Small Kitchen Ideas 2022: Top 17 Ideas To Look Closely and Write A Brand New Story

Small Kitchen Ideas 2022: Top 17 Ideas To Look Closely and Write A Brand New Story 1 INTERIOR DESIGN

Small kitchen ideas 2022 observation is always actual, as It’s not always easy to unite functionality in small spaces, in case if the space is kitchen. Don’t need to panic, here are the best decorating tips to try out every day.

Looking for the new design trends to decorate your room?

Is your small kitchen sorely lacking in space?

Small Kitchen Ideas 2022: Top 17 Ideas To Look Closely and Write A Brand New Story

Don’t panic, well-appointed and functional modern kitchens aren’t just for large, airy spaces. Our redaction prepared for you the best tips to organize and transform your small space into a cute pretty contemporary kitchen?

Let’s observe the best ideas for  small kitchen 2022 and  futuristic  small kitchen trends 2022

Small kitchen 2022: 3 in 1 kitchen utensils for a functional small kitchen

Lack of space in kitchen means the exact choice of accessories and its utensils is not trivial in a small kitchen

The trick is simply to use multifunctional utensils.

We think of everyday utensils which can have many functions, such as the GRUNDVATTNET accessories designed by the most common brand Ikea, which can serve for you as a drainer, colander or storage space at the same time.

Another great option we can offer are retractable colanders, such as models from the Mathon brand, to facilitate storage in the kitchen.

The ultimate trick to save space on a small countertop. Ingenious, isn’t it?

small kitchen trends 2022

The space must be optimized to the maximum if you want to organize a small but functional kitchen. Based on the proportions you have in your living room, you may or may not have a real worktop, a bar or even a kitchen table with a few chairs.

In case if however, your kitchen is far too small, consider modular furniture such as a small folding table (with an extension in case of guests), folding chairs or stools that you can easily stack or even a folding wall shelf for your little one. lunch.

With these decorating small kitchen trends 2022  you will keep a nice airy kitchen.

small kitchen trends 2022

Functional high storage for your small kitchen

If your small kitchen is sorely lacking in space, just one watchword: tidy up! So yes, from the cupboards to the shelves, we will have quickly made the tour, but the space in height is often forgotten.

Shelves, bookcases, storage spaces, do not hesitate to use the ceiling height to the maximum to rearrange your room into a functional kitchen.

The trick is to keep your everyday items close at hand and store rarely used products and special occasion crockery high up. A perfect tip for not overloading your cupboards and keeping a kitchen organized.

small kitchen trends 2022

Small kitchen ideas 2022: Wall tips for your kitchen utilities

In case of small kitchens, saving space plays a trivial role . Under tall cupboards, above the sink or at worktop level, use the wall space to hang your utensils, pots, rags or dry your dishes.

We think for example of the thin metal bars to be fixed to top of the wall.

It is not only a nice discreet accessory to add an extra touch to your decor, but you can easily slip a few hooks into it to hang your wooden spoons, graters or colanders with care. The obtained result will remain modern and functional.

Small kitchen ideas 2022: Wall tips for your kitchen utilities

A decorative table for an even more practical kitchen

The splashback in the kitchen helps prevent dirt on the wall but is above all aesthetic you can have.

So if you want a small functional kitchen, cover it with a magnetic slate paint or attach a felt-tip board to it. It can be a shopping list, little sweet words, decoration, daily reminders, cooking recipes: it’s a nice way to occupy this small space with originality and this tip especially allows you to free up space on your work plan. We validate!

Small Kitchen Ideas 2022: Top 17 Ideas To Look Closely and Write A Brand New Story

A modular work plan in a small kitchen

It’s not always easy to show your talents as a starred chef in a small kitchen. However, it is not impossible … If you dream of having a spacious worktop where you will have the leisure to display your different ingredients without risking everything to fall, we may have the solution.

Bet on a modular worktop, which can for example extend, slide incognito like a drawer or unfold.

You will thus go from a small work plan to a perfect space to concoct your best recipes. All in a few seconds and without having to break down the walls!

Small Kitchen Ideas 2022: Top 17 Ideas To Look Closely and Write A Brand New Story

Small kitchen design 2022: The decor tip for storing your spices

So yes the space leaves something to be desired in your small kitchen, but this is not a real reason to skimp on the decoration and the functionality of the room. The walls of aromatic plants a spices, nd many ingredients which definitely flavor your dishes with delight, are not reserved for large fitted kitchens.

