Small bathroom trends 2024: 11 Most Fancy Tricks To Make Sophisticated Statement

Small bathroom trends 2022 BATHROOM

Small bathroom trends 2024 seem to be the most awaited ones for those who are looking for a brand new mix of a fresh appearance, style and magical functionality!

Who says your small bathroom 2024  can’t be one of the most appealing places in your house? Yes, it’s little, but what it lacks in square area, it more than makes up for in dress-up and reinterpretation possibilities.

small bathroom trends 2024

The main  aim of small bathroom trends 2024 is to push  you to rebuild, refurbish, and rejuvenate your bathrooms and washrooms, that’s why  we’ve prepared a list of our most useful and fancy small bathroom trends 2024.

With these innovative ideas, you’ll be able to add new finishes, trims, chandeliers, runners, exposed bulbs, and more to your area, which are suited for any style and budget.

Bathroom design 2024: from the very beginning

But where do you start when there are so many small bathroom trends 2024 to pick from? Starting from the ground up is a good idea.

Give your bathroom a makeover with spa-inspired detailing, repurposed vanities fashioned from antique cabinets, new linen drapes, color-coordinated artwork, and more after perusing our top bathroom tiling ideas.

Also, while you’re at it, try one of the year’s popular bathroom paint colors!

small bathroom ideas 2024

With these small bathroom trends 2024, there may be a lack of space, but design ideas, no! Long, narrow, not very functional, poorly arranged …

Optimizing the space in cramped bathrooms can prove to be a real challenge. Through our selection of the most useful small bathroom trends 2024, discover some great space-saving tips!

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Small bathrooms have nothing to envy to large ones! Concealed storage, clever arrangements, practical furniture … There is no shortage of small bathroom trends 2024 to optimize space in there. With a little imagination and a lot of ideas, it is possible to transform a mini bathroom into a functional space full of comfort.

Small bathroom ideas 2024: Lack of space, plenty of ideas!

In a small apartment, the bathroom is often tiny. It is then complicated to arrange and decorate it. To help you, discover our practical and inexpensive solutions!

A small, well-appointed small bathroom 2024 has everything a large one! This room is central to the house, we spend a long time there every day, whether it is to get ready in the morning or to relax in a bath or the shower when coming home from work in the evening.

small bathroom ideas 2024

That’s why, we must like it, we must feel good about it and appreciate it. To do so, decoration and layout are essential. Designing a small bathroom may seem complicated, but in reality, with the right ideas and a few design solutions, you can transform this room into a true haven of well-being!

First, think about storage, then try to implement small bathroom ideas 2024: In a small bathroom, optimize space and add storage options. If you can, go for a wall-mounted washbasin.

Add a few shelves, in height (for example above the door) or in a niche. You can install pretty baskets there, in which you can store towels, toiletries, accessories … To store towels, the hooks on the walls are very practical.

But, if you want a well-decorated room, choose the ladder-shaped towel bar, very trendy in recent years. When it comes to decor, opt for white walls. The total white look in a bathroom is an easy way to visually expand a space and make it brighter, says the designers talking about small bathroom trends 2024.

small bathroom ideas 2024

To energize everything, prefer a pretty rug with colorful patterns that will help you keep the floor dry and an original shower curtain, with trendy patterns like flowers, vegetation, and always in keeping with your decor.

Finally, add a few scented candles and a plant, for a trendy, optimized little bathroom, easily and at a low price!

Faucets: our advice for choosing the right one

Massaging jet, tonic, waterfall, fine rain… There is a wide choice of shower head for the bathroom, all of which offer different possibilities for enjoying very relaxing and pleasant showers.

small bathroom trends 2024

You can choose a shower connected to a handshower, to have the mixer of your choice. But it’s also possible to have a head concealed directly in the wall.

The knobs are available in different sizes and shapes: square, rectangular, round, mini, XXL… Some are even available with fixed or random lighting, for a relaxing chromotherapy effect.

To save water, you can opt for a water-saving shower head, which reduces consumption to 6 to 8 liters per minute instead of 12 to 17 for a conventional shower head.

Bathroom fittings: which shower head to choose?

Can’t decide on a shower head? We take stock of the different models and their advantages:

  • The XXL shower head: thanks to its large head, measuring 300 x 200 mm, it offers very pleasant hydrotherapy. Adjustable and composed of hydromassage jets, it is the ideal model for a shower full of comfort.
  • The retro shower head: it is ideal in a bathroom with vintage decor. Made of brass, it is very resistant and durable over time.
  • The luminous shower head: if you dream of transforming your bathroom into a chromotherapy space, this is the model to choose without hesitation.
  • The rain roof shower head: this chic model offers different jets, each more pleasant than the next, such as rain, waterfall, central jet… Perfect for a relaxing shower!

Bathroom fittings: which color to choose?

small bathroom ideas 2024

The bathroom taps have become, over time, a decorative object in their own right. Fancy a retro small bathroom trends 2024? Choose a faucet in golden brass or silver. Your powder room will take on a vintage look in the blink of an eye.

