Flooring trends 2022: Top 8 Most Practical Ideas To Choose From

flooring trends 2022 BATHROOM

Flooring trends 2022 and everything concerning the floor deco are  the most actual point in the industrial and residential places. While moderating your flooring is typically seen as an expensive project, it doesn’t have to be.

flooring trends 2022
According to a survey conducted by LightStream, SunTrust Bank’s online lending subsidiary, more than 30% of homeowners said that flooring as the feature they detest the most about their homes.

And, with 73% of homes planning some form of improvement project, it’s safe to assume that new floors will be at the top of many homeowners’ to-do lists.

Also have a look on wallpaper trends 2022.

Investing in new flooring is a wise decision. But, more crucially, technology has the potential to drastically alter the look and feel of a home while also making it safer and more functional.

Do you dream of a change in your interior? Inspirations, decorating ideas and practical advice on flooring. Discover all our flooring trends 2022 for choosing the right flooring and our decorating ideas.

Tiles, parquet, cement tiles, carpet, concrete, we deliver all the trends for each room of the house.

flooring trends 2022

Original, modern and functional, the marriage between parquet and tiling works wonders. In the kitchen or the bathroom, here are our flooring trends 2022 for combining these floor coverings everywhere in the house.

Your heart swings between tiles and parquet? Why choose?

These ultimate flooring trends 2022 are  for the impactful association between the refinement of wood and the infallible modernity of mineral coatings.

Ideal in a humid room, in transit or simply to meet your desires for a mix and match, the marriage between two types of floors has many advantages.

flooring trends 2022

The decompartmentalization of rooms is on the rise in our interiors. If the kitchen open to the living room or the bathroom located in the bedroom can save square meters (real or visual), these types of development nevertheless require contrasting and well thought out boundaries.

This is where the marriage of soils comes into play in flooring trends 2022.

Easier to maintain than parquet, tiling, cement tiles or even terrazzo naturally find their place near stoves and water points. Rather than focusing on a single type of floor, the mixture of coverings first marks a separation between the different spaces without partitioning, then combines reality and the desire for flooring trends 2022.

Also, in a passageway such as an entrance or a hallway, a tiled “carpet” helps to preserve the parquet, the fragility of which is no longer to be demonstrated while playing the card of singularity.

Finally, integrating a tiled section in the middle of a wood floors 2022   offers the possibility of accentuating the presence of an element from flooring trends 2022 it can ditinguish a bathtub, a sink or a fireplace.

To join parquet and tiles, several solutions are necessary. The first is the threshold bar. Classic but incredibly efficient, it can be dressed in wood, metal, brass or plastic and easily matches up in every room of the house.

The second is to create a step to physically delimit the spaces. The last is a more elaborate transition where the tiles encroach on the parquet in a random fashion.

flooring trends 2022

Hexagonal tiles, mosaics and zelliges allow, by their straightforward shapes, highly original cuts are in ease among flooring trends 2022.

On the color side, the floors allow for any fantasy: colored cement tiles and honey parquet, continuous monochrome between ebony wood and black tiles, a contrasting combination of patterns and more subtle areas.

Tiles, parquet, laminate, PVC vinyl, carpet …

The best of  flooring trends 2022 are  the central element when it comes to decorating your interior. Follow all of our advice to choose the coating (s) suited to your needs and desires.

flooring trends 2022

The different types of floor coverings

From the kitchen to the bathroom, including the living room, tiling can be found in most rooms of your home. This coating offers many possibilities for your decoration with a multitude of materials, colors and shapes at your disposal.

Do you like different models and can’t make up your mind? Do not settle for just one tile and play on the association of several to energize your interior.

Stained concrete

According to DiClerico, basing on the best flooring trends 2022, the  stained concrete works best in homes that “lean modern, industrial, or midcentury” and have a “clean, minimalist architectural scheme.” Hand mixing, pouring, and polishing of concrete is common.

flooring trends 2022

The parquet brings character in flooring trends 2022

Installing parquet brings character to your room while giving it a warm atmosphere. You have the choice between many varieties of gasoline as well as a wide range of colors to create an interior that looks like you: traditional, contemporary, cozy …

Bleached effect for a soft atmosphere or on the contrary, dark appearance for a modern effect, choose the parquet that matches your decoration.

flooring trends 2022

For a decorative interior, dare to combine several coverings on the same floor.