So the small kitchen ideas 2022, all you need is to bet on a pretty shelf attached to the wall , maybe placed on the end of a window.

Easily Garnish with cookie jars, retro candy jars or updated bottles to create a personalized spicy space. You will keep everything close at hand, and even outside of meals, your kitchen will have a gourmet scent.

Small Kitchen Ideas 2022: Top 17 Ideas To Look Closely and Write A Brand New Story

Small kitchen 2022: Place in well-being

The pleasant feeling of calmness at kitchen is not confined only to the living room or the great outdoors.

Ideas for arranging a small kitchen according to the available space. When space is small and … you just don’t realize it!

A new kitchen to be fitted out in a very small space is a discovery and (we know) also a big responsibility. It can seem inevitable that you’ll struggle with a kitchen for small spaces where it seems like space and creative solutions cannot be never realized .

From now on, no more discomfort! A small kitchen with appliances can become the centerpiece of the home and can have charm and style, and to be in harmony with the rest of the space.

Let’s see the small kitchen ideas 2022 for minimalist and small kitchens that can easily meet your requirements, to be designed with taste and with a touch of your personality!

Small kitchen design 2022: Small kitchen with wall unit

Modular kitchen as the best choice for small kitchen design 2022

Entering a new home for the first time and deciding where to put the kitchen is very difficult, especially if the space to host it is not optimal or is very limited.

Modular kitchens for small spaces have one great feature: they should be designed to your liking, and not with standard solutions, so that they are truly functional. You can ask How? ‘Or’ What ?

For example, in case if the kitchen table is not a priority and you want to let the room breathe, opting for a retractable model to use only when needed is a great solution. With BoxLife, many ideas are possible to realize a small linear shaped kitchen: large cabinets can accommodate an entire composition with retractable table, including appliances or even a laundry area with washing machine and dryer! That’s really good idea from  small kitchen trends 2022.

Modular kitchen as the best choice for small kitchen design 2022

If, on the other hand, the kitchen is projected in the corner of the living space, it is possible to create a multifaceted composition,which will be full of movement of separate elements to be moved around the room as needed.

Diesel Social Kitchen is the ideal answer for young contemporary kitchens , which allowthe best practical use of space and transform it.

Versatile furniture pieces such as trolleys, stools and storage easily offer space even where there is little, in an extremely personalized management of the entire functional area for constantly evolving user-friendliness!

Modern kitchen design 2022: L or U shaped kitchen

The open space may not yet have established itself in the furniture sector, but it remains the undisputed protagonist of modern kitchens for small spaces. So here it is!

If the living space is small, an L or U-shaped composition can offer you to take advantage of every nook and cranny. Indeed, the 2 or 3 available walls are exploited while the unfinished parts can accommodate shelves, open elements or others which integrate the functions of the kitchen and extend the gaze towards the living room or the dining room.

small kitchen ideas 2022

Small kitchen design 2022: Small kitchen with wall unit

What if the kitchen, small on two sides gave us way to the entrance? Try this one of our   small kitchen trends 2022

In this case, it is possible to choose between a linear or corner solution, without the wall units in the passage area. The light look and the separation of the zones are guaranteed. Take a look at trending light ideas 2022.

When the room offers only one wall to equip, both for the kitchen and the living room, linear solutions become a building game. Modern kitchens for small spaces organized to harmonize the living space in a unique composition are beautiful to look at and incredibly functional.

Small kitchen design 2022: Small kitchen with wall unit

They are handy for watching the kids playing in the living room while you cook, for calling the family members when you’re done preparing the dinner , and for watching an episode of your favorite soap opera while preparing the menus for the week.

You have no limits, youb have only to choose stylistic features that reflect the style of the people living in the house.

Small kitchen ideas 2022 to pay attention to tetris mode

We suggest that you pay great attention to detail: basically from the color of the plinth to the finishes of the doors and shelves, which should get used by you in your days without ever getting bored.

The way is therefore clear for configurations with peninsulas that serve as a table – like this proposal for the Family model – or on two sides – as the Tetris model offers – with shiny glass doors and shades of gray with a strong visual effect. which guarantee the luminosity even with a supporting column which interrupts the continuity of the furnishings.

