Garden Design Trends 2024: Best 11 Ways To Welcome Nature In A Mix Of Organic Forms And Tactile Materials

Garden design trends 2022 INTERIOR DESIGN

Garden design trends 2024 will push you to be original with innovative materials and tangy colors. Treat yourself to a one-of-a-kind terrace, in harmony with your tastes, full of charm and modernity!

We see it every year that garden furniture is perhaps the biggest trend among those of 2024 In the summer we naturally prefer to stay outside as much as possible. So now is the time to invest in good outdoor furniture, comfortable chairs and a large table to enjoy a delicious dinner with the whole family when the weather permits.

Create an outdoor lounge will be essential this year! Make your patio an open-air oasis of comfort. When choosing materials, make sure they are suitable for outdoor use and therefore weatherproof.

Garden design trends 2024


Simply choose additional seating by opting for stackable chairs. They will not require a lot of storage space, and will allow you to accommodate all your loved ones. Another very nice trend: the round table for more conviviality. So you can see all your guests during dinner.

Natural materials use for the best garden design trends 2024

Sustainability and green have never been such important topics as they are today. You can see it in the way the gardens are laid out, but especially in the choice of materials. Rough wood, bamboo, rattan and stone have never been so popular.

By the way, in this garden trend, in addition to the arrangement and choice of materials, attention is also paid to the use of color. Natural shades such as terracotta and beige are now finding their way into the outdoors.

Good to know: did you know that bamboo is very sustainable? Bamboo has a growth cycle of around four to 5 years.

This allows for an annual harvest. In addition, this material is recyclable and also very resistant. It is also very flexible: ideal for the manufacture of furniture such as bamboo tableware for example.

Garden design trends 2024

Plants and flowers have always been essential to create a beautiful terrace. Among the garden design trends 2024, we want to have a real connection with nature. Depending on the climate, do not hesitate to decorate your terrace and garden with beautiful shrubs. We think in particular of orange trees, lemon trees and olive trees which will bring a touch of color to the best garden design trends 2024.

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Climbing plants are also very beautiful and can decorate your patio structure. Our favorite: wisteria. These purple flowers will bring freshness to your exterior. Climbing roses will also perfect your outdoor decoration.

Good to know: When placing your plants in your garden, take into account the number of hours of sun and shade. Some plants do very well in shade, while others need several hours of sunlight per day.

Fortunately, boho is obviously one of the garden design trends 2024 for the coming season. A style that is mostly reminiscent of sunny Ibiza and which can also bring a relaxed and chic atmosphere to your garden.

With the bohemian garden design trends 2024, opt for natural materials, offer many accessories with fringes and stay in a palette of light and neutral colors with beige and white undertones. The volumes are also important. You can decorate your terrace with giant, very comfortable floor cushions.


outdoor decor trends 2024

Lighting is also very important to give a bohemian spirit. The trend of lanterns and string lights will be superb to bring a warm atmosphere to your outdoors.

Good to know: Terracotta also works great in combination with the natural bohemian style. For example, arrange different sized terracotta pots with plants in one corner. Place a few pots on elevations and others just on the ground. Play with the height difference to get the most use from garden design trends 2024.

Invest in a brazier so that you can enjoy endless summer evenings with your friends or family.

After the barbecue, you’ll find yourself in front of the campfire! And it doesn’t even require a lot of equipment. Gather around your outdoor fireplace or your brazier, in addition to this friendly spirit, a real campfire atmosphere will invade your terrace and garden.

For an even more romantic atmosphere, add fairy lights, bamboo lanterns, lots of candles and beautiful garden furniture. Of course, don’t forget the marshmallows!


outdoor decor trends 2024

Of course, not everyone is lucky enough to have a large garden or a large outdoor space. However, in large cities, people are more likely to have a beautiful city balcony than a large garden. Reason enough to also pay attention to the latest inspirations and trends in outdoor balcony decoration 2024.

