House Design 2022: Best 7 Picks To Create A Bespoke Environment Of High Design

House design 2022 BEDROOM

House design 2022 and o choose your interior design, it is important to know, understand and be able to identify a style. Knowing its codes and its language are a major asset to recreate a stylish atmosphere in your home.

Our experts have prepared a series of style guides for you to be unbeatable and make the right choice.

House design 2022

This aspect is particularly important when you want to integrate a rather old style into a contemporary house design 2022. This is especially true for the Victorian, Haussmannian, colonial or classical style.

On a different note, lovers of Italian or Danish design, for example, will enjoy identifying big names and learning more about the iconic pieces of furniture of these movements.

Finally, for more complex styles or less known like the English style or the eccentric style, knowing how to dose and choose the colors and patterns will be important.

House design 2022: The decor over time

Each era has its own decorative style! While styles have evolved over the centuries and years, the trends and highlights of each are known, recognized and adopted by interior design enthusiasts.

Nostalgic, classic, minimalist or futuristic, be authentic and dare to adopt the style that inspires you.

House design 2022

To do so with confidence, our experts have taken stock of several iconic styles and share their advice on how to integrate them into your 21st century interior house design 2022.

Total look or mix and match, find tips for integrating baroque, vintage, art deco, retro, modern, 60s, rustic or even mid-century elements in a stylish way. Wallpaper, paint, linens, furniture, decorative items, be sure of yourself!

Industrial loft, Scandinavian interior, japandi … we no longer present these styles to you as you already know them very well! On the other hand, a few inspirations per room will be useful, especially in the bathroom and the kitchen, or even to create a pleasant and well-appointed office area.

Finally, we could not miss the “chic” trends in interior design. Boho chic, eco-chic, shabby chic or even country chic, make your interior an elegant place by taking care of the materials, colors and layout of your rooms.

House design 2022

From the kitchen to the bedroom, including the bathroom and the living room, nothing is left to chance. Let yourself be guided step by step and inspired by our decoration and interior design experts.

English style: How to adopt in house design 2022

What do Miss Marple and Agatha Raisin, mystery characters have in common? Besides their intelligence and their so British humor, they both live in charming cottages.

To make your interior a little typically British cocoon, we tell you all about the English style.

The English style is fond of unusual patterns. We can  talk about the tartan, a famous checkered pattern derived from the kilt, the traditional Scottish outfit or the liberty, a flowery fabric created by Arthur Lasenby Liberty, owner of a famous boutique on Regent Street in London.

House design 2022

Guarantee of a British Touch as refined as it is eccentric, these patterns structure the space and brighten it up by adding color. That’s the essential you have to know about house design 2022’s english side.

The English style  house design 2022 combines the sobriety of light painted walls with the touch of madness of vibrant, acidulous, even downright garish colors.

A combination of classicism and Baroque originality, it is the visual embodiment of British humor, sometimes deadpan, sometimes absurd. It invites uninhibited freedom to do what we want with its extravagant color notes scattered around the house.

Cottage style in house design 2022

In the English style, the cottage style is of paramount importance. It is both comfortable and functional.

After a long walk in the misty moors or a heavy downpour at the exit of the pub, the Englishman likes to go home, to be able to take off his boots, put down his umbrella and comfort himself around a good hot cup of tea in an interior cozy and practical. Visually, the rustic heritage is very evident.

The wood, natural and authentic, comes in exposed beams, rattan seats or antique furniture. In terms of textiles of house design 2022, the materials provide warmth and softness: velvet seats, wool rugs, etc.

House design 2022

The cottage style is also romantic and bright. Softness is one of the keys to this welcoming and soothing decoration. Enhanced with touches of color or floral patterns, whether decorative elements or wallpaper, the serenity of white is honored from floor to ceiling.

Deliciously retro, the cottage style house design 2022 also plays on traditional shapes or weathered furniture for a very delicate old-fashioned charm. We find the latter in Shabby Chic in particular.

Adopt the English style in your interior

Here are some suggestions for adopting the English style in your house design 2022

In your living room or under a veranda, set up a real corner for tea time: fitted carpet or rugs on the floor, soft and cozy velvet sofa, comfortable wing chairs, pretty coffee table …

Add decorative objects with subtle charm, such as a pretty Porcelain tea service in a display case or decorative trays filled with candles: 100% British effect guaranteed!