Small kitchen ideas 2022 to pay attention to tetris mode

Small kitchen ideas 2022: from the future for smart cooking.

Is there anyone Who has never needed a helping hand in the kitchen?

After all, if even the super Wanda from the hilarious WandaVision series needs help to have in the kitchen, whatever we have is to take precautions and use technology to make savoury, easy-to-make treats. Here are 6 ideas for a 2021 technological kitchen where you can experience conviviality in a smart way.

Be careful, you will not be able to do without it!

small kitchen trends 2022

One of the choices for the kitchens of the future that we will not be able to give up quickly is the convenience of hanging appliances, utensils, a roll holder and spice racks in the same place and without drilling the walls, so as to hide cables and connections behind a very rational multifunctional bar.

All this is once a real thanks to Dandy Plus: the “Task-Bar” under cabinet high accommodates electrical cables, hooks for utensils and shelves for objects, thus associating novelty with functionality.

Small kitchen trends 2022: Multi-Tasking Technology

A solution also available for the bathroom which will greatly facilitate the design of your layout!

Small kitchen 2022: Smart Furniture

Technological furniture  made for intelligent zone management is born from the mix of technology and imagination. The “Switch” cabinets are designed to contain large and small appliances, inserted in furniture of minimalist and exquisite style.

It is possible to insert up to 4 large device, in addition to a very sensible sliding Countertop .

To install small appliances and manage them in the smartest way possible even small spaces, the “MIA by Carlo Cracco” display cabinets are the ideal furnishing solution: made with high-end materials featured with the elegant steel front and clear or a fume glass revealing the interior. What makes them special are the connections for genoiusly hidden utensils: goodbye to cluttered countertops!

Small kitchen 2022: Smart Furniture

The second case of covered utelnsils , indispensable in all the most innovative kitchens, is the pull-out counter: even if it is a retractable table, as in the Boxlife kitchens, or the practical cutting board in the “MIA” kitchen, hidden under the countetop in addition to the cutting area.

small kitchen ideas 2022

The second cutting board has a waste hole and a professional knife holder. These key can also be mixes with the Utility system to increase the support surfaces and experience the kitchen with ease, also for people in wheelchairs or simply sitting down.

To open and close the niches, it is possible to choose motorized solutions that simplify functions in the kitchen and the rest of the house.

With easy movements, doors and drawers open and close easily, transforming BoxLife’s versatile spaces in the blink of an eye: wardrobes, beds and furniture can be changed thanks to an ingenious automated mechanism.

In the sleeping area, the double, single and rubbish beds – with motorized or phisical opening – grant pleasant touches and the wardrobes are highlighted by an interior lighting system which makes powerful atmospheres.

small kitchen ideas 2022

Selfmotion functionality

To easily reach the high levels, the “Selfmotion” system allows essential practicality with it’s to the motorized descent of the pieces of wall units: during movement, the bars of each basket guarantee maximum stability to the contents.

A unique way to always have anything under control!

In our home , magic is useless if there are no device that make it easy to prepare meals.

You want illustration ? With Dandy Plus, the “Extra” series wireless charger can be recessed inside the worktop, leaving cables and outlets hidden in the cabinet, but still available to charge no cable devices with zero use of any any cables. manual chargers.

Small Kitchen Ideas 2022: Top 17 Ideas To Look Closely and Write A Brand New Story

The latest generation retractable hoods can be built into the worktop in order to work closer to the cooking zone. And what about the surprising practicality of wi-fi managed device?

Ovens, dishwashers, washing machines and more are controlled via a smartphone or tablet for home mechanization always at your fingertips! Occasionally the best practical and functional kitchen can be recognized by invisible details!

Secrets stolen from professional kitchens are always very attractive, especially if they meet previously insurmountable requirements, such as the need to keep many platter warm at the same time.

Small Kitchen Ideas 2022: Top 17 Ideas To Look Closely and Write A Brand New Story

The dish warmer lamp is now within reach of domestic kitchens, an essential innovative kitchen machinary: this lamp available with “MIA” kitchens can be installed on the ceiling or on the wall with the Line System woodwork system.

And for lovers of the best wine, home cellars guarantee the right storage temperature on each floor. They can be visible or hidden, as in the case of solutions enclosed in “Switch” cabinets.

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