Aesthetic, this technique also allows you to structure and delimit spaces without partitioning them. On the same principle, play with color contrasts to bring dynamism to your room.

Laminate flooring 2022: Always in vogue

Suitable for all interiors, laminate imitates species of wood floors 2022  both visually and in terms of touch since it also reproduces its grain of flooring trends 2022

In addition, it is available in many colors and sizes to suit every atmosphere: modern style with dark tones and wide slats or the Scandinavian trend thanks to light shades and an aged bleached appearance.

flooring trends 2022

PVC vinyl- the chameleon of flooring

Like a true chameleon of floor coverings, PVC vinyl perfectly imitates all kinds of materials: wood, stone, concrete … Opting for a PVC vinyl floor, this is how you can adopt the style you want.

Water resistant, this coating is compatible with all of your rooms and particularly with wet rooms such as the kitchen or the bathroom.

Designer Sarah Barnard explains, “What’s ancient is new and new again.” Terrazzo flooring is also becoming more fashionable.

Stone fragments, shattered glass, shells, and other organic elements are embedded in concrete and polished till smooth to create terrazzo. She describes it as “large-format flooring in midcentury contemporary buildings,” as well as an environmentally friendly material.

flooring trends 2022

Natural wood flooring are growing increasingly popular as homeowners become more environmentally conscientious, according to Barnard.

Natural wood floors certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, which sets standards for responsible forest management, and floors coated with nontoxic wax or oil are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners.

Nontoxic coatings help to cleaner indoor air and a healthier family, according to Barnard.

A home can benefit greatly from new flooring. They have the ability to brighten even the darkest of rooms and are almost certain to increase the value of your home. Installing new floors is viewed by most homeowners as a major renovation project with a correspondingly large price tag.

However, installing new flooring does not have to mean raiding your inspiration.

flooring trends 2022

For a relatively small sum of money, you may have a significant impact on the design and value of your home. How? You must think outside the box (and standardly expensive).

Instead, choose a flooring option that is just as appealing—but without all the zeros.

For a long time, specific paints for the floor were reserved for the garage. Now, they are coming into our interiors to give the floors a makeover with a wide range of colors available.

Painting a floor is not only to renovate it but also to change its interior decoration inexpensively and in the blink of an eye.

Indeed, depending on whether your floor is concrete, old parquet or tiled, a few hours are enough to personalize it and, at the same time, give a new atmosphere to the room in which it is located.

flooring trends 2022

If the painting technique is more or less identical for each floor, the preparation of each is different and must in no case be neglected at the risk of not obtaining the desired result. It is this which determines the success of the final project.

Even if painted, a concrete floor will retain its industrial feel, as will the tiled floor its graphic design, while a painted parquet will be much more modern. Painting a floor isn’t just for DIY experts.

Beginners can practice this too. In this file, you will find all the advice to follow, the tools to use and the right actions to adopt to paint a floor and thus obtain an irreproachable and lasting aesthetic result.

Add the character according the flooring trends 2022

Trendy and design, the relief tiling invites itself in all the rooms of the house. On a bathroom wall, in the bedroom as a headboard or in the living room to warm up the atmosphere, this relief tile has more than one advantage!

By relying on innovative manufacturing processes, this coating offers a different look.

flooring trends 2022

Depending on the light, he also creates inspiring visual games. In a natural version with plant and stone decorations or in a graphic version with diamonds and lines, relief tiling offers many variations. Browse a selection of decorative models for a wall like no other.

Tiling that changes from the ordinary

In a kitchen, a bathroom, but also any other room in the house where it is installed, tiling is desecrated to open up the field of possibilities and bring a new perspective on the world of tile coverings.

Instead of being satisfied with an expected result, theflooring trends 2022 desire is more and more great to surprise with an offset tiling.

Through the same model on the floor and on the walls, a high installation, nuanced patterns for a graphic rendering or hexagonal tiles laid irregularly, the decoration is personalized and unlike any other. The solutions multiply ad infinitum to meet all flooring trends 2022.

flooring trends 2022

It warms up our interior, brightens up a room and decorates your living room: the carpet has definitely everything in the house. It is the decorative accessory we need! The proof in flooring trends 2022.

Whether Berber style, woolen, patterned, plain or round, the living room rug brings warmth and friendliness to all homes. Often placed in front of the sofa or under the coffee table, it can also be used to delimit spaces. It is the ideal decorative asset to highlight your furniture or inject a touch of originality into a room.

