Interior design trends 2022: Best 12 Trends For Elevating Ordinary Through Extraordinary Design

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Interior design trends 2022 are mirroring  the movement of minimalism in all facets of contemporary living, offering furnishings that convey the best experience

Your interior no longer inspires you, it requires many thing brand new and highlighted! It’s clear, this year you will accept a completely new in vogue and trendy design style in 2022.

The eco-friendly decoration, the terracotta paint, the wallpaper, the natural materials, the maximalist style, etc. will seduce you and change your living rooms in no time.

Highlight without any delay the best  interior design trends 2022 that will embellish your home or apartment and brighten the year 2022!

Interior design trends 2022

There is no shortage of styles to revamp your interior! To find you there, our redaction  has concocted a decorative trend book for the year 2020-2021, something to be right in tune with the times. Should we succumb to the bohemian trend? Bet on a Scandinavian decoration?

Going back to the vintage look or adopting industrial codes? Some answers from our selection of dedicated articles.

Sources of inspiration for the bedroom, the kitchen, the living room or the office, these decorative ideas show creativity to personalize your home or your apartment, without false note.

To accept these styles with confidence, discover decryption, inspiring images, smart tips and DIY to support.

design trends 2022

Kinfolk, bohemian, hygge, gypset atmosphere …

You’ve heard of them but do you really know them? These deco styles in vogue in 2021-2022 have not finished bringing our interiors up to date.

Without forgetting the classics of the genre – design, Nordic, vintage, contemporary, industrial, etc. – which are still a recipe for design trends 2022.

The key materials, the prints of the moment, the colors associated with each of its styles are reviewed in the following articles.

Interior design trends 2022: Best 12 Trends For Elevating Ordinary Through Extraordinary Design

You will discover how to adopt them from the bedroom to the living room via the dining room.

You have come to the right place if you are looking to purify your interior or, on the contrary, to strengthen its decorative atmosphere; paint a wall in the color of the current year; revamp your furniture or dare to use original coverings, from floor to ceiling, so many great ideas to draw from our content.

design trends 2022

Always on the move, home fashion is built according to the needs and concerns that mark an era.

The interior design trends 2022 draw on the events of the past year, to outline the lines of our interiors. In this way, cozy materials such as velvet or looped wool are anchored even more deeply in the interior trends 2022  to create a safe space.

The advent of the cocoon house

If the house takes on the air of refuge, it also asserts its character with raw coverings, mixes of materials, which allow everyone to express their personality. These decorative trends (and many others) set the tone for this new year.

design trends 2022

New trends are an inexhaustible source of inspiration to refine the atmosphere of an interior. After an eventful year, it seems essential to work on decoration to meet the new needs that have emerged.

Interior design trends 2022 marks the advent of the cocoon house, where materials and colors accentuate the (re) comfort of each other.

An impression confirmed by the palette of “nudes” which is sweeping through the brands’ collections.

Emphasis on personalization of interior design trends 2022

There is also an emphasis on personalization, with an upsurge in retro design and graphic and liner arts, which make it easy to stand out from the standards.

These trends offer a more chic decoration, where every detail reflects today’s concerns.

Slow materials, more respectful of the environment, are multiplying on furniture. Just like the olive and khaki paintings confirm the need to maintain a connection with nature. Here are interior design trends 2022 to embrace the upcoming year.

Interior design trends 2022: Best 12 Trends For Elevating Ordinary Through Extraordinary Design

Certain decor elements seem to stand the test of time with ease: hardwood floors, calming colors and plants are practically timeless and sheltered from trends.

However, it’s an inescapable fact: the more popular something specific becomes, the more likely it will look out of fashion a few years later.

interior design trends 2022 are here to surprise you!

Industrial kitchens

In some spaces, these kitchens really look great with their rough textures and their focus on functionality (as opposed to aesthetics).

But for many homeowners, these restaurant-like kitchens don’t work very well.

The trend of open shelves to replace top cabinets saves time and is perfect in a “utility” kitchen due to the high volume of activity and very strict sanitary standards.

But in a home, they tend to pick up dust, food spatters and cooking fat.

design trends 2022

Stainless steel counters, huge appliances, industrial hoods and faucets designed for people who dive all day are not super warm either, let’s put it that way.

The hottest kitchen interior design trends 2022 : a clean, polished aesthetic, with shimmering (but not lacquered) countertops, understated backsplashes and uncluttered surfaces – that is, keeping everything that is lying around on the counters away.

Pure minimalism the best of  Interior design trends 2022

Colors are strongly associated with fashion effects. For a little over a decade, we’ve seen it all – from pastel colors to ubiquitous beige, then bright colors and finally pure, stark white.

One thing is certain: the white walls are not “out”; you still see them a lot and it’s always a way to spread a serene atmosphere in a room, not to mention that it’s one of the best ways to make a place brighter.

