Modern Curtains 2022: Best 9 Ideas To Dress Up The Window With Style

Modern Curtains 2022 BEDROOM

Modern curtains 2022 no matter plain or patterned, simple sheer or blackout, are dressing  windows with style. From now on, we multiply them with double (or triple!) Rods, we mismatch them …

There is something for everyone. What does the modern curtains 2022 matter, as long as it is beautiful!

Modern Curtains 2022

The curtains no longer evoke only the lace curtains installed on the windows to hide from the view of neighbors without obscuring the daylight, they are now decorative accessories that stick to trends.

Whether they are plain, patterned, in sober or multicolored shades, whether in linen, cotton or velvet, modern curtains 2022  are essential for perfecting the layout of the house.

For a harmonious decoration, we choose them to match our furniture and the style of our interior. By opting for home-made or tailor-made, by making a choosing curtains 2022  from a fabric, it can also be used on cushions, in small touches.

Modern curtains 2022  in decoration

Curtains help to create a more intimate atmosphere or add warmth to the room. In a bedroom, we opt for light curtains which will let in the daylight or on the contrary for thick blackout curtains which will preserve sleep and the confined atmosphere of a cozy bedroom.

In the kitchen, curtains are scarce but they are replaced by blinds, easier to maintain.

The living room and the living room are the rooms where we find more and more curtains intended to assert its decorative style: in linen for a chic and relaxed atmosphere, in velvet for a romantic atmosphere, in printed cotton for more modernity.

What are the modern curtains 2022 ?

The trend is for double or triple rods, which make it possible to take advantage of both a discreet sheer curtain that filters too much light and preserves your privacy without obscuring the room, but also decorative curtains with exuberant patterns, which add a a touch of color or originality to your interior, all while closing only one curtain at a time, or both …

Modern Curtains 2022

When it is not possible to personalize your decoration with paintings, frames and furniture – when you are a tenant, for example – curtains are one of the first ways to appropriate the space and create a decoration in our image.

How to choose your kitchen modern curtains 2022?

In the kitchen, curtains protect both prying eyes and decorate the room. However, unlike other pieces, their choice is not to be taken lightly. We explain how to choose your kitchen curtains.

Whether it is to protect your kitchen activities from prying eyes, to reduce too much light or to bring a decorative touch to the room, curtains find their place perfectly in the kitchen, this room filled with odors, sometimes stubborn.

It is therefore better to choose curtains that are easily machine washable, for example, and avoid too fragile materials.

Modern Curtains 2022

The right solution is also to opt for washable roller blinds, which can be cleaned with a simple wipe of the sponge.

We can also choose window screens, which cover only the lower half or two thirds of the window: smaller, they can be machine-washed more often and are suitable for windows installed above a sink or a plate. cooking.

To choose your kitchen curtains without making mistakes, here are our tips.

Lightweight, easy-to-wash kitchen 2022 window treatment trends

In the kitchen, we mainly look for practical decorative accessories. To avoid bad odors permeating the fabrics, choose curtains that are not too thick, made of a fabric light enough to be often unhooked and washed.

Modern Curtains 2022

Of course, we opt for a material that is not very fragile and goes through the machine. We do not hesitate to fall for designer curtains. And if you have a bay window in the kitchen, the sheer curtain has the advantage of obscuring the view without cutting the light and of dressing the room with a your choice among  modern curtains 2022.

If the desired effect is a privacy screen, the blackout roller blind is your ally. Indeed, it has the virtue of sheltering you from view at nightfall when the light is on inside, while getting up easily during the day when you want to enjoy the sun.

Often made of PVC, wood or metal, it is easily dusted and degreased and retains less odors than its fabric counterparts. It is therefore very much appreciated in the kitchen.

Modern Curtains 2022

While it is necessary to protect yourself from prying eyes after dark, you do not want to eliminate all light in a kitchen. And as long as the window is placed over your sink, it is difficult to install modern curtains 2022 .

The right compromise: blinds, which you can adjust and orient according to the daylight and what you want – or not – to let in. They are chosen in PVC, in a color matching the decoration of the kitchen, to clean them with a damp cloth.

Curtain ideas 2022: A decorative fabric blind for the kitchen

Both blackout and truly elegant, the fabric blind is perfect for dressing your kitchen windows. Perfectly adapted to the size of the openings, it does not drag on the floor and, if it is raised, will absorb less odors.

Once lowered, it filters the light and hides you from prying eyes. They come in multiple shades and multiple sizes, to perfectly match your kitchen windows.

curtain ideas 2022

Sheer modern curtains 2022: Most  trendy models to enhance your windows!

A final touch to the decoration of a room, the curtains lightly dress the windows. Here are the best  models of trendy curtains to subtly protect yourself from vis-à-vis and filter light gently.

Fine, light, trendy, the sheer curtains subtly adorns the windows and bay windows. If in winter, the heavy curtains which keep the rooms warm and preserve privacy are very popular for covering the openings of the house, in summer it is the turn of the curtains to replace them brilliantly.

These modern curtains 2022, as light as they are transparent, embody the ultimate decorative touch of an interior with a neat look. They dress without overdoing it. A must !

curtain ideas 2022

Which sheer curtain to choose for your living room?

