to your kitchen with wallpaper on the wall. Opt for non-woven or treated wallpaper, since the kitchen design 2022 remains damp.
  • If you place it near a work area, cover it with a sheet of glass to protect it from splashing water, grease or the like.
  • Attach a shelf to the wall and put some pretty green or aromatic plants, two, three books (cooking to stay in the theme) …A mirror could make the room brighter and accentuate the feeling of grandeur.
  • Main (which illuminates the entire room) and functional (which illuminates targeted areas) lighting can be supplemented with decorative lighting. Suspensions would make aperitifs more warm, convivial and romantic dinners. Think about it!
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