House design 2022

For a high standard English-style bathroom, go for vintage taps, retro washbasins and bathtubs, and why not Liberty wallpaper on certain walls. Be as fearless as the British: brave the humidity of this room with more authentic wooden floors and thick curtains on the windows!

In house design 2022  especially for a cottage kitchen, go for floor-to-ceiling white and traditional rustic-looking furniture. Enhance it with a few romantic touches of color, pastel pink or deep burgundy for example.

The retro touch: an oven and a kitchen piano with a vintage look, or a patinated sideboard revealing tableware with floral motifs.

Colonial style: bring freshness to the house design 2022

Need freshness and exoticism in to adobt through furniture design trends 2022?

Adopt the colonial style without hesitation. Born from a mixture of several styles, this exotic decor saw the light of day at the time of the first colonizations. Inspired by the cultures of the world, both African, Asian and Indian, the colonial decor is steeped in history.

House Design 2022: Best 7 Picks To Create A Bespoke Environment Of High Design

This house design 2022 is  characterized by elegant dark wood furniture, light fabrics, as well as exotic plants and flowers. Discover our tips for adopting the colonial style and bringing freshness, exoticism and a bit of history into your interior

The colonial style is defined by its materials

From woodwork to tapestries, the colonial style is distinguished by the nobility of its materials. Wishing to recreate a European way of life in their new habitat, the first settlers turned to local materials, both authentic and precious.

Exotic dark woods are the major component of the colonial styled house design 2022. For large furniture such as a chest of drawers, a table or a desk, teak wood (from India and Southeast Asia), mahogany wood (from the Americas and the West Indies), mango tree (from South Asia) are ideal materials for creating a colonial decor.

Their dark color obtained by applying a special varnish is characteristic of period furniture.

House design 2022

With their natural ocher color, wicker, rattan and bamboo are also preferred materials for small furniture.

As for the sofas and armchairs, the seats are upholstered with dark leather or skins, very popular at the time. On the cushions and table linen, we find pure and light fabrics, such as cotton or linen.

It is this harmonious combination of materials that creates the fascinating atmosphere of the colonial-mooded house design 2022. Using exclusively natural materials, theread dark wood.

To obtain a globetrotter effect, have a terrestrial globe, old postcards and your most beautiful memories of trips to the end of the world (statuettes, frames, etc.).

House design 2022

In the living room or dining room, opt for a large mahogany wood table and rattan or cane chairs. Place a braided demijohn and a beautiful exotic green plant on the ground.

Decorate shelves with small terracotta items. colonial style stands out as an elegant and majestic style, while being respectful of the environment interior trends 2022

Colors to adopt for a colonial house design 2022

In a colonial-style decor, the atmosphere is natural. We therefore favor a palette of colors from nature: ocher, beige, sand, green or brown.

Contrast being in the spotlight, prefer light shades on the walls, to highlight the dark shades of colonial furniture and leather fabrics.

On sofas, rugs or curtains, the colors can be darker, but still natural: from ivory to shades of brown, including sandstone. These deep colors will bring elegance to your colonial-styled design trends 2022.

Like the art deco style, the colonial decor is characterized by a perfect mix of colors and patterns. Printed fabrics such as Toile de Jouy are therefore in the spotlight.

African ethnic patterns, paisley patterns and exotic patterns (flowers, bamboo, etc.) are also to be favored. On the armchairs and chairs, these fabrics illuminate the dark aspect of the woodwork to bring freshness and exoticism.

Is the Art Deco the new colonial?

To create a colonial-style atmosphere in your living room, opt for a beautiful solid wood chest of drawers adorned with carved elements. For the seats, choose an acacia sofa upholstered in a light fabric, a leather butterfly chair or a rocking chair. Place a few cushions with printed patterns to bring comfort and warmth.

On the ground, lay out a natural fiber mat (coconut or seagrass). Don’t hesitate to mix textures and materials to create this special atmosphere.

House design 2022

Very trendy in the colonial era, the large solid wood four-poster bed is the centerpiece of the bedroom. Decorate it with white curtains to bring a light and airy side to this imposing furniture. If you don’t have enough room, you can choose a dark petrol wood headboard.

