Home decor trends 2024: The Best 10 Ideas Combining Art Form and Function

Home decor trends 2022 DINING ROOM

Home decor trends 2024: which trendy piece of furniture to choose for your home? Decoration is something alive, changing, which adapts to our life.

Your decor also evolves and adapts to fashions and seasons. Gone are the days when you bought living room furniture and knew it would accompany you throughout your life. Here is a selection of 2024 must have deco to find THE perfect trendy piece of furniture for your interior.

Feeling good at home, a priority in home decor trends 2024

Home decor trends 2024

A beautiful interior to feel good.

More than ever, feeling good at home is a priority. With confinement or even with the curfew, our lifestyles have changed in recent months. Travel restrictions or even closed restaurants push us to be more sedentary and to rediscover (and love) one’s house or apartment.

Many tutorials on Tiktok show us how to make DIY to decorate your interior cleverly. We let ourselves dream in front of photos of magnificent interiors in magazines or on instagram. And the next day when we wake up we are often taken by a desire to change everything at home

Even our Netflix evenings influence our decorating desires… we let ourselves be tempted by the vintage wallpapers inspired by the lady’s game series or by a Victorian armchair straight out of the Bridgerton series.

Home decor trends 2024

This year , there are new home decor trends 2024 that make us want to transform everything. What if this year you took the opportunity to finish small jobs or set up your reading corner? Simply to take full advantage of your home and feel good there with home decor trends 2024.

Change everything or focus on a few elements?

You don’t have to change everything to transform with  home decor trends 2024! You will be pleasantly surprised to see that you can achieve a very different interior by doing home staging or by mixing new furniture and antique furniture.

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Our tip: adapt your decorative objects according to the season. For example, make a wall of frames with posters and photos in different colors / themes for each season.

Home decor trends 2024

You will feel like you change your decor every time (and so you recycle the images for next year, without getting tired of having seen them for a whole year).

Why do you want to change everything according  home decor trends 2024?

Quite simply because it is a project that we can achieve and it allows us to set a goal. And we all need it this year! Especially since we spend most of our time at home.

Indeed, the house has become his place of work but also sometimes of vacation … so you might as well have an apartment at the top. So minimalist or boho interior? Fall for the raw color or succumb to the madness of cane furniture?

Home decor trends 2024

Classic blue or navy blue seats are the new benchmark for a fashionable interior. The trendy piece of furniture par excellence this new season is the navy blue velvet sofa with straight lines.

Sleek and sophisticated, it is a must have piece of furniture that fits into most interiors. For the dining room or the kitchen, we also opt for blue chairs, which brings calm and harmony.

Home decor trends 2024

Finally, you can also apply classic blue on your walls. Remember to use bright rooms to apply this shade. You can choose other shades of blue on accessories such as cushions or vases.

The oval table, a trendy piece of furniture home decor trends 2024

Rectangular for large dining rooms, square for square rooms or even round for small spaces, but what about oval tables? We had forgotten their existence in recent seasons …

But they are on the front of the decoration scene in 2024. Its shape, classic and elegant, combines with the most sober materials and colors (black or very dark wood, metal …) For a harmonious, chic and trendy dining room.

Home decor trends 2024

Curved furniture, trendy  par excellence of  home decor trends 2024

In addition to the oval tables, the armchair type chairs with curved backs and the sofas with rounded curves are part of the must have of the living room. Not to mention the round ottomans and round side tables.

The braided fibers of cane furniture are also a must for 2024. Cane brings lightness and a chic natural touch to any piece of furniture. Lamp, sideboard or even chair, you have a wide choice for your interior. We adopt the caning trend by touch and not in total look, to really highlight this piece.

Home decor trends 2024

The ultra trendy golden furniture

Whether it is entirely on a piece of furniture or in small touches on the feet or on the handles … the gold color cannot be absent from the trends of 2024.It brings sophistication and chic to any interior, and goes divinely well with the velvet.

Home decor trends 2024

The decoration in natural and sustainable materials continue to make a place of choice in our interiors. Natural wood, clay or even natural fibers such as rattan fit perfectly into our modern interiors.

Opting for accessories is a simple and inexpensive way to introduce them into your decor. Here are some ideas.

Home decor trends 2024

Home decor 2024: 3D wallpapers for more stunnning views

This time, your walls are adorned with relief wallpapers. Textured tapestries imitating woven fibers with the rough and irregular effect of a concrete surface, or the cutout of a white brick wall.

Like the wallpapers we just mentioned, the floor takes on another dimension with relief carpets.

They are preferred made with durable materials. Or we bet on geometric shapes and color gradients.

Home decor trends 2024

Home decor 2024: a more sustainable fashion decoration

In addition to natural materials, which are still the major trend in furniture and accessories, we see in the interior decoration another type of material with a more innovative look: bioplastics. In a recycling process, this material has a low impact on the environment, it turns into coating or even furniture.