On the other hand, “100% white and minimalist” decors are no longer considered a trend by designers. Sasha Bikoff explains that “bare ‘all-white’ spaces never give the impression that the place is actually inhabited by people, which has a negative impact on aesthetics.”

design trends 2022

How to adapt minimalism to interior design trends 2022? “There is a way to create a clean, understated aesthetic with no renouncing color and patterns,” says Bikoff about Interior design trends 2022.

You don’t have to put in a lot of color if that’s not your thing, but a few subtle touches here and there can make all the difference. Otherwise, adding different textures can also work wonders to enrich a decor.

Everything that goes up comes down: designer Katharine Pooley can no longer see in a room a single wall with truly “jazzy” wallpaper.

What she does offer if you want to show off a wall, is to incorporate a different texture, rather than an ultra-contrasting pattern. It can be a concrete effect or by applying a more polished plaster, or even with a tone-on-tone wallpaper that incorporates a subtle and natural texture, such as raw silk for example.

We have seen it so much in recent years that rose gold could only give way to something new … Several designers indeed find that this metallic accent is difficult to coordinate with other elements in a room, precisely because of its pink tones.

design trends 2022

What’s trending right now? Mix metals: gold, silver, but also chrome, brass, copper, brushed black metal, etc.

The recycling : the ECO-logical and ECO-nomic trend

After the most difficult and crucial year 2020 with the world crisis provoked by Covid-19, design tendencies have changed a lot and been completely evolved. Adept at Do It Yourself, the interior trends 2022 are consequently more eco and nature oriented We recovered, we transformed, we renovated, we diverted from their primary utility, old furnishing and deco items to give them a new life with an eco-friendly and fully % recycled ornament.

design trends 2022

Wallpapers are making a new comeback

interior design trends 2022 are also the notorious for the comeback of different wallpapers. Out of fashion in recent years, designers suggest actually ever more swank and modern choice, but also that are common to any desired room, even wet.

This season, you are able to choose an abstract aquatic wallpaper to bedeck the bathroom or your kitchen, you can use or a pretty and classy black and white wallpaper for a certain part of the wall in your bedroom or living room.

Natural elements and comfortable touch

The return to purity and nature pushes us to bring into our living rooms, comforting materials such as velvet, linen, brushed cotton supplemented by objects made with raw elements evoking nature.

Organic household linen also remains as the top one among interior design ideas 2022.

Doing well is now part of well-being. Duvets, pillowcases, sheets, tablecloths, towels … all household linen is respectful of organic cotton to linen, including hemp and soie Africa-inspired prints are trendy in the spotlight.

This season , make way for African design item. A colorful, bright and exotic decor invades our living rooms: furniture, wallpaper, kitchen backsplashes or ceramic , everything goes! Wax prints have not finished making the talk in 2022.

Interior design ideas 2022: Best  models to complete your wall decoration

Investing in the walls with a little decoration remains a good alternative to perfect the atmosphere without cluttering the circulation of the house.

A poster or poster with colorful shades takes up little space and yet allows you to transform a living space where sobriety is essential.

design trends 2022

Even in rooms where colorful paint has taken hold, these wall decorations assert a personality of Interior design trends 2022.

An illustrated poster of a garden thus injects a note of nature into a city dwelling lacking in chlorophyll – just like the posters, inspired by graphic design, modernize old interiors.

In XXL version, small A4 format or even fragmented into several frames, these 16 illustrations offer a new dimension to the wall decoration of our cocooned interior design ideas 2022.

Over the years, we rack up furniture and objects chosen or not, but an object of good taste will always be beautiful. We can take advantage of the time spent at home to sort it out and keep only the objects and furniture that we like and integrate a few more current pieces into its decor.

An eclectic setting where styles and eras blend together is much more personal and warm and passes through time better than overly thematic decor.

Midnight blue, the new decoration black in Interior design trends 2022

Midnight blue is the top one of interior design trends 2022, what the little black dress is fashionable: a timeless. In the space of a few years, this deep color has democratized in our interiors, dethroning the classics of the genre such as charcoal gray, and sometimes even white.

It must be said that blue plays on the intensity of its nuances to infuse a more or less seductive atmosphere. It thus invites itself into the night corners to wrap the bed in a comforting bubble, and brings a little elegance to living spaces in the form of graphic tint.

design trends 2022

Above all, midnight blue offers a new reading of volume, creating depth in the smallest accommodation. So many qualities that capsize us.

We meet there with family, receive friends there to share good meals …

The dining room is the convivial room par excellence. It is therefore essential to take care of your decor! Tips for choosing the table, makeover tips, and trendy photos to inspire you: discover the best interior trends 2022

There is no shortage of interior design trends 2022 ideas for the dining room! Installation of an interior glass roof to mark the separation from the kitchen, installation of a large industrial-style wooden table or a small, more intimate round table, makeover of the walls with a color that suits you, renovation of a outdoor dining area (past fashion), swap old-fashioned chairs for trendy seats …

Stock up on tips for a welcoming and personalized dining room, ideal for entertaining friends and family around a good meal .

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