To illuminate and enhance the bedroom, opt for light-colored bed linen (white or ocher). Cushions and curtains can be decorated with printed patterns of tropical inspiration: flowers, bamboo, palm trees …

Create a warm atmosphere in the bedroom by favoring authentic decorative objects: an old leather or teak trunk to be placed at the foot of the bed. In addition to serving as storage space, it will add character to your bedroom. Finally, do not forget to finalize your decoration with a beautiful exotic green plant.

House design 2022

In reaction to our hectic world, slow life is on the rise. This art of living better by following one’s natural rhythm and that of nature is reflected in interior decoration through the emergence of minimalist aesthetic styles such as the japandi style house interior 2022 . The goal: to make your home a reassuring haven of peace in the midst of hectic daily life. A clever mix of hygge and wabi-sabi, let’s take stock of this essential trend for  house design 2022.

How to adopt the Japandi trend in house design 2022

Hygge, wabi-sabi, japandi … not easy to navigate? A little recap is in order.

Hygge is the Scandinavian cousin of Anglo-Saxon cocooning. This minimalist and bright style of house design 2022  aims to transform your interior into a real cozy warm, functional and comforting nest.

Wabi-sabi is a real art of living recently imported from Japan. It is reflected in the decor in particular by a style of great sobriety, focusing on raw natural materials. By thus sublimating the imperfections of each object or space, the wabi-sabi style invites you to take the time to observe the passing of time and the beauty in everything.

Finally, the term “japandi”, a contraction of “Japan” and “Scandi (navie)”, designates the fusion of hygge and wabi-sabi. This hybrid style of decoration mixes the two influences to create a functional and welcoming cocoon on the one hand, clean and elegant on the other. This translates into great sobriety, in particular through natural materials (wood, stone, wool, linen, etc.) and neutral colors.

House design 2022

The japandi is therefore above all a minimalist style combining the timelessness and simplicity of wabi-sabi with the bright and comfortable functionality of hygge. The idea? Achieve a classy, ​​timeless and restful rendering.

Between warm simplicity and almost martial sobriety, japandi is a special way to achieve an interior of great simplicity without ever being bland, cold or impersonal. It is also a style of decoration that plays a lot on the contrasts of materials or colors. A

hard concrete floor combined with a soft high-pile carpet, a dark raw wood table standing out against an immaculate wall … Japonese is also the alliance of the new and the old, the simple and the complex.

A japandi house design 2022  is above all minimalist: to achieve this elegant and soothing finish, start by getting rid of the superfluous. Make a rigorous sorting in your home! No more functional objects that visually clutter up space and low-quality materials that age poorly.

House design 2022

Less is more, or in other words, quality trumps quantity. Instead of a cacophony of disparate and not very durable objects, prefer the sober harmony formed by a few simple but truly qualitative pieces of furniture, accompanied by rare decorative accessories that really enhance the whole.

Japandi is a subtle fusion of hygge and wabi-sabi. To embrace the trend, mix and match the characteristic elements of these two styles! Combine the sought-after elegance of wabi-sabi with the functional simplicity of hygge. In your dining room, for example, you can combine a simple raw wood dining table marked by the years with the modernity of practical, comfortable and aesthetic Scandinavian chairs.

In a bedroom or living room of house design 2022 , do not hesitate to combine warm and cocooning elements of hygge such as wool throws, soft cushions, candles … with the beautiful sobriety of wabi-sabi: wall decorated with a textured neutral paint , porcelain vase, dried flowers …

House design 2022

Opt for soft and sober colors in house design 2022

The japandi is synonymous with sobriety. It is therefore wise to favor neutral tones to infuse “Scandi-Japanese” delicacy into your house interior 2022 . Play with the nuances native to nature: off-white, ivory, sandstone, taupe, charcoal gray … Opt for subtle and restful colors for the eye, remembering to make the most of the natural light in your home.

If you are a fan of color, know that the japandi palette is not limited to tones derived from black, white and brown. You can also opt for fir green, sage green, straw… For maximum japandi effect in your house design 2022, skilfully mix the luminous tones specific to hygge with the deep colors of wabi-sabi.

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