We share with you the balcony trend to know for this summer! You still can not go to the terrace or you want to have a drink in peace at home while soaking up the sun? We suggest you build your own balcony bar. This is a wooden “table” that you attach to your railing. This way you can enjoy a table. Recycle using an old wooden board.

When space is limited, installing a small balcony table (bistro table type) may be a solution, but it is not ideal for two. To have a meal for two, plan a tray 70 cm in diameter or minimum depth or more if your surface allows it.

outdoor decor trends 2024

Many brands have imagined suspended balcony tables (to be placed at the back or at the front of the balustrade) or folding, in all cases you manage to optimize the space  especially using small garden ideas 2024: just choose your model according to its constraints.

Take advantage of this one through the  garden design trends 2024 while sipping your cocktail!

Outdoor rugs are very trendy, they can add a bohemian or vintage touch depending on the model you choose. You may have seen them a lot in burlap last year, but this year you won’t miss the vintage-looking balcony. Stylish and trendy according garden design trends 2024,  this rug will also be practical, because you can also walk on a beautiful soft surface.

However, opt for an outdoor rug. If you want to use an indoor mat for outdoor use, make sure it stays dry or bring it back indoors after use.

Balcony design ideas: What’s new?

It might seem impossible, but gardening on your balcony is easy, fun, and trendy! Turn your balcony into a green corner. Before starting your green adventure, pay attention to the location of your balcony. The sun will inevitably be important if you choose to garden on your balcony!

We advise you to use planters to be able to cultivate your aromatic herbs: basil, mint, chives … Today, you can also grow many fruits and vegetables on your balcony, we think in particular of tomatoes, strawberries and radishes!

In order to add a little more natural style and if you have the space within 2024 landscaping ideas, use old wooden crates as “outdoor cabinets”. Place different crates on top of each other and place small pots with herbs.


outdoor decor trends 2024

Just like for the garden, the trend of light garlands, lanterns and candles is also valid for balconies! You can roll up your garland along your balcony for a very cocooning atmosphere. Imagine watching the sunset and then staying on the balcony by the light of your candles or lanterns

Bring an industrial style with steel lanterns or a natural style with rattan or bamboo lanterns. It’s your turn!

Covered terrace: our advice for small garden ideas 2024

Would you like to spend more time in your garden? With a roof terrace, it is possible! A true extension of the house, a covered terrace can be converted into an outdoor lounge or a summer kitchen to enjoy the garden as long as possible.

Whatever the weather conditions, stay out of the sun, rain or wind and quietly continue your meal outside in a relaxing and cozy atmosphere. Why install a covered terrace? What type of roof to choose? How to decorate it? To learn all about the design of a covered terrace, discover our expert advice and be inspired!

If you’re still in doubt, here are 2 great reasons to give your patio a roof.

outdoor decor trends 2024

Bringing comfort from inside to outside garden design trends 2024

Considered as an extension of the house, a covered terrace represents an additional room. In this protected space, you can set up whatever you want: a living room with sofa and coffee table, an outdoor kitchen equipped with a barbecue and a plancha, a bar area with high chairs.

Let your creativity flow by adoting these garden design trends 2024! Thanks to the roof terrace, you receive your loved ones in a friendly place, while enjoying the outdoors. In addition to bringing charm to the outdoors, covering your patio allows you to enjoy the garden for as long as possible, even when the temperatures drop.

Protect your terrace and furniture from bad weather

outdoor decor trends 2024

With a covering roof, your patio is sheltered all year from rain, wind or direct sunlight. The covered terrace also protects your outdoor furniture. No need to bring everything back to the garage at the first drop of rain! No need to replace sun-discolored cushions! Covering your terrace and your furniture facilitates their maintenance and prolongs their lifespan.

Choose a covered terrace

The pergola: if you want a covered terrace at a more affordable price that does not require major work, the pergola is the ideal solution. In wood, aluminum or even wrought iron, it is very easy to install and one of the best picks among garden design trends 2024.