If there is one room in the house where sheer curtains have its place, it is the living room. In this living room, its subtle presence decorates the windows with charm. It filters the light, which is often too strong in summer, and gently protects against visitors.

Like classic curtains to make the right choice of  sheer modern curtains 2022 , you will necessarily have to take the measurements of the openings, height and width included, and give the look of the curtains to the textiles already in the room.

The curtains must be in total harmony with the room they dress.

curtain ideas 2022

A real decorative element, the sheer curtain can be installed on its own, or in combination with thick curtains to give the room a little more rhythm.

Also before choosing your sheer, you will have to know if you want to add a sheer in addition to your curtains to your windows or just simple light curtains.

Because there is a large choice of materials for the curtain ideas 2022 (cotton, organza, linen …) but also a wide choice of colors and patterns offered by the essential brands of decoration.

The main thing will be to choose the right model and not to overload the windows with thickness and different juxtaposition of materials.

curtain ideas

Modern curtains 2022 for the living room: our trendy selection

Plain or patterned, light or blackout, in linen or cotton, an overview of the most beautiful curtains of the moment to adopt to perfect the atmosphere of the living room.

Exemplary practicality, the curtains for the living room cover the windows and allow you to hide from the view of neighbors without obscuring the daylight. Obviously, these are not their only strengths.

Living room modern curtains 2022: decorative assets

A final touch to the living room decoration, the curtains nicely punctuate the atmosphere without ever disregarding their primary utility. Blackout, sifting or filtering, each type of modern curtains 2022  has a very specific utility depending on the material used.

modern curtains 2022

In cotton, wool, linen or velvet, the living room modern curtains 2022 deploy an almost infinite range of possibilities, allowing everyone to assert their stylistic tastes according to the chosen motif. In addition to warming the living room significantly, these simple pieces of fabric infuse unparalleled character and personality when they enter a room.

On the look side, the modern curtains 2022 for the living room are obviously based on the novelties that set the tone during the Paris Déco show.

Graphic, floral or Art Deco prints, deep blue, earthy shades or gray living room curtain design 2022, fluffy materials or light linens, living room curtain trends are as eclectic as they are desirable.

Inexpensive living room curtains or tailor-made living room curtains signed by renowned houses, each publisher practices revisiting this fabric with a unique taste to deliver creations that match your interiors.

modern curtains 2022

Most beautiful modern curtains 2022  for a child’s room

Blackout or light, patterned or plain, thermal or sound insulation, focus on  these pairs of curtain design 2022 suitable for a child’s room.

A real finishing touch to the decoration of a child’s room, the curtains nicely punctuate the atmosphere without ever disregarding their primary utility.

The different modern curtains 2022 for the child’s room

Blackout, sifting or transparent, each type of curtain has a very specific utility depending on the material used.

Composed of a polyester side and another acrylic coating, the blackout curtain completely plunges the room in the dark and thus becomes an ideal ally for the moment of the afternoon nap. In wool or thick cotton, the darkening or sifting curtain darkens the room with subtlety.

modern curtains 2022

Finally, the transparent curtain in linen or light cotton (or the sheer curtain for a child’s room) lets the sun’s rays filter out during the day. The perfect combo in a child’s room is when these three distinct designs come together, each suitable for different times of the day.

Insulating curtain ideas 2022 for the child’s room

Although decorative, the curtain can be a great insulator. Particularly recommended when the windows of the child’s room are aging or when they are not equipped with double glazing, the thermal insulating modern curtains 2022 are adorned with a lining capable of countering the cold in winter and of reflecting the sun’s rays. in summer.

While the soundproofing curtain acts as a shield and significantly reduces noise pollution from outside. These accessories are more than perfect to guarantee a cozy cocoon for your toddler.

modern curtains 2022

What to  look for children’s modern curtains 2022?

On the look side, children’s curtains obviously match the rest of the decor and turn out to be just as trendy as rugs and other bed sets.

Playful to awaken or poetic to inspire dreams, we use patterned coverings to brighten up: baby room curtains with animals, flowers or colorful geometric shapes.

For those who adhere to timeless sobriety, it makes more sense to set your sights on plain curtains just stitched with a few discreet edging.

What modern curtains 2022 to choose material for a cozy room?

If you want to bring a cozy effect to rooms facing north, it is better to favor so-called heavy fabrics which also have insulating properties.

The preferred materials will be: velvet, jacquard fabrics and blackout fabrics. In addition to the plush side it gives to a room, velvet is a thick fabric that helps block out light but also insulate drafts and noise, just like jacquard or twill.

If heavy fabrics are used for making curtain design 2022, they will also prove to be very effective in insulating a poorly sealed front door.

modern curtains 2022

What about blackout curtains?

Blackout fabrics are light and thermal barriers that also provide sound insulation.

Even if these last two properties remain modest, they are nevertheless noticeable. In the form of ready-to-fashion fabrics or of lining to reinforce a classic fabric, the blackout fabric must overflow in width and in height to make you benefit from all its qualities.

Blackout curtains are particularly recommended for dressing the windows of a bedroom. They allow you to maintain privacy and sleep in total darkness.

modern curtains 2022

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