And of course, plants are also present among the fashionable accessories for the home. Plants not only bring life to your interior, but also fill it with warmth, style and create a relaxing and comfortable environment.

Bet on a sustainable life, you can start by recycling materials, or carry out a larger project in which your home is 100% ecological thanks to eco-design.

Whether it is on the side of the seats, sofas, chairs or armchairs, or lamps in curved or XXL version, today it is the tendency to surround oneself with pieces of furniture all in roundness to bring a little cocooning to your interior.

Both modern and trendy or simply very chic, the domed decoration can also be sober and refined.

Home decor trends 2024

From the living room to the kitchen, via the dining room and the bedroom, all your rooms can be dressed roundly for a soft and serene atmosphere. Find the atmosphere and style that suits you now by investing in this decoration full of sensuality!

Curvy and bouncy seats for a reassuring atmosphere in home decor trends 2024

Contemporary furniture has now taken a new turn and offers you to let yourself be seduced by curved shapes and soft seats for unprecedented comfort. As if to envelop you in softness, the sofas round and elongate.

And home decor ideas 2024, on the other hand , the seats of the chairs swell and are dressed in rounded backs. The benches and tables become oval and the rugs break the codes by making their right angles disappear.

A round interior will diffuse a soft atmosphere and invite you to relaxation and conviviality

Home decor trends 2024

Our selection of furniture and upholstered seats for a modern and innovative decor

Invest in a very desirable sofa with harmonious and rounded curves to bring a little softness to your living room. Let yourself be seduced by its generous shape and find the material that will blend with the rest of your furniture.

Your sofa can be dressed in suede, leather or even velvet. Thanks to its rounded shape, dare to be original and fall for a colorful model.

Carmine red, mustard yellow or petrol blue, everything becomes possible for a trendy and contemporary decor. To bring a little sobriety, accompany it with natural wooden furniture.

For a more designer atmosphere, choose glass furniture with golden feet.

The chair is a piece of furniture that we all have in our interiors.

Colour pallette for the accessories in interior design trends 2024

It will easily find its place in any room of the house because its usefulness is well established. For example, it will bring character and presence to your table. Today, it exists in many materials and shapes.

However, the chair in a rounded and padded version will give style to your hallway, your bedroom or your dining room. It can also seduce your children in a mini version.

Home decor trends 2024

For your dining room that you will want chic and elegant home design ideas 2024 , choose a model with a rounded backrest reminiscent of the oval frames of yesteryear. Its padded seat in gray velvet will bring more comfort to your guests. In the bedroom, opt for a more colorful model, such as an acapulco chair.

Finally, the armchair is also one of the essential pieces to furnish its interior. In a contemporary, club or cocktail version, you will enjoy settling there. In vintage, bohemian chic, industrial, art deco or scandi versions, there are some in all colors.

Most often in velvet, fabric or leather, an armchair with rounded shapes will be your cocooning setting for peaceful and rejuvenating moments.

To enhance the brightness and bring more warmth to your living room, go for a ball lamp to be placed directly on the floor. Choose it with a simple gilded copper foot for its design and contemporary touch.

Next to the latter, an anthracite gray sofa with a rounded backrest will find its place. Complete it  the home decor trends 2024  with a lacquer sideboard on which you can place a few candle holders.

Finally, why not place an oval mirror above which will bring depth and recall the harmonious curves of your sofa.

Home decor trends 2024
In your office, a simple glass and brass table lamp will be conducive to a studious working atmosphere. A slightly curved leather club chair will allow you a good seat and will promote your concentration.

You can combine this furniture with tones of navy blue or duck green to preserve the sobriety of the room according the home decor trends 2024.

Whether in your bedroom or those of your children, opt for small round bedside lamps. They may have painted feet for more cheerfulness. In this room, have fun with bed linen and accessories like pretty cushions and bring in the color!

Different styles and atmospheres with the home decor trends 2024

Padded seats will be harmonious and a perfect match if you are a fan of the boudoir style. Indeed, very fashionable today, the latter will provide an intimate and cozy atmosphere. In your room or that of your little girl, fall for a pale pink chaise longue with a rounded velvet backrest.

Wear it with a dressing table and its padded stool with rounded legs.

Finally, on the bed have different suede cushions for more softness.

Home decor trends 2024

For a chic and designer atmosphere in the living room , mix the upholstered seats (sofa, chairs or armchairs) with an XXL version ball light on the ceiling.

It is indeed the ideal combination for a very contemporary living room based on home design ideas 2024.

Finally, in your art deco style entrance, you can place in front of your pretty light wood console, a round ottoman in orange velvet. On your furniture, a small brass ball lamp will complete the decoration. It will make your entryway very trendy.

So convinced? Do not hesitate any longer and bring softness, curves and shapes into your interior. Opt for padded seats, soft materials such as velvet or suede. Bring light and design with rounded versions of luminaires. The domed decoration will be your ally and will make all the rooms in your home contemporary and very warm.

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