Decorate its fixed pillars with flower lianas and other climbing plants, such as vines or ivy. These plants create a romantic and elegant atmosphere in the garden. Depending on your needs, choose a transparent or opaque roof according garden design trends 2024.


outdoor decor trends 2024

The awning: both practical and aesthetic, it allows you to have a semi-closed terrace, which you can open or discover as you wish. Like the pergola, the awning is available in several materials (canvas, aluminum, steel, etc.) depending on your wishes and your budget.

Alternate between shadow and light with a sliding canvas. This type of folding roof is ideal for partially closing a covered terrace and taking advantage of natural light while remaining sheltered!

A terrace is decorated in the image of the house! Choose garden furniture that matches the style of your home.

For a house with character, place a large rustic wooden table and natural rattan chairs on your patio.

For a contemporary home, set up a modern covered patio with stainless steel or aluminum furniture. The resin wicker garden furniture sets are also very comfortable and invite you to relax.

outdoor decor trends 2024

Create a cocooning outdoor living room with upholstered cushions, blankets and flowering plants. If you are a DIY enthusiast, indulge yourself by creating your coffee table and deckchairs out of wooden pallets.

You will enjoy your patio even after dark, so think about the lighting! A garland of LED lights, small lamps on the outdoor living room tables and candles will create a warm atmosphere for successful summer evenings!

Redesign your terrace or create your relaxation area

When spring returns and the sun comes out again, the desire to rearrange your terrace to make it more pleasant and more comfortable will surely cross your mind. Small or large, it is an additional space that offers a pleasant setting to enjoy good meals or beautiful summer evenings

But before you get started using  outdoor decor trends 2024, you will need to answer a few questions about your needs and the budget you have available. If at first glance it seems rather simple, rethinking your terrace will require a little thought to make the right choices in terms of layout and decoration.

Rearrange your terrace so as to create a space sheltered from view and the sun

It is rare to have an exterior without any vis-à-vis. It is therefore interesting to think about how to protect yourself from prying eyes by creating an intimate and unspoiled space. With simple tips, bring a real plus to your patio.


outdoor decor trends 2024

Plants in large quantities will allow you to protect yourself while diffusing an atmosphere of obvious well-being.

Indeed, you will appreciate finding yourself in a space bathed in greenery which will only diffuse positive waves. So bet on perennial and bushy plants for optimal protection.

To define the space between you and your neighbors, consider investing in a fence. Whether in wood, bamboo, cane or made with a simple wire mesh, it will give your terrace a style and will allow you to feel well at home. You can then choose to decorate it by hanging flower boxes or small metal jumps to accommodate your aromatic plants.

Finally, a simple sheer or curtain will be an economical and easy solution if your terrace will be covered. Only downside, this will be a temporary solution that will not be suitable all year round, but will be reserved for sunny days.

To completely redesign your terrace and breathe a new look into this space, here are some ideas to grab without further ado.

First, invest in contemporary furniture to make a splash. Today, creators go above and beyond to offer you ever more innovation in outdoor furniture. In wood, resin or even metal, your table will adapt to all weathers. It will bring a very nice little design touch.

outdoor decor trends 2024

Depending on the space you have, choose its size or foldable version. Have fun and be original also in terms of the shape of the latter. Oval, square, rectangular or even in several versions, you will have a choice, for sure! You can then choose chairs of the same material for a perfect result. Or, opt for mismatched chairs to create a surprise.

The coating adapted to the floor in garden design trends 2024

Finally, an essential investment for your terrace will of course be the coating you choose for the floor. In wood, stone, tiles or concrete, it will allow you to sign your style in the blink of an eye. Your floor will also not be the same depending on its use.

If you live year round in the sun, choose a smooth stone siding. It retains heat. If, on the contrary, it rains, opt for a non-slip floor. Finally, find out about the color of the latter. Too light it will tend to dazzle, too dark it will risk too much heat. Discover all our garden design trends 2024 for choosing the floor for your patio.

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