Easily interchangeable, it allows us to quickly give a new style to our interior without having to revamp the whole room. The living room rug is also perfect for concealing an old-fashioned floor or enhancing a parquet in flooring trends 2022.

flooring trends 2022

Besides its look, the size of the rug should match the size of the room. In open or very large spaces, we will dare the XXL version. A bit cold tiling? You can cover the whole room for a carpet effect, easier to install.

A long and narrow model will be perfect to emphasize a sofa and bring perspective. In a studio, it will be able to accommodate all the furniture in order to delimit the lounge area. Remember that under a table or sofa, the rug should extend at least two or three inches.

If you fancy a bohemian living room, bet on the kilim rug or the Persian rug. Brought back from travels or bought from dedicated e-shops, these rugs invite you to travel and escape while being part of movements as broad as the kinfolk style or the oriental style.

This type of carpet is generally intended to be cozy to announce a more cocooning atmosphere say the designers about the best flooring trends 2022 .

flooring trends 2022

If you want to create a minimalist, monochrome or multicolored living room decoration, you will have to prefer a cotton or polypropylene rug that will energize the room in a graphic or completely arty style. The wool rug will provide comfort and elegance to a living room that will seek to be warm at all costs.

Finally, do not forget to take into account when choosing your living room rug, the importance of its maintenance and inevitably its material.

If the material of the carpet must be taken into account, it is because the room where it will find its place is one of the most frequented rooms in the house on a daily basis, it is a real living room, hence the need to choose a carpet that will have a long lifespan, and therefore resistance!

flooring trends 2022

Generally cheaper but less comfortable, synthetic rugs appear to be preferable for a busy room like the living room, as they are easier to maintain and will withstand minor accidents of everyday life better. A real asset therefore for a large family.

Natural materials such as wool, leather or materials derived from plants will require more careful maintenance. So to think about before starting!

The location of a living room carpet

In addition to the style and material of the living room rug, you will have to choose this decorative element according to its role, namely: do you use it to make the room more warm or to structure the room in order to delimit each corner, or invest- you in several rugs to emphasize the size of the room?

The rule would be that the rug is arranged lightly under a piece of furniture, such as a sofa, a sideboard or under a coffee table.

The installation of waxed concrete on the floor requires that the floor already has a certain coating, whether it is concrete, tiles or cement (this is therefore not possible with a dirt floor). In addition, this surface must be smooth, fill in the smallest cracks if necessary.

flooring trends 2022

Several steps are necessary to obtain a correct waxed concrete surface. First of all, so that the edges of the concrete set are well defined, it is necessary to make a formwork.

The latter, made of wooden planks, prevents the fluid mixture of concrete from spreading in disparate ways. Then, before pouring the waxed concrete, a layer of glue must be applied in order to better fix the concrete to the ground. So big choice to pick up your one from popular flooring options 2022.

In a bathroom, it is welcome to apply a layer of varnish or wax (specially intended for this purpose) on the waxed concrete in order to protect it from limestone.

To avoid any risk of slipping, adding slatted slabs is very useful. Indeed, waxed concrete, especially smooth concrete, is very slippery; therefore prefer washed concrete for your floor.

The choice of the color of waxed concrete is important in a living room such as the kitchen. Indeed, the waxed concrete, because of its pigment, requires a strong lighting to reveal all its brilliance; white is highly recommended.

No need to worry about maintenance: waxed concrete is an easy to clean material and one of the most used in flooring trends 2022.

flooring trends 2022

Staircase from waxed concrete in flooring trends 2022

Do not hesitate to put waxed concrete on your staircase, with its marbled and satin appearance, it will give it an incomparable cachet.

The only problem concerns the installation, which requires a professional in order to obtain a precise and clean result (the installation on the edges of the steps is a delicate operation).

Once again, waxed concrete is also appreciable on the stairs because it is easy to clean.

flooring trends 2022

It is also possible to lay tiles directly with cement on a fresh screed. This faster technique allows two operations to be carried out at the same time: making the screed and laying the tiles. However, as it is more complex to implement, it is mainly practiced by professionals.

We do not recommend choosing a white tile that will be too messy indoors and too dazzling outdoors. For the exterior, care must be taken to use non-freezing and slightly rough tiles so that it does not become slippery in rainy weather.

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