Rather modern and minimalist? Turn to the dark. Its sobriety will give a touch of elegance to a wooded bathroom or made of marble.

A small laundry area fitted out for a two-in-one bathroom

The space-saving trick for small bathroom trends 2024: if you don’t have a dedicated laundry room and your bathroom is running out of space, all is not lost! Just slide your washing machine under the vanity countertop. With this trick, every inch is exploited with intelligence.

The little extras? Wall elements such as the towel rack and wooden shelves that allow storage without wasting space on the floor. Here is a small practical and functional bathroom!

small bathroom ideas 2024

Tall storage that optimizes every square centimeter

The space-saving trick: leave no space to chance. Optimizing every available square meter and centimeter remains the best solution. As in this mini bathroom, where a storage unit has been created over the entire height. Enough to put a washing machine, some towels and even hide the rolls of toilet paper. Clever, right?

The space-saving trick: install a walk-in shower in a corner of the water feature. Very trendy, the walk-in shower is a delight in large bathrooms, but not only. The proof in this mini-format space where it has been arranged in one of the corners of the room. So, no space wasted without neglecting comfort!

small bathroom ideas 2024

A cramped bathroom that combines shower and bathtub

The space-saving trick: for this pocket bathroom dressed in waxed concrete, not only is there room for a bathtub, but there is also space for a shower! The solution ? A two-in-one bathtub.

Here, a built-in shower handset has simply been installed above the tub, and the small wall adjacent to the sink serves as a shower screen. The space is totally maximized in this small bathroom with a natural spirit where the wood comes to warm this atmosphere!

Simple furnishing solutions to save space in small bathroom trends 2024

The space-saving trick: to optimize space in a small bathroom, it is smart to fit storage niches in the recess created by the shower cubicle. Thus, accessories and objects find their place in all discretion.

small bathroom ideas 2024

This bathroom is really good when it comes to space saving: the pedestal-less sink cabinet allows for a clear view at ground level and gives a sense of grandeur to the room, and the long mirror and the light tones of the room deco visually expand the space.

Everything is adjusted to the millimeter with  small bathroom trends 2024

The space-saving trick: a clever layout studied down to the millimeter has made it possible to fit everything into this small area. With a little luck, some standard pieces of furniture can follow the angles, others have to be made to measure; in particular the work plan which houses the washing machine.

Even a heated towel rail finds its place. With a little tricks, we manage to fit all the elements worthy of a large bathroom .. like a bathtub!

Small bathroom ideas 2024 in black and white that skirts the tray and the shower screen

The space-saving trick: forget the tray and the shower screen. Only conceivable if the bathroom is fully tiled, this clever layout saves space on the ground, as well as in height. And yes, by replacing the wall with a shower curtain, you can move around the room more freely, without risking bumping into yourself. Be careful, however, not to get water everywhere!

small bathroom ideas 2024

Glass roofs to visually enlarge the mini-format bathroom

The space-saving trick: adopt the glass roof in the small bathroom trends 2024

A flagship decorative element, the glass roof allows partitioning without completely closing off the space. Here, it delimits the shower from the rest of the room and also separates it from the adjoining bedroom. As a bonus, it lets light through and visually enlarges the volumes. Like what the canopy is really good!

In an attic bathroom, every inch counts

Small bathroom trends 2024 assume: in the attic, due to the reduced ceiling height, it is easy to run out of space. The solution for a functional bathroom under the roof is therefore to maximize the smallest space. In this elegant bathroom, the shower bench also serves as a storage niche: smart!

small bathroom ideas 2024

Multiple glazed surfaces to increase the volume of the small bathroom tenfold

The  trick: multiply the windows to create a bluffing impression of volume. If the mirrors multiply the perspectives, know that the glass surfaces are not left out. The proof is in this very small small bathroom designs 2024 where the shower screen and the opening above the toilet meet and reflect.

Thus, the bathroom seems to extend into a more open space and it totally fits to the newest small bathroom trends 2024.

Small vanity units

The space under the sink is the first place to use for storing everyday products. The vanity unit with a washbasin is ideal, even in a small bathroom. In XXS version, it even finds its place in 3 m2! Compact, space saving and aesthetic, it is a winner on all fronts.


small bathroom ideas 2024

Compose your washbasin cabinet with several boxes

Is your bathroom a little bigger and you only need one sink? Increase the storage volume under the basin according to your needs, thanks to shallow boxes (from 35 cm), open or closed, and extend your countertop to place your care products.

Useful and decorative niches in small bathroom trends 2024

If you plan to install a walk-in shower, take the opportunity to create large niches for your toiletries.

Depending on the space you have available, you can imagine different sizes and shapes of niches, and even arrange a large storage column integrated into your partition. Wow effect guaranteed!

small bathroom ideas 2024

To isolate the WCs in the bathroom or to separate the bathtub from the washbasin, a partial partition (which does not go up to the ceiling) with open and / or closed niches makes it possible to store toiletries in style.

The trick: when the niches are open, the products are accessible from both sides of the partition.

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